Friday, 6 March 2015

Jimmy no mates !

Goodness Gracious Me ! A fellow blogger has come out all guns a blazing in his latest excellent blog post. It seems that our lad was not the apple of everyone's eye in Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Who knew ? as they say !
Well, Mr Larkin, there's one guy who SHOULD have known something about Jimmy's alleged, lack of popularity and it's David Griffiths. Remember him ?
Well Guys and Gals. I've just gone through more than 200 pages of the 358 Lampard Report and, so far, I haven't seen one mention of Mr Griffiths. In my pre-report burrowing for FACTS I did however come across ONE interesting story involving Jimmy. This time it's 2004 and Jimmy's being 'left out' of a calender called 'St Georges Heavenly Hunks' 

 Mr Griffiths however was having none of it. 
Blimey, I hope I can find Tracey in the report ! Or even Griffiths. Where is the man who called Jimmy, 'Stoke Mandeville's Best Friend' ?
To be continued !


  1. Here's the picture they hated... ;-D

  2. I can search for words on my pdf reader and the word Griffiths only appears in relation to summat called the Griffiths Review. (pg.134)

    Tracey is a nil return.... ;-)

    1. Thanks Moor for the pic and the info ! I've seen that photo a number of times. Must check it out again. I've come across some VERY interesting snippets in that report. As I said, to be continued !

  3. Dear Rabbit,

    Bucks Herald features quite heavily in the report, doesn’t it. I can’t help thinking that there might be lots of interesting material in their archives. I’ve just tried searching the British Newspaper Archive online, but come up with nothing. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    Looking forward to the next installment!