Thursday, 26 March 2015

Meirion's gone but David's still there ! Pt 1

Karma is a marvelous thing is it not guys and gals ? Meirion is not a happy bunny. NOT a happy bunny at all. And since being made redundant by the BBC, his gob gets looser and looser. Meanwhile, his credibility sinks lower and lower ! Jones snears at anyone questioning his version of the truth. He tells us to read the NHS reports etc. But we have, haven't we ?
Mmm, aside from the reports that found NO PROOF of ANY complaints actually made against Jimmy, there's that awkward point regarding his 'victims'. How many did he himself actually interview ? But that my friends is for a different post. Because today I'm more interested in someone we KNOW for a FACT, Jones spoke to. Us and the whole of the BBC newsroom that is, because this hit the press on October 25th 2012
Good gracious, trouble at mill indeed, but who is this guy who's had the balls to call Jones out in full view of this very busy newsroom ? 
Mmm, my interest boileth over. I have to know more about this David Jordan. Who is he exactly ? And what more has he to say, officially about his spat with our Mei ? Naturally, I needed to look no further than the Pollard report. Hurrah, I bless this report and all who sail in her ! Firstly, here's a bit of gen on Jordan himself
So. here we go, as Jim would say ! 

Oh my goodness, and then we get to THIS little GEM. IF you never read ANYTHING ELSE about Jimmy Savile and the BBC, Please read THIS !
Mr Jordan, unlike Mr Jones is STILL an employee of the BBC. He has a lot more to say about Jones and the goings on at 'auntie' around this time. Stay tuned Guys and gals, back tomorrow ! 



  1. Goodness Gracious indeed.

    "He was the best-placed person in the country to uncover Jimmy Savile for over 20 years, having had intimate access to the BBC itself since 1988! He says he looked for evidence in fact... but never found any, and he is allegedly one of Britain's finest Investigative Journalists."

  2. Now then, now then. What a tangle, guys and gals. I never thought I'd find myself siding with management.

    1. LOL, me too ! Never really noticed this manager's testimony in a sea of other management testimonies !! The press haven't made much out of it either. Naturally, it doesn't suit their agenda.
      Facts speak for themselves though don't they ? Jordan remains in post, Jones is gone. OK so it was redundancy but neither him or Mackean appear to have been valuable enough to keep !!

  3. It would be interesting to know what his role as a BBC producer involved and whether these (, give the full picture.

    1. imdb isnlt much use for non "show-business" types.

      Wiki illustrates the question I was asking myself many moons ago. He seems to only have relatively recent qualifications as an "investigative journalist". he joined BBC Radio in 1988 and moved into TV in 1995, but there seems almost nothing until the mid 2000 decade.

      I suspect he was just a member of production staff, perhaps like this Oisin character in the Clarkson fisticuffs. I've noticed that all Meirion's serious credits are always with someone else. I have a suspicion all he contributed was influence and the facilities of the BBC, and his co-credit person was the actual "journalist".

      This would fit with the pattern shown in Pollard. He did no journalism in the Savile thing, he was just the point of contact for his intern, Hannah and Liz McKean. He was "editor" of his Uni rag but again, that would not entail reportage but rather back office facilitating.

  4. Says in Pollard interview that he was involved with MWT going back about ten years.