Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pretend you're asleep

Remember this ? It's a story that was published on October 10th 2012. We are introduced to one, Caroline Moore who claims to have been approached by Savile as she sat in her wheelchair in a corridor in SMH. She was 13 at the time and it was 1971 and, whilst she told friends, no indication is made that she told anyone at the hospital, at the time !
Caroline became an almost overnight sensation when her tale was told. Two days later, she and another overnight sensation, Steven George, were taking up space on the ITV this morning sofa. 
Emm, this video might be worth a listen. We're told that a nurse called 'Aline' calls into the show with her gossip too.
Caroline and Steven became the poster girls of the Savile NHS scandal. It seemed everywhere you looked, they were there. I've spent quite enough time already on Steven nee Alison. Time to look a bit more closely at Caroline who was 13 and, in SMH in 1971.
Back in October 2012, I didn't take much notice of Caroline's yarn. Her encounter with Savile appeared so, well UNIMPORTANT ! Had she been raped ? No ! Had she been pinned up against a wall, NO ! Was she in bed, defenseless as the beast placed his hands upon her ? NO ! She was in her wheelchair in a corridor and it was 1971 and she was 13 and 
OK, hardly appropriate behaviour from a complete stranger in a hospital ward. BUT hardly the News of The World stuff either. Time to see how Ms Moore's story has been detailed in Lampards report this week. It's changed a bit if she is 'VICTIM 5' which I can only assume she is !

 She tells the team she was 13 years old and this was 1972 not 1971. Goodness, it's even narrowed down to a 3 month time period. How has this happened, Ms lampard ? Did someone find Ms Moore's notes ? And WHY is she not named, it's not as if she craves anonymity is it ?
Oh, and then there's the person she claims to have REPORTED THIS TOO ! What ?
Of course, this new version of Moore's tale fits perfectly in the narrative, behind the story. That the managers at these hospitals knew full well what was going on but chose to ignore it. Moore was talking to the folks at ITV just BEFORE this reports were published. As was the whole of the Slater Gordon UK operation by the looks of it.

Oops, there's that 1971 thing again. Obviously ITV was not privy to the sort of information certain other folks would be. I have no idea if Moore is one of Ms Dux' claimants, and really, I couldn't care less. She's welcome to the £500 or whatever is the going rate for a french kiss in personal injury terms, these days.
So long as it's not coming out of MY POCKET that is ! Because, here's another slip up Ms Moore made back in October 2012. This time she's spilling to Sky News and this time she says that she DIDN'T report the incident to the SMH staff.

Pretend you're asleep - Fuck off mainstream media. I'm not asleep but everyone else must be including the jobsworths afforded the opportunity to GIVE OUR money away under FALSE pretenses. WHY didn't Lampard's crew check Moore's story ? How the fuck are these people claimed to be 'victims' when they are NO SUCH THING ? 
Asleep, oh no baby ! This kiddo is very much awake and I haven't finished with this story yet. 
Pretend to be asleep - Part 2 next time ! 




  1. Fascinating stuff about another victim's story that changes as she tells it. The same seems to happened with all the media-victims, and from what Jim Davidson's book tells us, the same thing is happening with the CPS-victims.

    Good imagery of the "Chinese Politburo" at the end. Very apt... ;-D

  2. "paralysed from the chest down"
    "she recalled how in 1971 ... paralysed from the neck down ...Then known as Carol Smith..."

    1. The "patient nurse" story bore an eerie resemblance to all this too, although that one also morphed in the telling a little.

      Ms Thornton told ITV News: "In 1972 I was taken into the LGI for an operation on my spine. After the operation I was laid flat on my back and I saw, at the bottom of the ward, to the side of the ward, Jimmy Savile come to a young lady sat in a chair. "Unfortunately, this lady had I think brain damage because she just sat there and he kissed her and I thought he was a visitor coming to see her. He started rubbing his hands down her arms and then, I don't know of a nice way to put it, but he molested her, he helped himself. She just sat there and couldn't do anything about it.

  3. I like reading your blog Rabbit. It is very concise and informative.
    I know you get angry over some of the revelations and that is understandable. However. You do yourself no favours by including bad language in your blog. It demeans you and the content you are trying to inform us of.
    You can make any point very strongly without having to resort to swearing. Sadly. If you are going to continue with such language then I will no longer read your otherwise excellent blog.

    1. Mmm, thanks Michael. First time you've commented isn't it ?

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