Monday, 30 March 2015

Taste trumps haste every time Meirion !

If you've spent as much time reading the Pollard Report, as I have, one fact is clear : that while his editor was interested in Jones' project, others were hesitant on the grounds of 'taste', bad taste that is. I have even found, hidden away in a lesser investigated appendix, evidence that someone at the BBC even considered Jimmy's family ! That someone was Liz Gibbons 
Liz is the 'former Newsnight deputy editor' by the way. She still works for the BBC too !
One reason why Liz G has survived and Jones has not might be explained by her next paragraph 
Remember, she is recounting events as they unfolded in November 2012. We're just up to the 7th here. The next Q and A between her and Pollard is an eye opener
Indeed, Ms Gibbons appears to be answering questions that many reasonable folk have asked since. 
Now, let's leave the 'taste' and editorial standards aside for a moment. Because another little corker hit me full in the face as I read it.
Obviously, this is the video of Karin Ward's interview. She is Meirion's number one 'victim'. His ONLY 'victim' to have been filmed by his team on camera at the time (R1). How on earth did he not think that her content was NOT important to the story ? 
Not picked up on ? Or, conveniently edited because 'R1' was incriminating a living person, one who has since been cleared of any wrong doing and thereby discrediting his number one, and ONLY 'VICTIM' on camera in December 2011 ! 
Ms Gibbons testimony also reveals or rather DOES NOT reveal another startling factor. And that is, that the women who had come forward may have had suspect motivations for coming forward at this time ! IF only we could see 

 They're discussing an email Rippon sent whilst he was waiting to be 'convinced' that the story would stand up

Goodness, I couldn't wait to read the rest. Dear God, what the hell is this ?

 'One of them had a..' what ? 

As another blogger Moor larkin is oft to say, I think we should be told ! 
To be continued !

By the way, I liked the fact this woman mentions 'taste' and Jimmy's family. That in itself endears me to her. It's the first time ANYONE from the BBC has used such words, and it's refreshing is it not ?



  1. One of them had a.... book out?

    Freddie Starr said that when he obtained his Injunction, an injunction overturned by the same jurisprudence that will be hearing his case for Defamation in the summer.

    Nothing like the lawyers for stringing us all along, and making us pay for their fun.

  2. Is there any family connection between Fiona Jones ( and Meirion Jones or Margaret Jones?

  3. Well done, Rabbit. And Moor!
    These transcripts are kind of hard work, but strangely compelling, all the same.

  4. Here's a blog that might interest you, if you haven't seen it already:
    It also includes a link to a blog by a prisoner alleging police trawling and claiming he helped to put an innocent man behind bars:

    1. Yes, unfortunately, not many appear to have copped on that, if it can happen to the dead, it can happen to the living. That includes 'prisoner Ben' who has shown little/no interest in Justice for Jimmy !