Saturday, 7 March 2015

Watch out watch out; Jimmy's about

Goodness Gracious, those 358 pages have their moments. And no more so than this interesting 'finding' on page 105 from w52 described as a 'nurse on the NSIC during this period' (1995)
What a difference twenty years make eh ? 
Anyways, let's go back a bit shall we ? Because it seems that there was a LOT of sex going on in hospitals during Savile's time. 
From someone who worked at the rheumatology dept early 1980's (P90)
'would have been reported' eh ? Indeed, bring on Margaret Harrison who sounds like someone NO ONE would mess with
She's described as Director of Nursing 1986-1993 and she explains the complaints procedure in place at the time.

And then we come to the Matron of the Children's ward who had worked at SMH since 1983. Another lady NOT to be messed with P115. Note she is describing the new security arrangements introduced in 2004 on the kids' wards, access keys one of which Savile was NOT given.
But, there were no sinister reasons for this denial to Sir Jimmy. The woman clearly did not like Jimmy but not because she'd heard anything !
Emm, let's just stop there for a moment shall we and look at one of the CONCLUSIONS Ms Lampard came to on Page 145

 'Unchallenged ? That's not the way I'm reading things Madam. But, I'm not finished yet am I ? Next time, I'll tell you about Jimmy's living arrangements at the hospital. Amongst other things that is ! 


Watch out for another David Rose article in the Mail on Sunday tomorrow guys and gals !




  1. Good work, Rabbit!
    Is this the same David Rose who wrote about some strange goings on at Stoke Mandeville for the Guardian some years back?

    1. In 2001 a waiting list “scandal of fiddling figures” had received
      nationwide attention. Many Board-level staff were suspended pending
      an investigation, following which many were to resign.

      page 104 of the report