Thursday, 2 April 2015

Karin, Fiona and Rochelle !

Or, as they are known in the Pollard Report : 'R1', 'R2' and 'R3' ! I've spent many hours burrowing into the various statements, and perserverance brought me this little gem.
 Fiona (fake letter) 'suggested' Jones' trainee investigator speak to Rochelle Shepherd. Now, why would she do that ? Could it be because they attended Duncroft at the same time ? Remember that by this stage in the hunt for 'victims', Jones only has ONE; R1, Karin Ward. But, let's go back to the contents of the above email sent to Jones on November 8th 2011. It's in APP 12 page 22 and R2 provides a hell of alot of information about quite a few ex Duncrofter's !
Funnily enough, Fiona was never interviewed on camera by Jones' team. It is Rochelle Shepherd (R3) who is keen to share her experiences of Duncroft, none of which involved Jimmy Savile at all ! 
It is Shepherd who becomes the focus for media attention of the type Jones did not like. He's accused of editing her interview to protect his aunt. Clearly nonsense but, where is the film ? Was Rochelle's full interview in the 'rushes' ? Indeed, was a finished film even made at the time ? Not according to Peter Rippon 
 Here's Jones' version of events ! P289 App 12
There's some confusion as to WHO actually has the ONE copy of the tape in October 2012
Here's what the R3 told the Telegraph about what she 'thought' she had said on camera a year earlier !
It would help if we could see the WHOLE darned film would it not ? It's not even clear from Pollard if he's even seen it !

Frustrating isn't it ? And, was Rochelle even at Duncroft ? Here's a comment from someone who was there albeit a decade earlier !

 I don't know whether this person was, but he/she seems to know something about Ms Shepherd
 So, Fiona R2 knew Rochelle R3 going so far as suggesting that Hannah Livingstone, contacts her. Mr Jones has some more explaining to do. I'm not finished with him or his bloody film yet. But I'm having a few days off, this easter bunny needs a rest



  1. "It is a bloody tragedy that this has happened when he's died. All of this should have come out way before his death. But these girls are left with that legacy and who's gonna pay for that?

    All this should have come out before his death?
    Did Rochelle not know about this thirty and more years ago?
    these girls not us girls ?
    Rochelle is not one of them then. Who is she exactly?

    Later on, she appears again but all her comments seem set in the semi-third person.

    Jimmy Savile would turn up and suddenly brighten - or give the impression that he was going to change something for you, he was gonna give you hope, you know, you were worth something because this famous guy would come and see you................

    Is she talking about herself? It seemed not and then she is again talking about "the girls", not "us girls" or "we".

    After a while the girls would wonder why he bothered coming, and then of course everyone knew why he would come because he would be... 'letching' after all these pretty young girls who were so vulnerable.

    It also seems to be the case that she has no idea what she is talking about really. If she had been one of the girls, the way she phrases this makes no sense at all."

    1. Cheers M I meant to link that blog post of yours. She's a dark horse is she not ? Meirion knows who she is though doesn't he ? Same way I believe he knows who Sue Thompson is ! Can't prove this, just a feeling !

    2. The Sue Thompson thing is even more of a construct.

      Sue Thompson says she has sharp memory of the girl's face and what she was wearing, but no attempt is made to describe either of these. It is noticeable in the fuzzy dramatic reconstruction we are shown, to accompany the words, that a childish-looking girl in a red dress with white woollen stockings is fuzzily visible - almost like some kind of subliminal imagery. This figure is evidently intimated to be on the knee of the even fuzzier sitting person. I'm guessing the girl wasn't in a school uniform or we would have been told.

      Then, later on, we realise from Pollard that in the original information this girl was supposed to be blind...... Funny how that was never mentioned.

      That British journalism is just allowing these lies to persist in plain sight makes them the blind leading the blind.

    3. There's a Rochelle Shepherd here (No 58).
      And a Facebook page for a Rochelle Shepherd who "graduated from Duncroft" in 1977.

    4. @Anonymous
      Whoever the person is, is their business, in my opinion, and they're entitled to be left alone.

      For me, the real issue here is did she EVER have anything to do with Jimmy Savile at Duncroft? She was used by Jones as if she was a "victim" but I suspect she never met him at all and is being thoroughly misrepresented, which might not entirely be her fault. The Duncroft Message Boards were banging on for nearly ten years and it's understandable that if she had been brainwashed by her erstwhile friends on there, then she would naturally try to be supportive of her old alma-mater.

      All I really want are the facts, and then we could see what was what for ourselves. The way Jones and Williams-Thomas have constructed this leaves me convinced it it THEY who are the real liars in that they were equipped to present the facts properly and have only sought to deceive and sell a story of their own making, for their own profit, although in Jone's case he's made a complete pigs-ear of that as well.

    5. See my next part Moor. Meirion did meet Rochelle, he filmed her interview. He needed more than just ONE person to speak on camera apart from Karin. Obviously Fiona either did not want to at this time or, they didn't believe what she was saying !

    6. My bad.... a typo...

      should have read....

      "She was used by Jones as if she was a "victim" but I suspect she never met Jim at all and is being thoroughly misrepresented"

      I don't think Rochelle ever even met Jimmy Savile. Her only connection to all of this was that she used to go to Duncroft at some other time when he wasn't around..... unless she saw him at that Fete in 1979 that Fiona invited Jimmy to open, by which time Fiona was merely an older friend of the school girl and not even attending Duncroft any longer.

    7. "Whoever the person is, is their business, in my opinion, and they're entitled to be left alone. For me, the real issue here is did she EVER have anything to do with Jimmy Savile at Duncroft? "
      Why don't you contact her and ask her?

  2. I think there's been comment before about who Hannah Livingston thought 'most sorted'.

    Liz MacKean sounds pretty level headed in her Pollard appearance, and she was less sure about the woman Hannah thought was 'sorted'.

    (liz_mackean.pdf 13/57 'mini-page' 51, lines 13-24)
    Q: Did you form a view in your dicsussions with (blank) as to whether she was at all sorted in fact"?
    A: No, I formed the view she wasn't. She was incredibly articulate, she was clearly a very bright woman, but [...] she loved to talk. And I felt unlike every single other person I spoke to in relation to this, I felt she enjoted it very much.
    [...] would not have made the main witness for a story.

    Clearly Ms MacKean had the journalistic experience (or common sense) to recognise that being 'incredibly articulate' isn't always a sign of a reliable witness.

    btw I'm not knocking Hannah here. She must have had one hell of a year as a trainee. If she survived it, and graduated to fulltime BBC reporter, it ought to have set her in very good stead for the future.

    Hope you're a happy bunny this Easter, Rabbit!

    1. The 'most sorted' was apparently Fiona (R2). They must have been desperate at the time to get more 'sorted' witnesses to appear on camera rather than her. Enter her mate, Rochelle (R3) and, we know she never even met Savile. Thanks Misa, happy Easter to you too ! x

  3. I have just discovered this. To clear things up. I did go to Duncroft, I did meet Jimmy Saville, and I did know about the abuse. He just didnt abuse me. I spoke up on behalf of many girls at the school who were too afraid to do so. I'm glad that this can of worms was opened and has paved the way for many others to be prosecuted. I hope this now satisfies your speculations. There were no secret liasons between myself or any former Duncroft girls. I was contacted independantly from the internet site Friends United. All your conspiracy theories are, unfortunately for you, fantasy. Find something better to do with your time, as the truth 'did out'!