Thursday, 30 April 2015

Short-armed Outreach

What a coincidence when the outreach 'report' all 17 pages of it was published yesterday just 4 days after I wrote this 
 100 pupils questioned, yet NO charges arose out of any of those interviews. I find it strange that upon it's closure no report was ever published into the findings. All we and those 100 + gals got was a letter !
Funny little coincidences like this have been happening to me since I took up the cause for Justice for Jimmy. So, let's go back yet again to the wording of that letter that the witnesses received last year at the conclusion of this so-called Police investigation.
Is there evidence against any member of staff supporting criminal liablity on the basis that they were complicit with Jimmy Savile in his offending against you at D School ?
Answer .. it could not be found that the suspects were aware of Savile's offending ..
If not is there any evidence that the suspects were aware ... and were complicit in it ?
It was concluded that the jury .. could not be sure that a complaint was made ....or that the jury could not be sure that the staff simply ignored .. genuine complaint. 
But how did they arrive at this conclusion ? They had had sight of written documents, logs etc (evidence we are not allowed to see), we can only conclude that, despite these witless cops decision to treat all these complainant's as 'victims', at the end of the day, they did NOT want to risk this case going to court.
I'm kind of sad that it didn't, in a way. No one wants to see old ladies in court BUT, at least this way, the press might be FORCED to report the story.
The 'victims' would also have been exposed as the liars they are. Somewhere along the line, someone would break because it's one thing to go on the telly and lie, and quite another to take the stand and do the same.
Furthermore, as I suspect that Ms Jones, the headmistress was one of the two 'suspects', the public would hear about Meirion Jones' dishonesty. Really, guys and gals, this was NEVER going to happen was it ? 
My source, there at the SAME TIME as Fran and Charlotte, tells me that she told the outreach cops that she had NOT heard of anyone reporting such things to the staff at the time. No doubt, she like Susan would have been called as witnesses for the defense. Imagine that if you will.
One court case involving the Duncroft 'victims' WILL be heard in the not too distant future, that of Frederick Starr V Karin Ward  in the High Court in London. The tables have been turned on Meirion's main witness and I wish Freddie the best of luck.
The living still have some protection under the law against liars and defamer's. Mr Starr was arrested FOUR times because of Ms Ward's tales. She has just released a new book, the royalties of which should cover about half an hour's court time ! Bring it on Freddie ! I hope you sue ALL those involved in your horrible experience !


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  1. The weasel-worded legal authorities have left the only friend these women ever had, exposed to further press insult.

    "The headmistress of a school used by Jimmy Savile as a 'paedophile sweet shop' will not be prosecuted, despite claims she turned a blind eye to his crimes. Margaret Jones, 93, was questioned by police after former Duncroft School girls accused her of being complicit in their abuse at his hands. Savile abused 23 girls at a school for emotionally disturbed teenagers where he was given 'unrestricted and largely unsupervised' access to youngsters, a report has revealed.

    "Victims branded the decision 'shameful'"

    Too bloody right and knowing that it's my tax pounds that are paying for this charade for these wasters only makes it all the more shameful.