Sunday, 12 April 2015

Strangers Reunited !

I'll do my best to make this as simple as possible. Bear with me and please feel free to refer to any  source documents, such as Pollard etc and correct me if need be. My work is not easy, I am looking across the board at all the evidence I find in order to cross reference who said what to whom, when. Got it ?
We know that some/all of the women involved in Exposure and Newsnight before them had been in contact on Friends Reunited amongst other online sites. What we don't know is how a genuine attempt by a FEW ex Duncroft women morphed into one/several pages being set up by those whose interests and motivations were far darker than the original one in 2002.

 These are the words of Sally Stevens who attended Duncoft in the 60's and has challenged the Savile accusers on various forums including Amazon reviews (I'll come back to that later).
Now, this was written by Sally posting on the Raccoon blog as 'Mewsical' on 25th February 2014. She, like others had been befriended, for want of a better word by Fiona, but quickly realised her game.
 Now, here's where my newly sourced evidence comes in. Because I have extracts from posts on Careleaver's Reunited site between 'Susan Melling' and Sally in May 2012, 5 months before Exposure 
 It's clear that these online forums changed on or around 2007, same time as the Police investigation started. Fiona was contacted by the Police via one of these forums and provided evidence that proves that she lied to those she attempted to ensnare online when she presented herself as one of the class of '74 to Karin in this email from June 2013
the name at the end of that is Gary Glitter. 
She goes on 
Hold on, read that again. Is she saying that the only reason she was contacted by Jones' team, was to back up Karin's Clunk Click memories ? I have often wondered WHY Jones' team did NOT feature Fiona in the 'script/s'. I lean towards the obvious as an explanation for that and it's not that she refused, but that they did not believe her claims regarding her alleged experiences with Savile back in the day. 
ITV had fewer qualms than Jones' lot ! After all, MWT was in her debt as it were. She was rounding up some 'victims' for him by the looks of things. A skill she had already honed when she found Rochelle for Jones in 2011. 
But, back to June 2013 when Fiona was clearly hitting Karin where it hurt but at the same time luring her in, exploiting the formers anger towards all and sundry including MWT. Now, this is just an idea of mine, but WHO might she be alluding to as the person responsible for the forged letter. NOT the story about the CPS letter, no, that one lays squarely at her door. Someone provided her with a letterhead for Surrey Police ! Let's just leave that out there for now shall we ?

Karin's response later that day
Fiona sends a response to this the following month. I have no idea if there were any others in between 

Karin made a big mistake when she made up stories about 'the comedian' I presume this tales were in her book. Karin was dropped like a hot potato when she tried this one. Remember the ecene from Panorama where she her interview is cut stone dead because she names living personalities ? Liz MacKean looks like the proverbial rabbit in the headlights, Karin looks bewildered ! 
Fiona knows better than to go off script. Her version of her trip/s to televison centre came straight out of the other horses mouth now a non-runner. Listen to her descriptions of alcoves etc, then listen to Karin post exposure. No wonder the BBC refused to fund her legal costs when Freddie Starr sued her after being arrested on November 1st 2012 a fact reported on twitter before anyone else knew !

Now, that Amazon review that Fiona attempts to wind Ward up with. This is interesting because I was in the middle of it, well, sort of. You see, I had left a review of the rubbishy book that Fiona describes called 'The Beast'. I'm then attacked by someone purporting to be Sally Stevens 
Now, if you click Sally's name you will find the review of Karin's book said to have been written by Sally Stevens who was at Duncroft with Karin !! Not 

Oh dear who could be this stupid ? I neither know or care right now but recounting the story did give me a chuckle when I found a review of the beast left long after I split the scene. I'll leave you with this for now, I've had enough of Fiona for one day. Enjoy
Addendum Links
Here's link to the relevant Raccoon blog from whence Sally's (Mewsical's) comment was taken

And here's moor information on the online machinations by Moor larkin April 2013

Last but definitely not least a link to Sally Stevens' great blog 


  1. How timely... Grand National and the Melling Road....

    Sue Melling Says:
    June 29th, 2012 at 4:06 am
    "... My memory is so good because I can not forgive Tom Hart for throwing me backwards over a sofa and knocking me out on a table. NO MEDICAL TREATMENT. I was carried down to the cell by Vinters. I spent 3 days there and you must think my crime was awful. No, it was a remand home but I was there for assessment as I ran away from my previous placement and was sent to Cumberlow Lodge under a 28 day place of safety order. I was given a section 2 care order and then spent January to April there. Tom Hart was given an OBE for his services to children. That man was a bully who scared the girls and the staff. nearly 40 years on and that man scarred me more than my previous or past life. The country honoured him, I wonder if they knew the truth?...

    I recall wondering what were the chances of the same person being abused by two OBE's since by then it seems that Fiona and Sue were legion.

    Sterling stuff Rabbit.
    If only our journalists and legal establishment ahd the slightest interest in the truth, rather than exerting power and protecting themselves from massive and rightfully due libel damages

  2. Might want to refer them to my Typepad blog, as I see someone on Twitter seems to think that I just jumped on Anna Raccoon's coattails, when in fact I was very active before then. It was extremely fortuitous that Anna discovered the Bebe Roberts piece in the Mail and of course immediately debunked it. I had been doing that behind the scenes of course. I didn't know that Anna was a known blogger and had lost touch with her for several years. Someone drew my attention to her blog otherwise I wouldn't have known about anything she was doing in regard to the Duncroft allegations.

    1. Hi Sally added link to your blog ! Thank you

  3. No girls were at Duncroft when they were 13. I was 14, nearly 15 when I went there, and the girls were either that age or older and leaving too. 16 months was the average stay, though the court or county authorities continued to have jurisdiction for at least three years. Fiona has said she went to the hostel in October 1976, so assuming she had an unremarkable stay at Duncroft, we can be pretty sure she showed up in May 1975. She was likely 15 or close to it. For the first year you were there, you didn't leave the premises btw, you were concentrating on your exams, education, etc. Trips to London were for a reward, not for any other reason. Also, the BBC didn't allow anyone under the age of 16 on the sets. Margaret Jones went up to the BBC on her own to see what the routine was and whether she wanted the girls to go there in the first place. Also, whatever girls went would have been constantly shadowed by a member of the staff- most likely Janet Theobald. They wouldn't have been permitted to wander about unsupervised. Janet would have been very vigilant, constantly counting the girls and knowing their whereabouts. Duncroft wasn't some holiday camp - it was an approved school, end of report. It had a purpose and a mission, and some girls didn't like being told what to do, nor were they comfortable in a regimented environment, having to go to bed early, get up and do chores, attend school, take the appropriate exams, and take orders from women they might not personally like. I'd been at a few boarding schools, so I was used to that sort of thing, but most of the girls had not, and were very undisciplined accordingly. They fiercely resented being reined in. But the idea of anyone aged 14 going to the BBC is ludicrous. 16. Miss Jones was very unlikely to try and break any BBC regulations, let alone the producers knew darn well who these girls were - they were on a list of guests, were kept together in a group, and had a supervisor with them, that's my guess.