Wednesday, 29 April 2015

What outreach doesn't tell us

On first reading Savell's latest report I wondered, where are the BBC related allegations. I overlooked this explanation
Aside from the fact that those alleged 'offences' now form part of a libel action to be heard in the High Court later later this year, I wondered, why aren't these included ? Has there been undue haste in publishing a report that omits such important evidence as that visit/s to Jimmy's TV show Clunk Click ?
Of course, should Karin Ward be found guilty of libeling Freddie Starr, her story, which is the one that kick started the whole sorry business, will be discredited.

 Karin wasn't in Exposure for the same reason the CC allegations are not considered by Savell. But, Fiona was, she  adapted Karin's stories for herself. She was also part of the 1977/9 claims as investigated in Ornament. 
How many others that I have investigated recently, can be found in this tract ? Well, here's  Francis Jennings for one !
It was FJ who told the press this 
 Fran also told the Mail about reporting alleged incidents to the staff !
 Now, her social worker and she seem to get on quite well. Why didn't she tell her about her alleged abuse ? After all, they were in regular contact ?
From it's inception, the finger of suspicion was pointed at the staff 
Unfortunately the report does not append details of the investigation that followed. Number's just numbers
 No appendices here guys and gals So we can't see who said what to whom when. where or how. 
We do however find out a bit more about how many D women reported to Yewtree 
 Then we're told why we can't be told about 12 women. They are the property of Yewtree
Now, I can only assume that amongst these 4/12 'victims' lie our CC girls ! If so, these 'victims' were accompanied by staff on these trips to the BBC so that evidence is crucial to this 'investigation' too !
One story they can't dismiss is Charlotte's. She says she was one of those abused 'offsite', in his campervan

Is she one of these 
Who are all these women ?
 The CPS did not feel they had sufficient evidence to pursue two members of the school staff, at the time.
We really need to see ALL the evidence don't we ? Not just this rehash of previous reports. Where is Susan's evidence ? Has her version of the events been ring-fenced by Yewtree ? There are useful snippets of information contained in this but they are few and far between. WHY did the CPS not pursue the two staff members accused by the same 'victims' whose tales of abuse appear to have been accepted, in part ? 

Onwards !


  1. Just as well that your last few blogposts have been telling what Outreach doesn't....
    How could they not know what you know?

  2. No words! Very down, very peed off, very sad!

  3. Moor food for thought.