Sunday, 19 July 2015

2001 a Louis Theroux Odyssey

Everyone who appears to sit on a fence will eventually have to get off and reveal what they really think. In April 2000 'When Louis met Jimmy' was first broadcast on UK television. Here's a contemporaneous review of the show.

Anyone who has the dvd boxset including this episode of 'Louis Theroux weird weekends' will have the opportunity to listen to Jimmy's commentary throughout. It's clear that the two men liked each other and were constantly attempting to score points at the others' expense. There they are watching the film together when Jimmy goads Louis saying something about the critics slating the film. Louis was clearly miffed by this, saying "bollox" as Jimmy smiled during what must have been a later meet up between the two in Leeds.
 You can watch the film made in 1999 here.
Dates of filming as opposed to broadcasting, have become very important to me in recent weeks. You see dates are important to those of us who want the truth. Those of us outside mainstream media land that is. 
I'll get to the point, on Friday I became aware that Louis Theroux had finally got off the fence and declared Jimmy guilty. And it wasn't just in print, guys and gals, it was in person, on stage in London.
Just so you don't have to listen to the inane chatter between these two, I suggest you scroll to about 30 mins in. You see, I wouldn't have believed it had this video not existed. Not Louis, not someone who had kept in touch with Jimmy for all those years. Not Louis, he's a good egg, yes he's not come out in support of his dead pal, but he hadn't rubbed salt into the Savile family wounds either. Until now that is ! 

He refers to the year of filming being 2001 which is incorrect. Apart from the obvious fact that the program was broadcast in April 2000, there's another FACT that Louis for got to remember. That is the fact that the Liverpool cruise event he films Jimmy attending, took place in December 1999. It's not easy to find guys and gals but, here it is.
Yes, that's the newsreader Michael Buerke in a still from the film. The same berk who became a celebrity in a jungle and decided his greatest regret was not throwing Jimmy overboard on that complimentary cruise. He'd have had to have had acted fast, as most of the celeb's including Jimmy probably got off in Southampton before the liner headed abroad.

It gives me no pleasure at all to expose another Savile back-stabber, no pleasure at all ! I'm disappointed in Louis Theroux because I think some of his films are really quite excellent. Maybe he felt he had no other choice but to join his media comrades in denouncing a man he previously celebrated. We may never know, but we do know that the BBC report is due out sometime this millennia and it's not going to be an easy ride for Jones' ex-employer's. 

I'm so glad I don't work or have any association with any of these media people, especially those whose sole purpose in life involves 

“lifting the toilet lid of life.” - Sir Jimmy Savile to Louis Theroux 
And, you have to laugh at those last few words of that, off the telly, review !

Given it was shown during a week where similar notions of what is history and how it can be manipulated were dramatically played out in the High Court (where historian David Irving had his racist neo-Nazi Holocaust denial ideology utterly repudiated), this turned out to be also a very timely and worthwhile programme.

"I'm odd, you're different, that's not a bad double. Between us we should be able to do something" 

An afterthought ! Jimmy had to be back in time to switch the New Year Lights on somewhere didn't he Mr Larkin ?



  1. Ah, that's so cute. Some agency hack wrote up a report on a youtube video of a stage performance of two blokes having a bit of banter in the pub as, "Theroux said he has studied records which show that during the year the controversial show was filmed no allegations have been made"...and the Telegraph published it!

    As I said at Moor's place, don't be too hard on Louis. He's obviously exercised his grey matter and just doesn't have enough of it to make sense of what he's been told.

    And he's certainly not anything like as sad a cretin as Michael Burke.

    I watched the 1995 Andrew Neil interview again today. It's a bloody awful thing. But then I don't suppose anyone imagines that Neil has even Burke's integrity.

    Anyway, I noticed that Jimmy is wearing the same necklace that he's wearing in the very scene with Michael Burke that you've shown above. In that scene we hear Burke ask Jimmy what it is, and he says it's a wishbone, "young people know all about wishbones".

    It's not particularly surprising that he should have been wearing the same item four or five years apart, but it barely looks like a wishbone to me - it's highly stylised with one bone curled around the other.

    Does anyone recognise this 'wishbone'? Could it be the symbol of a charity, or have any other meaning?

    1. I'm trying hard NOT to be 'hard' on Louis, real hard !

      At least we "now know" as MWT would say, WHY Jimmy didn't need a spare pair of knickers for his trip from Liverpool to Southampton !!!

    2. You're doing just great there, Rabbit. No-one said being decent is always easy. But if Louis turns all Michael Burke on us ("I should have pushed him off the platform at Leeds station when I had the chance.") Then you go for the jugular, ok?

      Any idea about the wishbone necklace?

      Moor, do you remember it being in the auction?

    3. The wishbone necklace ? You mean the one he wears so often and that's the one Berk is handling ? If so, yes it was in the auction !
      LOL Leeds platform brilliant !! x

    4. I really should do my own research shouldn't I.

      A diamond-set 18ct yellow gold wishbone pendant by Julie Crossland was also a highlight, selling for £4,000. The piece was originally presented to Sir Jimmy in 1989 as the National Jewellery Wearer of the Year by the British Jewellers’ Association (BJA).

      Picture of it here:

      As you were.

  2. More info re cruise
    The bells of Our Lady and St. Nicholas, the Liverpool Parish Church, will peal whilst a 20 piece Philharmonic Concert Orchestra will accompany a choir of 20 singers to perform Beethoven's Choral Symphony "Ode to Joy". This will be followed by other music including "Land of Hope and Glory", "Rule Britannia", as well as seasonal music and carols.

    The CARONIA will then depart on a coastal cruise to Southampton, where on her arrival the next day, passengers will transfer to the QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 for dinner.

  3. * An afterthought ! Jimmy had to be back in time to switch the New Year Lights on somewhere didn't he Mr Larkin ? *

    If the cops hadn't lifted the toilet seat of policing and lobbed Jimmy's diaries down the khazi, I daresay everyone would know where Jimmy was, every waking moment of every waking day. I assumed he went on the Caronia Caribbean Cruise. One thing's for sure, he wasn't at the Millenium Dome with the rest of them, sucking up to the Blair Witch Project.

    1. It's common when you see "celebrities" arriving at a film premiere for most of them to be straight out of the back door of the cinema before the show even starts, brown envelope in hand.
      I don't doubt that it's similar for many other types of PR event.