Wednesday, 15 July 2015

2008 a False Memory

One useful fact I learned in court was that Karin Ward started writing her memoir in 2008. The very year ex Duncroft women were being contacted by the Police, and the same year bones of care home children were being unearthed in Jersey (not).
Now, whilst burrowing in Jersey, I had an idea that there might be more to Meirion's 'R6' than I had first imagined.
R6 is different from the others, she's does not appear to be linked to anyone or anything, Newsnight wise. But, she has according to Mei, spoken to the Police.

 I went back to those annoyingly badly presented pages of comments left on the Duncroft page of friends reunited, to look at R6's comments again seeing as she'd mentioned Jersey. She's the one who had spoken to Jamie Pyatt remember ? But then I looked at another comment posted 25/11/2011 (12/029 App12)
'All the perpetrators who abused me got away with it. The Police wouldn't prosecute others from the Norfolk children's home because they were too old or poorly'
Now back in Jersey in 2008 a woman had allegedly made a complaint about Jimmy. 
Moreover, it was a member of the Jersey Careleavers Association who had made this complaint to an inquiry !!

Worse still this woman this same woman had been abused at another home 
Could this other home have been in Norfolk ? Karin Ward spent time in a care home in Norfolk. Nothing strange about that, until you read the following article about a woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, dated 18th October 2012
From Dereham Times I can't link page
It has to be Ward doesn't it ? But why the secrecy ? 
Back to 2008 and another eye-opening article about Jersey 'survivors'
Goodness Gracious me ! Look who forms part of this guardian task force 
All these public meetings and yet NO TRACE of any mention of Jimmy Savile at all ! No moaning about the inquiry back then. No crap cops who didn't bother to write your Savile claims up. And, yes that's the Jersey CLA who hosts the event !

Fast forward 4 years and we have a new JCLA chair (presumably) and Lenny Harper re-writing the story 
 I'll end this post where I started it, back in App 12 of the Pollard report with a few words cobbled onto the end of an email from Jones to MWT in November 2011. I'm fast becoming a regular visitor to the island myself !

To be contd




  1. Not sure R6t need be Ms Ward and I suspect it is not. However, it might well be somebody else channelling the same stories Ward channelled, in the production of her book. Ward doesn't seem to have been involved with any of the Duncroft Mafia until 2010. Let's not forget that Fiona basically tells the same story that Karin did and we know Fiona was not even at Duncroft in 1974. Nothing to stop other disturbed folk doing likewise. All they needed was enablers like the two Welsh journalists to turn internet burbling into mainstream mania.

    "I do not think you've "botched" the job in any way, Kat - you paint a Dickensian picture of this new "school," and I'm sure that was your intention - the barely disguised bars on the windows, the draconian rules about having only three outfits, the warning her lambie will be torn to shreds if others learn it has sentimental value for her. And again with the adults who refuse to listen to a thing she has to say, as if it is automatic that she would just make everything up for some bizarre reason. As always, your writing is impeccable with natural-sounding dialogue, excellent detail of setting, strong character development.
    Written 23-Jun-2010
    reply by the author on 25-Jun-2010
    Thank you so much. I'm glad you didn't feel I botched the job. Subsequent chapters are going to be more difficult because I was drugged and the memories are horribly vague. Fortunately, I have reconnected with ....... others who were at Duncroft with me. Between us, we are piecing together our memories of events. It is actually much worse than I recall! "

    1. R6 is definitely not Karin Ward but who is ? The common denominator is of course Fiona. Funny how R6 talks about old and poorly long before Hannah starts pursuing R1 (Fiona's) fake letter ! I just wonder what attracted R6 to the Duncroft page when she wasn't even at Duncroft, allegedly !

    2. Given that all this was done by phone/email, it seems to me that R6 could be Susan Melling, who is also Fiona. Yes... she fooled 'em all good.

      "I'm just a team of One so cannot be sure I haven't missed something, but the earliest reference I find about her work is dated 3rd November, four days after Meirion Jones pushed the GO-button. As soon as he had heard of the death-rattle of Jimmy Savile, he had Hannah Livingston talking to Duncroft women. This one was R6. All the people are quite rightly anonymised."