Friday, 3 July 2015

Click Click Click

There's no point in Clicking the seat belt if you don't CLUNK the car door first ! But, this is obvious I hear you say, but hang fire guys and gals because something clicked into place for me last night, when I thought again about Jones' tweet mentioning, for the first time ever,  Karin Ward's date of birth. 
 His answers form part Liz Mackean's timeline wherein both he and MacKean confirmed that they had given evidence at the libel trial

Click, had Jones only found out Ward's actual age in court, or had he known it all along ? Remember, he quite clearly states, 'from memory' BUT, I'm not convinced by his sudden recollection especially when you see how specific he is about the 'broadcast date' which, as far as I know is wrong by the way !

Things take an even moor sinister tone when one considers a tweet he made on 23rd March, the second day of the hearing

 But 'starr and glitter' weren't 'on an episode' were they ? Re-reading Liz' timeline again, something else jumped out at me as Jones reveals his source in terms of information about the show itself, according to him that is
We'll know more when the Judge's decision and/or the full details of who said what on the stand at the High Court. Until then, I'm just examining Jones' statements on social media and coming to the conclusion that they just don't stack up ! Or maybe they do !

We know that the episode featuring GG was broadcast on 16th March 1974 but we cannot be sure WHEN it was recorded. We KNOW that the then girls attended at least two of these shows. And we KNOW that expense payments were made to three girls PRIOR to 18th April 1974. Thanks to a FOI request that is 

Sorry it's not very clear but that does say programme and that does say £10 each total amount £30 ! But, didn't Jenni Hooker say that there were at least 5 girls who used to go to the show ?

Was this £30 claimed as expenses for just three girls because they actually appeared on the show ? That is, they sat on the bean bags ? And if so, during which episode ? Much has been made of these payments by the press and other so-called writer's who haven't bothered to check the facts either

I did find the following comment quite amusing as it happens 

 Dan Davies the man who according to Fleet Street, knew Savile better than anyone, covered this in his book in a few paragraphs suggests that, whoever mentioned these payments was someone else NOT Karin Ward

 Little did the Daily Express know how much of a favour they did us 'Savile deniers' when they made that Freedom of Information request. Because, like that that spawned the transcripts of Jimmy's Police interview in 2009, these files contains so mant FACTS that no-one in the msm, appears to want to know. Facts such as this ! The date the last ever episode of Clunk Click was broadcast, Jimmy was in Scotland doing what he did best, raising money for good causes. He even donated his £15 fee for taking part in this sponsored walk. 

Now, "Clunk the car door and CLICK the seat belt " because our journey in pursuit of the truth is not over, not by a long chalk, as it happens !



  1. £10 in 1974 had the buying power of £100 today.
    Pretty generous gifts. No wonder Jimmy wanted his money back... :-D

    1. As we have seen though, the BBC seemed to quibble over paying even the most obviously justified expenses. Judging by the document here, they knew the money was for the girls and they had no problem with it. Maybe they were standard appearance fees, albeit it must have been unusual for the star of a show to hand the money out of his own pocket. Girls that young almost certainly wouldn't have had bank accounts in those days though, so perhaps it would have seemed less unusual for an adult to give them the cash and be reimbursed by cheque later.

    2. Might have had a Post Office account John. I had one under the age of ten and was so proud when one day the lady handed the book back and the grand total had finally exceeded £1 !!... :-D

  2. "We know that the episode featuring GG was broadcast on 16th March 1974 but we cannot be sure WHEN it was recorded. We KNOW that the then girls attended at least two of these shows. And we KNOW that expense payments were made to three girls PRIOR to 18th April 1974."

    Could it be that Duncroft School were only ever invited ONCE? I've always thought it a bit odd that the BBC would be inviting gals from the same school over and over again.

    Those of us who merely watch always imagine we are watching a tidied-up version of a contemporary event that resembled what we see. However, it's not hard to see that a day's filming schedule would be arranged with a number of different guests lined up. Segments would be filmed, seating moved around to create the illusion of differing audiences but in fact both Gary Glitter and Freddie Starr may well have been there at the same recording... 1pm: Gary .... 4pm: Freddie... etc....

    In TV Virtual Reality they appear to be entirely separate but in fact it's all one day's filming. It's not hard to see that a little BBC research would have established that all these stories of "nights out" were complete balderdash and thus the authorities got cold feet when the tales they were later to trawl via the demonic UK Media looked equally fatuous.

    1. Good point Moor and one I'll consider in my next post !!!

    2. It was and is common to record more than one episode of some TV studio programmes in one day. Some simple quiz shows might manage 5 or so episodes.
      The BBC, in the days before independent productions took up most of its output, was a sausage factory. Any dead time with a studio or staff standing idle was to be avoided at all costs. Even the most prestigious, complex TV studio costume dramas of the time had a very limited time in a studio, sometimes a day an episode.
      It wouldn't surprise me at all if a couple of episodes at a time were recorded of Clunk Click and/or Jim'll Fix It, especially as the most complex elements were pre-filmed and they would have merely been replayed to the studio audience to record their reaction and so they would know what was going on.
      The stuff they were actually recording in the studio was pretty straightforward technically, would have required the bare minimum of retakes, and total somewhat less than the total running time of the show.

    3. That makes sense, the women involved mentioned the room in question being full of people, with staff coming & going. Listen to Ward's interview when she says the bigwigs might not have known but the production staff might. All the more reason to disbelieve her claims re Glitter having sex with a gal in an alcove. The cops didn't believe her did they ?

    4. It would also make sense that Karin's memories had a starting point however cocked-up they had become after a couple of years in the Duncroft Internet Forums.

    5. I dare say the amount of recording sessions for Clunk-Click will have been noted in his diaries....

  3. Margaret Jones indicates that there were a few visits, usually after JS had visited and asked some girls directly to come up to London to the show. Of course, MJ had the last word, but if you read her second interview it's clear that there were several visits, always with a staff member present at all times, and "no hanging about," which means leaving right after the show. They would be supervised at ALL TIMES as the risk of absconding would be very high. Apparently nobody ran for it, so all signs point to a brisk departure, and an equally brisk arrival, with the staffer right there with them. Karin is delusional.