Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Clunk Click lost and found !

Goodness gracious me ! How hard it is to ascertain the actual date Freddie Starr appeared on Clunk Click. We know when Gary Glitter guested, that was March 16th 1974 
But, no trace of the date of Freddie's appearance until this footage just happened to emerge the day Freddie denied being the 'third man' in Savile's dressing room !
Now, guys and gals, here's where things get interesting as one considers this question ! How many media reports appear to place Freddie Starr in the SAME room on the SAME night Gary Glitter appeared ? Turn that question around, how many reports stressed the FACT that they were NOT ? My answer will be, NOT MANY. Freddie Starr certainly felt that at the very least, he was being associated with the convicted Gary and the media convicted dead Savile. Hence his hasty denial 
Now, let's get back to the damage Ward caused when she said she was, amongst other things, 14 the night she attended that show. Because she did actually SAY THIS, I finally found these words coming out of her mouth in her Newsnight interview with Liz Mackean on Novemeber 14th 2011.
 "I was fourteen, of course I wanted to go to Television centre"
This interview was broadcast on Panorama who like, Meirion Jones did NOT bother to check whether Ms Ward was telling the truth about her age. OR DID THEY ?
Whilst burrowing I came across some old blog posts by Moor Larkin, one of his many bests. I urge you all to read this, it is quite shocking because of what we know now of how Freddie Starr was basically set up by the press and media in October 2012.
Watch that Channel 4 news item yourself. It's hard not to feel the same way about these scum reporter's as Larks

"she was 14 at the time" reporter Channel 4 news October 8th 2012

Look out for other videos of news reports at the time. Whether deliberate or not, the damage done to Mr Starr's reputation HAS BEEN huge 
I did isolate ONE article that separated Gary Glitter's appearance from Freddie's on Clunk Click in 1974 

But reverts to form in the same publication a few days later 

Because, whatever way you look at it, the end result is the same. A horrible horrible injustice !!

To be continued !



  1. What the Justice system then did was keep the innocent man in the eye of the Hurricane. Let's not forget they arrested him FOUR times. A cat playing with a mouse couldn't be any less cruel. Plus the Social Services also labelled him a risk to his own new child, with his later to be new wife. he is now alone again. Like I said on another of your fine Posts, the legal system should be in the dock. I for one would find it guilty.

    1. Indeed, hard to understand why the injunction was lifted when it was. As we've said all along, there are many individuals who should be held responsible for the immeasurable damage each and everyone of then has done to ALL the Yewtree unfortunate's !!

    2. Jim Davidson's book explains the strategy. It's a shame Jim didn't pursue the matter too but who knows what threats lie in the background. The legals always use weasel words such as "insufficient evidence", leaving open the fear for the individual that the legals will have a go anyway. After all, what do the State prosecutors have to fear? We're paying their wages!! They cannot lose, like all State bullies.

  2. Jones knows other left-leaning writers - part of 'the clique' - who know pretty well people like Roger Ordish and many other BBC workforce who Jones is content to smear with the 'turning a blind eye' insult, and they could (and probably have) told him that Clunk Click was recorded on a wednesday for broadcast on the saturday, and that each show had different guests and studio audience.

    It has in fact just crossed my mind that the timecoded copy of Clunk-Click could well have found it's way to Channel 4 via a freelance researcher who did indeed have copies of some of the shows as the format had been discussed by him online....

    1. Interesting Chris but this episode had not been wiped and is not listed as 'missing' in which case, a BBC employee would be my prime suspect !! :-)

    2. A copy obtained from the BBC Archive in 2012 would have been the same high quality as the Glitter clip, or the various bits of the series used on the tribute shows.

      The timecode and poor picture quality of the Starr clip suggest it was 'found' by someone in their stash as this nonsense kicked off.

    3. Good point Chris almost looks like a poor beta video off someone's telly BUT it would have bin black and white then for most of us poooor plebs !!

    4. Desperate Dan had copies, as it happens.

      How's about that then?

  3. One more attempt to point out that Jimmy didn't show up at Duncroft until MAY 1974. So how come the Ward person was at the Beeb in MARCH??? The Duncroft Visitors' Book was shown to Russell Meyers of the Sunday Mail by Margaret Jones, and they provided that evidence as part of their second interview. This book was also turned over to Outreach.

    1. I'm not sure how you arrived at the conclusion he 'didn't show up at D until May 1974'. The Myers article does NOT confirm this but it does contain a photo said to have been taken in 1974 when it clearly wasn't ! The giveaway being that he's wearing the same tracksuit in the b/white photo from 1979 (Fiona's fete) as he is in the colour photo tagged 1974 !

    2. He came to the school after Mrs. B, mother of one of the girls, asked Margaret Jones if he could visit her daughter. This girl was at Duncroft 1974-1976. That was when he first showed up. 1974. This girl is also featured in a photograph called "A rare day out," taken in 1974. I believe he also attended a summer fete there that same year, usually held in June, also attended by Princess Alexandra, who was very pleased to find him there. Digital Spy has further confirmed this as being the year that occurred.

      Miss Jones said, during her second interview, regarding the school's policy re. visits to the BBC "I was the one who went to the BBC studios to make sure it was a safe environment for the girls to be in. Jimmy Savile never took them there, he would just invite them on the spot and the girls would be so excited and ask me and the staff whether they could go.

      'Because we had a minibus we would allow a small selection of the girls to go because they were accompanied by a teacher.

      ‘It was limited time away from the school. They went at a certain time and they came back at a certain time, there was no hanging around.’

      Looking back at her time at Duncroft, Miss Jones remains proud.

      ‘We saved many girls from themselves, we gave them a start in life that they would have never had without us and for that I am proud, but this Jimmy Savile affair has left a stain on the place which is eternally unfair for the hundreds of girls who came to us and went on to get on with the rest of their lives.

      ‘I truly believe we did our best for the girls at the time but admittedly we may have let some of them down.’

      She also notes in this interview that she wished that her nephew, Meirion, had consulted with her before doing his, as she would have cautioned him about some of the girls.

      If you'd like Russell's contact information, email me, and you can call him. I helped set this interview up.

    3. As I was not afforded the luxury of anonymity , the date of the Clunk Click /Gary Glitter programme was recorded on Thursday,March 14,1974 . Yes I apologise for thinking there was five or six girls, there was in actual fact three including myself. Now as Duncroft is my past I don't want to be swept up in any blogs, I have a future to live which I hope will be far more interesting.

    4. Thank you Jeni best of luck to you !

    5. I imagine that both Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter had hoped to live far more interesting lives in the future too, not to mention the likes of Ray Teret, and then there is Ted Beston, Dave Lee Travis, Jim Davidson... and of course David Smith, Jimmy's driver who never was, who ended up hanging himself and Bijan Ebrahimi set upon and burned in the street by a Paedo Mob. This is where the failure to seek evidence and find the truth leads. A lesson for the future? Or just an inconvenient truth?

  4. The video could be a Low Band U-matic tape, used for off-line editing at one time, hence the burnt-in time code and low quality. Keep digging guys, the truth will come out eventually...


  5. Possibly, but it could also be a VHS run off for all sorts of purposes at the time. These might have been for internal BBC use or for copies sent out to outsiders such as researchers, the media or TV companies who might be wanting to buy a clip from the programme.
    The burnt-in timecode was there partly so that the tape couldn't be commercially used and partly as a reference so that, for example, if a high quality clip was needed for a documentary then the exact section could be ordered.

    The very fact that it seems to be a copy on a format now obselete in mainstream TV suggests that it was originally run off at least a decade ago. Of course it could have been an old copy sitting on a shelf, in the archive or elsewhere, for decades and only recently acquired by whoever gave it to C4.