Sunday, 26 July 2015

Janet's Archive

No, they haven't found them yet, but I decided to compare that 'ledger' that Spindler presented on ITV news, purporting to link Savile to Duncroft girls in 1964. This one 

No. it's nothing like the one MWT found in Janet Cope's garage. Jimmy's book is in much better condition 
 But, these are NOT Jimmy's personal diaries they are Janet Cope's work papers and appointments' books etc. At first I thought the name beside the crown symbol was James, but it's not, it's Janet. But, let's stay on that crown symbol for just a moment shall we, because MWT lingers for several, highlighting Savile's correspondence with the Royal Family, the government etc etc. This letter is from Charles congratulating Jimmy for his work at Stoke Mandeville 1982
The letter underneath the next one is headed House of Commons
Ms Cope says MWT has 'handed over her archives to Exposure'. Archives that reveal 'a web of contacts and his journey into the heart of the establishment'. BUT, he (MWT) is careful not to slander anyone else whose faces appear alongside Jimmy. 'There is no suggestion that any of these people had an inkling of his dark side' But, they do show him 'working his way to the top, the VERY TOP' ! There's even a photo of him 'actually HIM with the Queen' He (Savile) is even having a 'personal chat' with the Pope. 
Need I go on guys and gals ? I hope not and I also hope that someday Jimmy's personal note books/diaries will someday show up. 
The Yewtree boys had got there before the West Yorkshire boys

So, if 'nothing additional was found .. relevant to any investigation' then WHY have these books been lost ? 
Ms Cope had more than just books in her archive, she had some videos too. None labelled 'Clunk Click' 1974, unfortunately 

 Ms Cope's archive is, like the good woman herself, genuine. What a shame that so many have fallen for the fakes with their 'shady' books, policies and agenda's 

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  1. I wondered if "the ledger" was part of the stash inside Janet's garage. If so, thank heavens she had had more sense than her old employer and friend, and had not thrown the lot in the skip back in 1999... or let Operation Yewtree or Mark Williams-Thomas get hold of it. My email trail revealed this note I had written about how careful Janet had been being.

    Seeing that image of Prince Charles reminds me of how this CSA Hysteria went after his brother a while back, how he himself is at the centre of much internet lunacy; how The Sun recently made a splash of the Queen as a toddler playing at Hitler salutes, and that gave Russell Brand, fresh from his pedestal on the BBC with Paxman, to requote his booky-wook:

    ‘”Mrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”!! No wonder they f***ing changed it. It’s the most German thing I’ve ever heard – she might’ve well as been called “Mrs Bratwurst-Kraut-Nazi”.’

    Scum seems to be floating to the top as the cops play their fiddles and the Prosecution Service refuses to give up it's.... crown... ?? ...

    The news-media seems to be in a terminal decline, surrounded by "witty" comedians, like Court Jesters but with less charm or excuse.