Friday, 10 July 2015

Jersey Girls

A few blog posts ago I covered Dee Coles's remarks following her trip to see Maitland's play. She described Savile as a monster who had 'destroyed my life'. Aside from the fact she's obviously a liar, it appears my assumptions about her being a compensation claimant, might well be right !

So, imagine my surprise to find that Ms Coles has recently joined twitter and one of her 14 followers is Liz Dux ! The two of them were chatting about the launch of the CSA Inquiry.
As usual, I asked Dee a few questions and within a few minutes I was blocked. But not before I had a look at her timeline. Whether she's one of Ms Dux' clients or not, she's seeing a therapist in June for six sessions and she's in a pretty bad way.
Now forgive me for sounding a tad cruel but the fact is, I don't believe her. I certainly don't believe her crap about meeting Savile in Jersey whilst on holiday, or was it at the house of horrors, Haut de la Garenne, where she says she was a resident ? Was it a 'locked room' or was it a campervan ? Make your mind up Dee !

 This was the ITV news program broadcast just before Exposure on October 3rd 2012. Karin Ward is also featured, both women's tales are described as 'fresh allegations'
 Blimey, I almost forgot how ITV went into overkill the night they destroyed Savile's reputation forever ! But what of Coles' tales, and her claims that her two alleged meetings with Savile 'destroyed' her life ? She says that she has kept silent for 40 years. The same length of time she appears to have kept her holiday snaps, possibly in an album, they look well kept.

 Now, is it likely she kept silent about alleged incidents of 'abuse' ? Not very I'd say given her background and the FACT that she became the chair of the survivors network in 2010 and trained as a counselor twenty years before.
 Now, there are lots of folk who have suffered and have gone on to develop great skills in the caring professions. But rarely do you hear them bemoaning a life 'destroyed' as a result of meeting a disc jockey on holiday, twice !

One of the first things a counselor MUST do is to tackle and overcome any issues they might carry within themselves. A fucked up mess cannot help anyone ! She doesn't sound at all messed up to me.
 It's sad isn't it ? 


  1. Is it even her in those snaps?

    Jimmy was 5'8". The girl in those pics looks as tall as he is and she was still growing if she was 14 or so. From pics I've seen of her, or him (glancing at that twitter snap yo've published) I don't think she's much above 5'4". People don't shrink until they get into their 70's or 80's.

    I do wonder if she has obtained those polaroids fom a third party and made this entire story up.

    A measuring tape should resolve the question and leave me looking small.

    1. As I said on the previous post, I do think these things should be challenged. So I appreciate your raising the question. If nothing else, it's made me stop and look very carefully at the images of Dee Coles as a youth and as a mature lady. It's made me appreciate that I rarely look at faces this carefully, which is itself a slightly sobering realisation.

      Having forced myself to scan the faces carefully for distinguishing features, compared noses, chins, lips, eyes (though eyes colour is not distinguishable, I think), I would have to admit that this seems very likely to be the same person, though perhaps conceivably a sister.

      Short of someone with sharper eyes than mine (some kind of expert in identifying faces as they age, perhaps) or some evidence suggesting someone very similar looking might have been in the photo instead of Dee, I would realistically have to accept that the woman who was photographed and named as Dee Coles, in front of the poster for the Savile play, very likely had her photograph taken with Jimmy Savile in front of some sort of van (possibly identifiable as his), sometime in her youth.

      If that sounds a little, well, thick, so be it. I also think a four inch height difference is not implausible from the pictures, especially given that in one version of the image his knee is bent (in fact claimed to be suggestively so).

      On a related note, I think that I, and perhaps many people with limited experience of working with images, are very easily deceived. I recall many years ago watching the lunchtime news with a friend who was a graphic designer. He pointed out, in quite a matter-of-fact way, that the photo on top of the TV in the home of the grieving relative, in whatever news story it was, had obviously been 'placed' for the interview. When we saw a later edition of the programme it was obvious enough to me (after I'd been told) that it was a colour printout (not of the quality that is now widely available) and not a photograph, and that it had been modified. I would never have noticed such a thing without the guidance of an expert eye, and so the 'set up' was perfectly adequate, I presume, to add a bit of weight to the report.

      I hope this doesn't come across as trying to derail the conversation. I just think it's always worth double checking the obvious stuff.

    2. I once had a brief but very interesting private conversation with someone claiming much arcane knowledge about "iamgery". I feel sure I am not compromising them by reproducing one piece of content, and if I am, tough shit - should have had the balls to make the comments in open forum...: ;-)

      "Thanks for the reply, Moor. It's appreciated.

      The leftmost girl in that expanded image feels especially 'out-of-it'. As if she's not there with the three others; who likely weren't even photographed together. Her eyes are very wayward as if she's not-really-there. Often the give-away. That's perhaps why the photographer cropped her out. The faker was conscious of that. And, I'd be sure that none of the four were photographed in front of that factory!

      Unfortunately that expanded image has been so highly-compressed we can't analyse it much beyond that.

      The image you've found has the same problem. Very highly compressed. This is typically done to remove artefacts left by image manipulation / fakery. We can't really analyse that image beyond visually examining it. It may be genuine, it may not. Though, digitally placing Savile with his billboard in front of a crowd would be a very simple task; done routinely.

      Savile was a seasoned celebrity; he would have wittingly played along with media fakery. After all, it was lot less effort than turning out for countless photoshoots; instead just photoshop him in using library images! There must be extensive library images of him to do that with. Much of it taken professional in photographic studios, in green-screen settings. With the advent of digital imagery and tools like Adobe Photoshop in the mid-90s, compositing Savile into images with others he'd perhaps never even met - and placing him where he'd never even been - suddenly became child's play..."

      Make of that what you will... :-D
      I'm sure it'd go down a stoem at Icke Towers.

    3. Ha, classic.

      I suppose I should also acknowledge that in my news fakery example above, once convinced of the deception, I would have been able to spot it even if it hadn't been there.

  2. Looking at modern photos of Dee Coles, there's a strong facial resemblance to the girl in the picture. And people do tend to start losing height when they hit middle age. So I think she is the girl in the polaroids. However, would a victim of traumatic sexual abuse really keep snaps of her abuser carefully stored away? I would have thought that part of her therapy would have involved destroying the photos.

    1. I agree, I think it is her. As for the therapy for 6 weeks, please ! This is the standard period allotted & paid for by some employers in a hurry. Or maybe a compo firm that wants 'closure' as quickly and cheaply asap !!! Blatant

    2. @keeping pictures

      There was an interesting cross-generational story in this regard that I blogged about once. A daughter was claiming her mother had been "abused" by Jimmy... The mother was dead but again... the mother had kept a photograph that her daughter was then able to produce as evidence about her dead mother's experience. What an epitaph.

  3. The claim that Coles was living at Haut De La Garenne (rather than on holiday with her mum) seems to come only from The Telegraph. I'm guessing that this was their mistake as I can't find any evidence that she herself claimed this.

    It looks like she's ramping up her media-output, though:

    "She is to appear in a documentary about Savile called Abused: The Untold Story, on the BBC next year."

    Maybe she'll get her story straight before then as, irrespective of the HDLG confusion, it's all a bit hazy so far:

    - her & her pal were simulataneously abused by the powerful Savile inside the campervan on 'a couple of occasions' or...

    - the second occasion consisted of being 'flashed' by Savile when she decided for some strange reason to return to the carpark where Savile's van was parked (and where she'd been subjected to a 'harrowing sexual attack' just the day before).

    She also seems uncertain as to how Savile responded after the alleged attack - in some accounts she is told to keep schtum, in others she says that: "He didn’t warn us not to say anything, but it was almost like he didn’t have to."

    1. I'd be interested to hear from "the pal".

    2. It may as well have been Karin Ward for all the sense it's likely to make, Moor! It's like some overwrought & highly improbable opera:
      "The Barber of Savile"!

    3. Why isn't the pal in the picture?
      Because they were on the other end of the camera I guess.

    4. Assuming there even was a pal, of course! It´s hard to believe she wouldn´t have taken her turn next to Savile for a pic, even with a new-found holiday friend ("You can post it to me when you get 'em developed, okay?").

      I find the whole story unlikely, at least based on what's in the public-domain: already conflicting versions of events.
      Maybe it was her mum behind the lens (who no doubt will be no longer with us)!


      I left off typing to go and have a google, and what's this we find here but a radio interview with the Barber of Savile. This is worth a listen if you haven't already heard it (I arrived a bit late to Savile, to be honest).

      BBC Radio 4's ''Weekend Woman's Hour' from 8th November 2014. Interview with Jenny Murray. Starts from 28'25"

      (It's followed by a Dan Davies piece - two for the price of one! Haven't listened yet.)

      A brief run-through: on holiday with her mum in hotel, Savile parked up in hotel's carpark. Savile always in bar & restaurant, and flirting with her mother who "was very taken with him".
      On the way to the beach with her holiday pal & Savile calls them over to see his campervan.
      Savile had taken photos of THEM and photos were taken of her with Savile. Then they stepped inside... he locked the door and became really aggressive.
      Here, a "violent sexual attack" took place. She was forced to fellate Savile. When he'd finished with her & she was angering him by being sick he switched his attentions to her pal, but Coles couldn't see anything as it was happening in other part of van (she was in the kitchen area) & she didn't turn around.
      Later, her friend - with her family - left the hotel that same evening, and Coles' mum was wondering "what on earth had happened there."
      Savile was indeed "really threatening & he'd told [Coles] off". He kept going in the hotel and chatting with her mum and her mum really liked him.
      No mention of a further attack/incident (which obviously couldn't have involved her pal, as she's exited the hotel with her family).

      After listening to that, it's clear to me that the various stories recounted by Coles add up to nothing. #I don't believe her.

      P.S. As expected, the mother is no longer with us.

    5. I must admit the new twist reported by rabbitaway that Dee was in Haut de la Garenne had passed me by. Karin Ward also spent some time there, albeit on a holiday. Like bees to a honeytrap it seems.

      "It was while living at Garfield that she met Jimmy Savile during a holiday to Jersey, where the star was visiting Haut de la Garenne children’s home — which in 2008 became the focus of a police investigation into child sex abuse.‘We were camping, but were taken to Haut de la Garenne one day to mix with other children,’ says Karin."

    6. Dee Coles Claims she was sick after giving JS a BJ. By chance I've just been rereading an old post of Moor larking. And by jolly, exactly the same thing happened to Karin Ward!

    7. Moor, I replied to you about Ward's Jersey adventure here:

      I thought Ghouljam - or even the great man himself, MWT - might have confirmed his unshakeable belief in the REST of her madcap tale, seeing as they both would have us trust the Starr-part.

      In the article quoted from Ward even leaves open the possibility that Savile DID get up to mischief back in 72, because she "doesn't remember". (Get yourself on a forum, Karin, and fill in those gaps!)
      She does, however, remember her two rapists: a "fighter" & "a frenchman". Probably had a string of onions around his neck.

  4. Strange how these 'survivors' all seem to develop memory problems and can't keep their stories straight from one telling to the next - obviously a result of the trauma....
    Stranger still is that Coles' 'pal' has never turned up to tell everyone how she too was abused by the monster Savile. Yes she could easily be dead; but she has a family, some of whom will remember the holiday when their relative and her parents met the famous Jimmy Savile and got photos with him. So why haven't they come forward? Maybe the memory-erasing trauma affected them as well?

  5. Dan Davies, ace investigative writer & back-stabber, has a slightly different take on Cole's tale: she has time-travelled back to 1972 (but is still aged 14).

    "Dee Coles experienced this brazen approach in the summer of 1972, when she was a 14-year-old enjoying a holiday with her mother on the island of Jersey. Jimmy Savile had his motor caravan parked in the car park of the hotel where they were staying..."

    It would be interesting to know how her media appearances were organised, given that she popped up in interviews before 'Exposure' was broadcast (for example the Lucy Manning. ITV interview of 2nd October in which it is clearly stated that the two girls were abused inside the campervan on "a couple of occasions", something that clashes with the Wouman's Hour-version.)

    1. Thanks for your comments Bandini especially the transcript of the woman's hour thing. As for time travelling, she always said 1972 maybe you are getting mixed up with Ward's tales !! :-)

    2. @Bandini
      It would be interesting to know how her media appearances were organised

      She is/was/has been a chairperson of a rape crisis place in brighton as rabbitaway points out elsewhere. No coincidences.

  6. Rabbitaway, I´ve only heard Coles say "early 70s" (when she says she was 14/almost 15) and most newspaper reports seem to have the date as 1974, but who knows?!?
    The whole lot of 'em just seem to pluck dates - and "facts"! - out of thin air.

    Anyway, Savile seemed to have had the same van as in the pics from 1969 'til at least 1972, and we can even have a look inside at the kitchen area:

    And here he is arriving to Buckingham Palace in it!

    I tried dating his underpants/shorts, without success. A bit of a loose end today, obviously!

    1. She reports being 54 in 2012 so that's where I got 1972 from. You can just see this in this paywalled article. Having said that she was VERY vague about her dates etc until now when she even cites the name of the hotel !!

    2. Ooooh, sorry, I think you are correct. I must've got myself in a bit of a muddle.

      Er, I'm not alone though, as The Mirror have now whittled the date down to... August 1971! Not only that, but Coles vague notion that Savile was maybe hosting some event or other has become an absolute certainty - he WAS "opening the local Battle of Flowers carnival".

      So, that's all sorted then!

    3. From memory, she never mentioned this to begin with though did she ? She's had time to get her story more authentic sounding even throwing the name of a hotel in. The fact she's being tweeted to by Dux is sickening.

  7. Brilliant comments on here Rabbit - well done and thank you!

  8. Interesting that he had his Mum with him at this time in Jersey!

  9. "Here, a "violent sexual attack" took place. She was forced to fellate Savile. When he'd finished with her & she was angering him by being sick he switched his attentions to her pal, but Coles couldn't see anything as it was happening in other part of van (she was in the kitchen area) & she didn't turn around."

    These people have never stepped inside a VW campervan (for that is what is in the picture) because it's so small there's nowhere to turn-around! The idea that two people could be in a VW and one not know what the other was doing is just idiotic. It's hardly possible to cook breakfast unless one of the party steps outside!


    1. @John

      Some internal shots here of the Mercedes chassis-build involved in Dee's tale here:.

      It was a lot bigger than a VW, but I think your points are equally valid.

      Some outside shots of it here: