Monday, 6 July 2015

Jimmy Savile speaks - listen up

Oh, my giddy God, things just keep getting better and I think I may have almost cracked the MYSTERY about the recordings of Clunk Click in 1974. Firstly, let me show you a calender from February onwards
 Now, remember Jones has told MWT that only some CC episodes survive. More specifically, he confirms that Gary Glitter only appeared ONCE (meaning MWT should have known that Fiona was lying but I'll come back to that later) on an episode dated 16th March 1974. Broadcast date that is ! because these sloppy reporters couldn't be bothered to establish the date the relevant shows were recorded.
I started this post yesterday but have changed it completely now. WHY ? because today Jimmy himself has told me on camera about Clunk Click from February to April 6th 1974.
You see, I tried a new tack, I went looking for Olivia Newton John as a guest on the show. Thinking I'd find recording dates, I went one better, I found that there was at least ONE week where the show was NOT broadcast. Here listen to Jimmy he will explain
"because we weren't on the air last week, we were going to have 2 songs for three weeks. So we're going to have 3 songs a week over the next 2 weeks. On the third week we'll play them all again" 
ONJ was our entry for 'A song for Europe' 1974 or the eurovision song contest as we now call it.  
Olivia makes her first of 4 appearances on 9th February.

Thank God for sites like 'missing episodes' because without them I would NOT have found the above video containing all FOUR appearances and the crucial information Jimmy provides. Maybe the reason the 2nd February broadcast did NOT go ahead was because of this 
 Who knows, but we do know now that in tv land things do not always go to plan. Now, let's get back to that video which is obviously a compilation to find the UK entry that year. Watch carefully now, as Jimmy's suit has changed for week 2 
"Last week lovely Olivia sang 3 songs ... this week she will sing another 3 but next week she will sing all six " after that you can vote for your fave entry ..  
Stay with me guys and gals and look out for the gals on the bean bags during song number 4 (week 2) can you pick out any Duncroft girls ? I cannot as yet but they are anyway

 Is that the same suit Jimmy wore in his clunk Click adverts ? The videos of which now appear to have been hi-jacked by Slater Gordon 
The suit he wore on 9th February appears to be the same one worn on the March 16th broadcast of the show including Gary Glitter. Again, hi-jacked by Slater Gordon 
But, not the one worn for Freddie Starr's appearance 

Back to Olivia's songs, Jim tells us that the contest itself will be broadcast on the 6th. He doesn't say 6th April but that's when it was broadcast. He proudly confirms that we are the host nation and Brighton will be the venue. Now, here's where I need your help guys and gals ! The 6th April was a Saturday night. Can I assume that Clunk Click was NOT broadcast that night because of the contest ? Does anyone have the telly listings for that night ? Because, if it wasn't, would this mean that that one of the shows recorded in March would NOT have aired until April ? 

Thanks Jimmy 
Now, here's some more information for you the first cortesy again of the missing episodes chaps

And sandwiched in amongst Olivia, Gary and whoever else's show may have been recorded in March 1974, is Pans People ... Goodness Gracious Guys and gals, I really don't know where to look, and neither did Jim ! 

To be continued ! 
Update just in Clunk Click was broadcast on the same night as the song contest thanks to a friend on twitter for this info


  1. Comment under that youtube:

    retroChannelUK Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
    'A Song for Europe - All Songs' from Clunk-Click from 23/02/1974.with Olivia Newton-John This is missing from the BBC archive

    1. Poor Oli didn't stand a chance Abba was Sweden's contestant LOL

    2. You're not listening to Jim Moor. the songs spread out over 4 weeks. Two weeks 3 songs, third week (23rd) all songs viewers asked to votes. Winner announced 2nd March !

    3. Sorry, read that again re Chris' channel - the 23rd refers to the final when ALL the songs were played !!

    4. I was more interested at how folks know what's "missing" from the BBC Archive. A very leaky organisation it seems.

      23/2/74 couldn't possibly have been the broadcast date, but it might be the filming date? But even this doesn't seem right. Would it have been filmed so long before broadcast? It couldn't have been because weren't the audience at home supposed to be voting for the song that would go forward to Brighton?

    5. Umm... Having re-read all the info in your Post I think I'm conflating the Song for Europe angle with the whole run of Clunk-Click. The Clunk show was more than just the Euro-show, and so the dates are not directly relevant to the run of the show itself. My mistaken thinking.

      Super stuff. This is all enormously informative.

    6. Thanks Moor, it's not easy to find half this stuff i was looking for hours yesterday then more or less first thing today i found this. I like to think i was led to it ;-)

  2. All Radio Times listings are searchable here:

    By 1973 Jimmy had established a rule he would only work a day on his TV programmes. Once Bill Cotton Jr decided he wanted Jimmy to front a Saturday teatime 'chat show' in 1973, he would opt out of the TOTP roster for the 'season'.
    In 1973, he stood down from TOTP for May - July whilst he made the first series of Clunk-Click. In 1974, he didn't host TOTP between 24/1/74 and 2/5/74, and even says on that latter edition "I'm back from Clunk-Click Land".
    The first series of Jim'll Fix It began at the end of May 1975, and JS didn't host TOTP between 8/5/75 & early August. In 1976, his TOTP 'gap' was from 5/2/76 to 27/5/76, and in 1977 'just' the January & February, with Jimmy hosting TOTP for the rest of the year starting 3/3/77.
    From 1978, once Jim'll Fix It was established as a success, he would host his first TOTP of the year in late April/early May - something that would continue until his last 'regular' TOTP in July 1984.

    1. Great Chris and TY. I was wondering if more than one episode might have been filmed at the same time. That is, could Glitter and FS have attended studios the same day (not the same time). Jimmy wore different suits so that led me last night to presume that only one was filmed per week. Somehow, I came across this video today which appears to confirm.

    2. @Chris Retro
      Now that is seriously impressive research.

      He opted out of ToTP for months at a time????

      Wonder where that fits into the Yewtree narrative of his feverish pursuit of pop totty. What a scandal it all is.

    3. The BBC did operate a policy with some shows - Juke Box Jury in 1959-67, as an example, would film two sessions at once with the audience asked to move seats in between,
      Clunk Click was an up-to-the-minute 'magazine' show, and I suspect as such was recorded weekly - though it's possible the ONJ performances where recorded during one session, with costume changes etc, and inserted into weeks 2 & 3.
      The curious thing about the allegations is that, aside from the general 'smear' that all "turned a blind eye", nobody has directly challenged any of the team who worked on these shows - presumably as they know full those 'witnesses' would throw water on it the lies.

    4. In 1975 he hosted 1 edition of TOTP a month - except for June & July.
      In 1976 8 shows + a christmas edition.
      In 1977 9 regular shows.
      In 1978 6 regular shows from 27/4/78 to 7/12/78
      In 1979 8 regular shows from 3/5/79 to 20/11/79
      In 1980 just 3 regular shows (17/4/80, 11/9/80, 6/11/80) plus Xmas Day
      In 1981 7 regular shows shows 30/4/81 to 10/12/81 plus with all the other R1 DJ's on the Xmas Day special.
      In 1982 just 5 shows 10/6/82 to 30/12/82 (the latter being the second end-of-year jobbie) plus R1-DJ's 'special' on 30/9/82
      In 1983, he co-hosted the 1000th on 5/5/83 along with the whole R1 crew, and then another 4 shows 2/6/83 to 17/11/83.
      His final regular show was 5/7/84, when he co-hosted with the late Mike Smith, followed by 30/8/84 where he was on the record-breaking Top Of The Pops train journey from Kings Cross to Bristol Temples Meades with SImon Bates, whilst Mike Smith & Richard Skinner where in the TOTP studio.

  3. Just looking at the host-shows for Song for Europe:
    Rolf, Cilla, Lulu, Cliff, Jimmy
    Three down. Are the girls next?
    The Eurovision Song Contest Strikes Back.

    Great work with all this Rabbit and co.
    I'm struggling a little to keep up, so apologies if this is obvious (or obviously irrelevant), but does the show not being on air for one week mean that the 12-programme series was then only 11 shows, or was the run extended?

    This IMDB-like site lists (presumably incorrectly) a regular weekly showing:

  4. You need to see this BBC item - the North Yorkshire allegations against Savile were BS:

    1. Can't open link at mo' can't do it on ipad but isn't this the one that just exonerates NY police

    2. Just read again the usual bullshit an officer failed to listen to gossip a decade ago blah blah blah but thanks anyway x

  5. Different suit doesn't mean different recording date. E.g. University Challenge records several episodes on same day, Paxman changes his suit so the viewers think it is a different occasion.

    1. See my next post ! Jimmy's shows tended to be recorded one per week