Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kat Keri Karin 2008

Remember this ?
 I'd agreed to do Newsnight because I'd been contacted via my publisher by the BBC who told me that 'several other' Duncroft girls had already spoken out.

I missed the significance of this, a few blogs ago, because I'd always supposed that Karin being R1 was the first to be contacted by Meirion Jones.
They were of little use to him you see, they were NOT willing to go on camera. Karin was R1 because she'd met Jimmy Savile, she'd visted the BBC and Jones' crew undeniable proof (Clunk Click).
As I've said before, Ward's memory and the exchanges between her and Fiona in 2013, are not to be relied upon too heavily, but these and her later activity on twitter, give an intriguing insight into her individual journey into the claws of Jones and Thomas.
Jones says he became aware of Ward after reading her Fanstory online, presumably, the first version, no longer available, the one she had started writing in 2008 *
Now, I have always been under the impression that Ward had no connection to events happening in 2008. Until I saw this that is.

I guess what she means by this is that she refused 2 give the Press the story they wanted. I'll hazard a guess and say that she was NOT one of the 14 who spoke to the cops in 2008. They only spoke to the 1976 onwards Duncroft intake !
So, why and how did Ward end up speaking to a reporter in 2008 ? If she did that is, as I'm sure that will be another question no one has bothered to ask her. Maybe she just latched on to the Barnados clique schtick ?
Who knows, but we do know that once the Kat was out of the bag, Ms Ward felt comfortable speaking to anyone and everyone about Duncroft circa 1974. On October 1st 2012, channel 4 News in the shape of Paraic O'Brien was tweeting her. 

 Channel 4 got it's scoop and within the month both Freddie Starr and Gary Glitter were arrested.
Then came this 
Karin was keeping a close eye on press reports about the 'rich n powerful'. Another dimension was being added to her story now, fear !

Sound familiar ?

* I found this piece about Keri/Karin written by Jonathan King. I cannot find the page I lifted it from but it does provide a bit more information about the contents of her original web memoir and I'll leave you to ponder on this while I take a breather !

We're still digging Mr King ! Or in my case, burrowing for the truth as best I can that is !


  1. Contacted via her publisher? I thought she was self-published?

    Amazon lists the publisher (of her approx. 3000 pages!) as, er, "Child Abuse True Stories". No luck locating their offices!

  2. Suitably complementary I hope.

    1. Interesting Moor, especially when you read Clare Ellicott's latest