Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Meirion's book

Meirion's featured in the Press Gazette again ! You have to hand it to him, he's a complete 'fantasist' isn't he ? Still griping about being paid off by an employer he set out to destroy, he finally comments on the Ward libel case. Read this and weep 
 There's just one thing wrong with this statement, actually more than one, but we'll stick to one for now and that is, Ward was sued by Freddie Starr over her 'words' about him. The fact that he lost his case does NOT make her stories involving Jimmy Savile true. Especially when the Judge concedes that she was less than honest, when it came to her age at the time of the alleged incident.
Let's get one thing straight shall we Mr Jones. At no time did you or your team make any effort to ensure your women were telling the truth. Had it NOT been for Freddie Starr, we would still be in the dark about Ms Ward's actual age at the relevant time. And your disdain towards anyone who merely asks a civil question, indicates someone who has a problem with disclosing. A hypocrite in other words ! 

And a coward ! Here's what you told Davies by way of an excuse as to why you did NOT pursue Savile this side of death. If you didn't tell him this you can sue him, not me 

 Oh, and yes Jones himself is now writing a book. I'm sure he'll be careful to avoid libeling anyone this side of death. Anyone else is up for grabs, because they are dead and they cannot sue !


  1. Meirion has a "roof". I think that's the term he would use; it relates to powerful "mafias" according to his usage, in his own writings.

    This was made obvious to me when, notwithstanding that Gary Glitter was on police bail, so a criminal matter was under investigation, he felt at liberty to publicly tweet Gary as an identity that had been redacted by the Pollard Report.

    "My puzzlement lay in the fact that nowhere in the UK media had I seen mention of the man the Duncroft women were alleging was more sinister than Jimmy Savile. I was frankly baffled. I had thought this would remain another mystery hiding in plain sight; until I tried my luck one day, to get an answer. Generally any questions I ever asked on twitter would be completely ignored, so imagine my surprise when none other than Jones the Sin Eater told me who this mystery-man was. It was in the most public arena you could think of - Twitter. There was a mocking tone to his reply... "

  2. "14 year old girls on unescorted outings to TVC".

    In the reports and investigations* since this email was sent has there been there ANY formal confirmation the specific claim made by MJ was true?

    *I'm aware that the Police, NHS and BBC have NOT 'investigated' anything properly. The Police cannot investigate dead people. The NHS and BBC didn't want to upset anyone by asking them to tell the truth. However, they have all allowed the press to presume guilt without any evidence being tested.