Saturday, 18 July 2015

The Barnado Strand

Remember how the Metropolitan Police divided up the investigation they didn't do into three 'strands' ? Well, I'm dividing the Savile stitch up into two. Before and after Barnado's took over the place in 1976. 
I won't be drawing any graphs, I'll be relying on words from the horses' mouths. The mid/late 1970's horses' mouths that is. You see I have at least one of these following me on twitter. Her name is Christine Warner, I won't publish her maiden name. I don't want to be unfair or hurt someone who may have endured a troubled background. But, she contacted me first so here we go
She popped up every so often on my TL, generally in response to all things Duncroft, and I started to wonder whether she might be an ex pupil herself
I bided my time hoping she would tell me some truth. I had seen her name mentioned in an email from Fiona, but I wanted to be sure I had the right person. The email was sent in August 2012 two months before Exposure and I have saved it to a word doc in order to edit out names in fairness to the women named.
Want's in ? She's referring to one of the online forums of course
Then, just yesterday this class of 76/77 whatever, finally admitted that she was at Duncroft, something she quickly regretted because she deleted her responses to me but not before I captured this
Thereby admitting that she was NOT there when Jimmy was ! So, if Jimmy was NOT there when she was there, where does this leave the beef biryani girls ?
Note, Fiona refers to Tracey (aka Miss D in levitt's report) the sister of the choir girl.
Keep reading guys and gals

False exposer's tend to expose themselves eventually. But not before they do untold damage to untold people. Remember, Fiona wrote the above posts as Susan Melling read the whole blog and you will understand.
You see, Christine portrays herself as someone who KNOWS something, the 'truth' no less, and yet she wasn't there when Savile was either. 
Now, here's another one who showed up on my TL way back. This one calls herself ShiblySheila ! She doesn't have many followers now but she has two 
Karin did not follow her until shibly asked her to 
I only looked back over shibly's TL because of this 
Neither she nor Christine approve of my efforts to establish the truth about Savile in Duncroft. They never offer anything by way of evidence, because they have none. They are both 'friends' with Fiona and they are both  'friends' with Tracey whose sister story formed part of the 2007/9 Police investigation.
Now, shibly claims to have known Karin Ward in 1973/4. I'm not convinced of that. BUT, they do say that the camera never lies, so imagine my surprise when I find this image !

I could be wrong but doesn't this girl look a lot like Toni Townsend ?
  And who's the Debbie two girls to her right in 1975 ?
 Deborah Cogger ? Who lives in Kent as does Shibly Sheila. So how's about that then ? Of course I could be completely wrong, in which case either she or her other 'friends' can contact me again on twitter !


  1. "Savile may have bribed occasionally"
    What a divvy that Jones boy is.
    Imagine what the BBC must be like to employ such a dolt for so many years.

  2. Re. Christine Warner's claim that she doesn't know anything apart from what she heard.... Bear in mind that another person was interviewed in the papers and she was there..... but again she doesn't seem to dispute the events.... yet she herself witnessed nothing..... She makes no suggestion that even though she was there she saw any of what Karin Ward described.

    "Jeni Hooker, 54, attended the institution between 1972 and 1975 and was one of a number of pupils to appear on the Clunk Click television show with Savile and convicted child sex offender Gary Glitter. She told the Herald & News exclusively about her memories of Duncroft and has called for a full investigation into how and why Savile was able to visit and take girls away as he pleased. Ms Hooker, who now lives in Barnstaple, Devon, said: “I was on the Clunk Click show with Gary Glitter on March 16, 1974 and, of course, Jimmy Savile. “Generally there were about five or six of us from Duncroft who went along each time to the show and we all went up several times. "I just thank God that I wasn’t pretty enough [to be abused]."

    We seem to be in a nether world where there has been so much internet collaboration that all their memories have been constructed. Thus, they remember nothing but believe everything... No worse than the police of CPS in that way however, so I wouldnlt be too hard on them.

    Fascinating insights however. How long can the Establishment keep the lid on this I wonder.

    If you've folloed my last Blogpost, you may be interested to know that one of the Voy Forum prints I have is a message from a Duncroftee who actually says she sat next to Gary Glitter... but seems to allege NOTHING..... Interesting... Lots moor to reveal so these folk better start putting on their Honesty Hats.