Sunday, 12 July 2015

Words Pt 2 MWT's 'Dossier'

It was hard to hear everything Ward's brief had to say. Even the Judge had to ask him to speak up. But several points he raised, made me sit up a bit straighter in my pew. One of these concerned MWT and what appeared to be a misunderstanding about the 'dossier' she maintains he told her he was 'building'.
Why would MWT be 'building a dossier on Freddie Starr' ? Did he even say this ? because according to him, he was not sure he'd used this word. He maintained that he had made it 'clear' that the whole purpose of her interview was to provide supportive evidence against Savile. Whomever, he was building a 'dossier' on, it's clear that it was NOT clear to Ward. 
Reading the judgement, I hope to find some reference to what Thomas said on the matter, which was discussed in the context of permissions.
But there was something else suggested and referred to the day I was there. Something about assisting her to find a 'clearer' way of saying whatever it was she was trying to say !
And what do you make of this ?

So, I wasn't hearing things. MWT had been asked how he had conducted that part of the interview and he had accepted his version of the events. 

Now, what I'd like to see is the WHOLE of that interview. Not composite parts, chopped and adapted to suit whoever happpened to re-broadcast it. Because, I can't you see ! I cannot find the bit where he asks her about Freddie. I cannot find the bit where he asks her to speak more clearly. 
Did Freddie's brief see this interview ? Did Freddie ? The Judge is satisfied that the 'professional reporter' s interest was, in building a case against Jimmy Savile. But that's not what Karin thought is it ? Because, why would someone who was not interested in someone, be building a dossier on them ? 
 I went back to Freddie's original arrest on 1st November 2012. The Police did not reveal the identity of the suspect, but someone else did !

But Thomas knew who it was and was more than happy too share his scoop
The cards were stacked against Freddie from the moment he decided not to just lay down and take the shit he knew was coming his way. He was clearly unwell from the very start of this nonsense. He walked into the lions den when he went on the Slater Gordon Show (ITV This Morning) to speak about the newly published claims. 
Here's the interview guys and gals ! See what you think about him here. How wonderful his wife was at the time. I hadn't really taken much notice of her at the time. But what a nice intelligent lady she is. Listen to what she has to say about Ward and how the latter changed her story. 
This one's for Freddie guys and gals ! I hope he gets through this, I for one won't be letting this one lie, I can assure you of that !  


  1. I wonder if Freddie used to be on his list. His first career was in pop music.

    "“I had intelligence from a woman in the media that King was picking up young kids and abusing them; taking them to music events, things like that. I wasn’t sure what to do. He was a huge name at the time and there was no evidence or other intelligence to corroborate the story. Then, five years later, a young man approached Max Clifford with stories that King had sexually abused him, along with many other children, when he was a child at the Walton Hop disco.” The trial attracted a lot of media attention. Celebrities, including Simon Cowell, publicly supported King. Mark, though, is unfazed. “It wasn’t just King. I had a list of people in the music industry that were abusing kids. Some were prosecuted, some were not.”

    1. The Walton Hop has barely mentioned since the Savile affair began. It was very much in the news at the time of King's arrest and I'm sure that, despite my taking little interest, I remember Savile's name being mentioned (rightly or wrongly) on forums as holding court there.
      Unless the gay connection might be thought to undermine the teenage girl meme, I'm surprised that this hasn't been used as more mud to throw at Savile.

  2. The rest of the Duncroft 70s core group have roundly accused Karin of lying, and she is not and has never been associated with them. I hope they step up now and protest Nicholls' finding. Yeah, right. Dunham should've put them on the stand, and he should have done a whole lot more than he did. And why not a jury trial? Why a bench trial in front of a hopeless incompetent? The law, Mr. Dickens, as represented by this travesty, is indeed an ass.