Sunday, 16 August 2015

Friday, Morning all !

The folk who investigate complaints about the Police have just confirmed something we could have told them ££££ ago. That Jimmy's 'Friday Morning Club' was nothing more sinister than a few old men having a cuppa and avoiding that solitary chocolate biscuit in the fridge.
Here's how it started according to the telegraph, a paper that used to be a tad high-brow

 Just two days after the Savile 'reports' had been published. Goodness Gracious all completed within THREE months.
Yewtree, Ornament and Levitt QC all produced 'reports' of 'investigations' of investigations that obviously NOBODY bothered to investigate. 
Here's a post I did in Novemeber of that year by way of background to this nonsense. It's called 'An Inspector calls'

I remember how pissed I was with the telegraph especially when it suggested Savile bullied the two female Police officers who questioned him in 2009
But if you can't be bothered to read that then try this ! When the 'transcripts' of that interview were published they revealed another FACT. The FACT that Levitt QC also MISREPORTED Jimmy's Police interview too !

Nasty isn't it guys and gals ? These people are given £££ just to cut n paste each other's so-called 'reports' Remember all the while these factually incorrect 'reports are being peddled as truth, Liz Dux and her crew are fighting in the High Court to get Savile's money and the 'victim' count increases daily 
So, I was happy to read that the IPCC have finally decided that Jimmy's friend and ex Police Inspector has been cleared, for want of a better word. 
When will the same be said for Jimmy ? Who knows, but let's be glad for the living for now guys and gals 

Onwards !



  1. I wonder if the other copper has seen a penny of his damages yet, from one of the founder-members of the online nutters club?


    ALLEDGEDLY you bastards! The BBC continues to shoot itself in the foot!

    1. I suspect Dame Smith's report, which has been in limbo since May, has removed both legs, never mind the feet,