Thursday, 27 August 2015

Goodbye Jimmy

Did no one in Scarborough warn the council that Jimmy Savile had been fooling the world for 50+ years, before they memorialised him in September 2012 ?

 Oh yes, guys and gals, the boys at Scarborough Council  erected and dismantled this tribute in the space of a few weeks. There was even plans for a statue 
 The above is the front page of Scarborough's main newspaper dated November 4th 2011. Those plans were still in place until the stupid, ignorant, 60,000,000 of us were told that we'd been had, a year later !
 Some folk wanted the tributes to remain, after all, they were erected as a tribute to the good work the man had done, their voices were ignored !

BUT, and here's my question, why would no-one in Scarborough council NOT be aware of the claims being made about Sir Jimmy in September 2012 when that sign was installed ? They do have access to the internet, the people of Scarborough don't live in a parallel universe to the rest of us ! So why would they spend all that money and go to so much trouble, if they had any suspicion of what was to come ?
Obviously they didn't and here's a few other folk who didn't either !
 And then there was the funeral ! It started in Leeds where thousands lined the streets to say goodbye. St Anne's cathedral was full but you could still stand just feet away from the entrance and watch the service on a big screen
Even BBC Look North were broadcasting 'live' from Leeds on the evening his coffin arrived at the Queens Hotel 
The 'Princess Diana treatment' ? And all the time, a BBC producer was conspiring to 'expose' the man ?
Maybe Jones et al thought no one would believe them or their accusers ? Maybe Jones just wasn't public spirited enough to tell Leeds and Scarborough not to waste valuable resources on a 'monster'. Who knows ? But one thing NONE of these character's can do is change the FACT that thousands of people turned out for Jimmy just as they did for Cilla last week. Now let me ask you, wouldn't you think that if even a fraction of these accusers stories had any merit at all, those stories would not have spread like wildfire around these two northern towns ?
After Jimmy's big day in Leeds, he was driven to his final resting place where again hundreds lined the route to say goodbye 

There's full press coverage of this and someone's even uploaded footage of the cortege's journey through the town

The Press were even at there to watch him being laid to rest

Yet, no one but no-one 'knew' one minute something everyone knew the next ! Ask yourselves and anyone else who'll listen, how can this be ? Maybe you'll get the same answer as I got from an 82 year old lady on a bus in Liverpool. It's all about the money ! Well, goodness, gracious me, and ...



  1. Lovely Rabbit and thank you! We ask these questions every day - after three years I think the answer is fear - fear of being an apologist, fear of being accused of covering up! The Press, The Police and some nasty conspirators are to blame - how did WE let this happen - poor old sod, my heart breaks for him every day!

    1. Fears can and must be overcome 'anon' ! Jimmy was a brave man and with the likes of Harvey Proctor fighting back, who knows ?, a few more may come along ! :-)

    2. It's tempting to consider, particularly in light of Mr Proctor's stand, what might have been done differently and, indeed, what could be done differently now. But in Jim's case, I think it was a perfect storm. I just don't see how anything could have been done differently. No one 'let it happen'. None of which is to say it’s done and dusted. There will be opportunities, sooner or later. Maybe sooner than we expect.

      Is Proctor doing the right thing by coming out fighting and, indeed, naming others accused? I’m far from sure he’s going to succeed in clearing his name. But what else can he do? Cower and hope that it’ll all blow over and he’ll be forgotten? He’s taken a stand, and needs others to stand with him. Whether that support will be forthcoming remains to be seen.

      This all matters. It matters for Jim. And that in itself is enough. But it matters for Britain as a whole. When people have lost the ability to separate fantasy from reality, when people believe the darkest things they can imagine, when people’s imaginations are filled with such darkness, and when the law condones this, when the law accepts fantasy as reality, then the nation is in desperate trouble.

      Thank you again, Rabbit.

    3. And thanks to you again Misa. I cannot overstate my feeling that many folk are coming round to the idea that all this was a set up from the start. After all, the Police KNEW that the media was sniffing around in November 2011. This will be focus of my next blog post. Between November 2011 and October 2012 the cops/media were preparing to destroy Savile's memory. Police chiefs that is not ordinary bob's. Together they created this 'perfect storm'. Poor Jimmy, the perfect scapegoat !

    4. I think Proctor is doing the right thing and by naming others ( I would wager he asked them first-the ones alive) I think it will help them. Clearly the vile police expected to get away with leaking Proctor's name & hoped he would slink off in shame.
      Instead he presented a very good case and his challenge to police to wither charge him or STFU is the right response.
      We also seen now that all the rumours have come down to one false accuser.
      I think this may also be the beginning of the end of the revolting Exaro.

  2. Great comment Misa - thank you! I sincerely hope you are right; there are extreme highs and desperate lows, at the moment we're on a high. We've been let down before, but there is interest that could be fruitful, and of course Harvey Proctor has said exactly what many would like to say. Might not be our generation, but I think our grandchildren will witness a catestrophic change that will see the truth revealed and more importantly believed. We live in hope!

  3. @Anon (29 Aug) According to Exaro's transcript of the Q&A after his statement, Proctor was asked, by Alistair Jackson of Panorama, whether he'd contacted either others accused or surviving relatives prior to making his statement. His reply: "No,sir."

    My suggestion that Proctor was 'coming out fighting' might have been a little generous. It seems he's lobbed a grenade and run away. But I'm not sure I can really blame him for that.

    @Anon (28 Aug) Fingers crossed for you. I hope you can stay resolute.

    @Rabbit Very interested that you feel many folks are coming around. I don't exactly have my finger on the pulse. I see the couple of pieces in the Sunday Times haven't passed you by.

    Looking forward to your next piece.

  4. That statue was bloody hideous.

    What a gutless nation, to be rolled over by the massed tanks of the inane media.

    I'm with Jimmy, when he saved his precious Stoke mandeville from being
    PPI-rostituted ... he siad to the incoming NHS executive:

    Get your fucking tanks off my fucking lawn.

    Nobody can take his life away from him. Fuck them. Fuck all of them.