Thursday, 13 August 2015

Operation Bergerac Ep 2

Previously I covered BBC Panorama episode aired in March 2008 and presented by Sanchia Berg. Berg later presented a documentary produced by Meirion Jones entitled 'After Savile, no more secrets' and it was in this that Liz Dux maintained that Jimmy Savile had raped a child in Stoke Mandeville hospital. Yes, this one

Now, hold on a minute, in fact hold on a few years, because that is exactly what SOME people have appeared to have done since the subject of Savile and Jersey was first mentioned. We KNOW that the sun tried it on with Jimmy in 2008 but no one appears to have made any allegations against the man until 2012. 
BUT, that's not what certain people including Collins who now works with Dux, would have you believe. Oh no, Savile was named as an abuser allegedly, in the 2008 inquiry, according to this woman that is.

Yes, that's Carrie Modral sandwiched in between Bill big mouth Maloney and some other campaigner, and YES that does say 2010. And yes, the same Carrie M who claims to have told the 2008 inquiry naming Savile as a perpetrator of abuse. I kid you not, for Modral's claims form part of an article about an iceberg that Jimmy was merely the 'tip' of !

What ? someone told the Police and nothing happened ? Did this someone not watch Panorama ? Did they not see the sun article etc etc ? Even Collins wasn't aware of any claims against Savile, or if he was, he wasn't telling anyone. And, it's not as if folk were not taking claims of historic abuse very very seriously. It's not as of these campaigner's going to be silenced by anyone

Back to the money and one must never take one's eyes of it for a second, and the revelation that the claimants as they stood in early 2008, might not see a penny
 A 'loophole' in Jersey but not in the UK according to the Mail
Now, would you be surprised to know that, in the case of HDLG, the claimants were still fighting to be paid in August 2011 ?
Collins was representing 36 claimants and he was getting sick of waiting. Yet still, no mention of any high roller's or ex-Prime Minister's in any of the press stories at least ! 
Which brings me back to Carrie M and those alleged claims made in 2008. You see, I wanted to know more about an alleged 'bribe' said to have been made by Jimmy to the Jersey authorities to shut them up ! Imagine my surprise when I found her on twitter 
No one answered Matt's question, well they couldn't really could they ? The Jersey beans weren't confirming or denying this either. That would be covered in the latest inquiry born of the latest HDLG guest list they say. Another bunch of politicians cop out
Ms Modral seems to be someone who is informed, all things Savile related not so much by alleged 'victims' but by press  reports. 2010 ? she must be on about this, the rally against child abuse held in London
But let's head back to 2007 or when ever it was that one decent social worker decided to blow the whistle on the treatment meted out to some of these poor kids in HDLG. 
But no one outside Jersey seemed to give a damn until bones were unearthed at the Bergerac location. And, it wasn't just Sanchia's crew who got involved in the matter. Oh no, the NSPCC were on standy to help 'victims' too !

You see, the world's press was not interested in the mistreatment of kids in Jersey. They only descended on the Island once someone mentioned bones and torture chambers etc. I know this because Sanchia Berg wrote this in November 2008

No proof of any murders were found and that particular inquiry ended in 2010, only to be re-opened when NEW evidence surfaced. And this time it involved famous folk and 'VIP's and ... well you know the rest ! The lawyer's now had more than a "straw man" they had access to a much bigger pot of money .... ours ! He must have been delighted when you consider what he wrote back in 2008

It's called 'vicarious liability' guys and gals and where there's money there's muck and once enough folk start slinging, you never know where it will land !



  1. The text in that last image about alleged abusers not being prosecuted because of illness or age is jingle-jangling a few bells.

    Careleavers Association... ?
    Careleavers Reunited was instrumental to Duncroft savilisation, its said.

    Begs questions as to when the law of Corroboration descends into the corruption called Collaboration... or even [gulp] Conspiracy.

    1. Good spot there Moor ! Would never have thought of that. Someone put Fiona etc up to those claims in 2007/8 and my money's on Fleet Street !

  2. Please don't stop posting as we are all enjoying your crap so much. How does is feel knowing Ms C is your source...we are still waiting for your posts pulling apart the evidence given in court...oh btw Christine Warner has posted the truth. Nice try, so let's all twist again...we need a laugh so go go go

  3. Extremely good investigation by Rabbitaway that really puts things into perspective. The Haute de la Gaurenne scandal sticks in my mind because I was in New Zealand at the time it was huge news on TV. I recall vividly a BBC reporter solemnly looking into the camera with the home in the background and stating "today I stand on grounds and underneath me there may be buried dozens of children's bodies".
    I then traveled to Australia the same week and it was huge news there as well all over the media and by co-incidence they used the same BBC 'report'.
    Well we know it was all rubbish but of course not one of the fantasists claimed anything about Jimmy Savile or Ted Heath for that matter, and still they push this lunatic notion that Savile was so "powerful" he could stop any investigation when he quite simply wasn't. The "bribe" matter is quite ludicrous and it's another of those inventions to explain a mystery.

    There will be a good market for a book about this whole scandal and between them Anna Raccoon, Moor Larkin & Rabitaiway have done the most exhaustive investigation with exposures of blatant fraud.
    It must be written so that is on the record. I know at present anyone, absolutely anyone who dares to step slightly away from the current narrative risks demolition by the fanatics & the cowered but in 10 years time it will be a different matter