Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Liverpool girl

Anyone who has a heart will know that a working class gal made good was buried in her hometown this week, and I had the honor to attend albeit behind a barrier, on a street, with hundreds of others just like me. Here are a few of my snaps 
The closest most of us got to Cilla on Thursday was this. I cannot believe I actually waited at that spot for about 90 minutes. But the weather was lovely, the atmosphere was great and my fellow onlookers were a nice bunch so the time just flew.
That night I headed for the Cavern Club which doesn't appear to have changed much in 50 years. 

Next time, the Leeds boy who touched our hearts and whose send off was even bigger than Cilla's !


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  1. Think the original Cavern was actually demolished and a facsimile built some years later on the other side of the street it was on. Hate to be the one to tell you... ;-D

    Eeee... Young Cilla makes me think of Irma Ogden from Corrie, but fancy me seeing a Manc in a nice Scouse girl... smack my arse.