Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Everyone knew about ... what and when and how ?

If you type everyone knew about Jimmy Savile into your browser these are some of results you get
 And that's kind of where I left off last time. Everyone knew, everyone !
 I've been down this road many times and it's always the same. Everyone knew nothing ! Here's what Jeremy Paxman thought he 'knew' about Savile 
 Mr Paxman 'knew' something for definite though guys and gals. He 'knew' what Meirion Jones was up to in November 2011 

 Fair enough, Paxman was, after all, the main face of Newsnight, along with Kirsty Wark who also knew about the investigation (see individual statements Pollard) But, now here's a thing, how did MWT come into the picture ? His first contact appears to have taken place around the 4th November 2011. 

Jones wanted Thomas because of his contacts in Surrey Police. he was a 'good route in'. Was this how Jones' crew acquired that 'off the record' confirmation that Savile had been the subject of a Police investigation in 2007 ? 
And, if this 'off the record' information did come from the Police, why didn't the source confirm the outcome of that investigation ? Something was going on between these men and Surrey Police and/or the CPS around this time because by 5th December the latter provided the hacks with a statement that, I for one have NOT been able to locate anywhere. So where is it ? 
Where's the question ? It's not in the report ? And where's the full statement ? This is just an info-sharing email between him and his team, including MWT 'Mark-Williams-Thomas' that is.

So, guys and gals, here we are in early December 2011, a whole ten months before ITV broadcast 'The other side of Jimmy Savile' and so far we have quite a few people both in and outside the BBC who are aware of this investigation. MWT was not employed by the BBC at the time so Jones describes Thomas' input as a paid consultant 
Later, he tells Pollard, Thomas was brought on-board for very different reasons altogether
  ' .. well placed to - ... ' ? Obtain 'off the record' information perhaps ? After all, up to this point, Thomas doesn't appear to have brought expertise to the party does he ?

Pollard wants to know how long Jones has known Thomas, more importantly, how long the latter has known about Jones' investigation. Jones' answer shows he's either being deliberately evasive or his memory of who contacted who, and when, is decidedly poor 
 The above extract is from Pollard Jones part one page 15 or 4/88 of the transcript 
So, now things get even better on the WHO KNEW front. MWT is not a man you would expect to keep quiet about such a huge story if his post Exposure behaviour is anything to go by. But then, he'd never heard anything about Savile before that 'in-depth' conversation in the summer of 2011. Another one who never knew anything despite all those years leading investigations or was it, answering the phone) for Surrey Police ?
Thomas, has a very different recollection of how and when he came to be involved

Who to believe ? Neither of them as far as I'm concerned. These two who waited for Jimmy to die before destroying him command no respect from me. And there's more guys and gals, there always is isn't there ? At least I'm not alone in my dislike of the man who started the destruction of a national treasure. Thank you David Jordan BBC boss who with a few others, came out swinging at the now, ex-BBC producer who sold out his colleagues and his employer

Meantime in Scarborough, Leeds, the NHS and all 60,000,000 of us ....



  1. I didn't know. As it happens, I'd not even heard rumours.

  2. None of this just happened. It was orchestrated and finely timed. The government wanted the Olympics to make the nation feel good, so no bad news... but where was Jimmy in that gargantun luvvie-fest? The man who did more to raise the pfofile of the NHS than any of those luvvie-lovers. Significant absence. They knew.

    Then.. July 30th 2012... £300k in the bank from his auction. Who knew? Not the poor sucker who paid £100k for that silver Roller or the bird who forked out £30k for the yewllow bubble-car.

    Then, finally, the family fork out £2k for his dressy marker stone - significant that Jim hadn't bothered ... They didn't know.... But clearly the entire media was hitting the GO button by then.

    Never, ever seen the same story in every media outlet that way, and not one single resistor. People scaling walls scrawling on plawqes the same day as that excrutiating exposure show was broadcast, yet everyone knew weeks before all the stories, so why no "Activism" until the show broadcast?

    And the NHS reports are a farce. No evidence Jimmy ever visited the hospitl but we have no reason to disbelieve the victim/witness.

    Corruption. Corruption. Corruption.
    From the top. By the top. At the top.

    1. The Olympic opening ceremony featured a segment on the NHS and children's literature, you may recall. Children chased from their hospital beds by ghouls (or nasties of some kind) and the stage invaded by the Child Catcher. It seems almost in poor taste now. Trevor Nelson, commentating, described that part of the performance as having 'a dark side'. We create our own nightmares, it seems.

      Did Jim really not make preparations for the gravestone? I'd missed that. He had given precise instructions on the position, and angle. I supposed he imagined that the family would be able to cover the cost from what they were getting...oh.