Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The thin blue 'lines'

How things change in the matter of a few short years guys and gals. In 2007, the Police were well aware that information could be leaked to the media, so they developed a stratergy of how to respond 'if asked'. Amazingly, throughout the life of Operation Ornament (the investigation of claims made against Savile 2007/9) nobody did 'ask' !
NO ONE ! A big well done to Surrey Police for that ! Especially when you factor in just how many forces, organisations and individuals will have been aware of this Police investigation at the time !
Here's a very brief summary of how the investigation went

Fast forward to December 2011 and MWT's formal entrance to the story. 

 Early December ? Hadn't he been on the payroll since November 4th or thereabouts ? Whatever, my point being that the sturdy blue line was still holding up. 
And continued to hold firm for another 9 months despite this
And then, it broke ! Or should I say it was broken, not by the boys who held a line, that up until October 2012, protected us all from intrusive and insensitive media reporting. No. the Police chiefs, CPS and the then DPP, all now had their act together. An investigation that had been conducted fairly over two years, was to be investigated itself, and 'we now know' what that led to don't we ?

But, what was Keir Starmer, ACPO (association of Police chiefs) and,come to think of it, the media, doing between February and August of 2012 ? I may have answered this question already guys and gals ! After all, all the puppet masters appeared to be in place by October 3rd 2012. All they needed by then were a few more ornaments to go with the one or two dusted off by Meirion Jones etc a year before (Karin and Fiona)

 Have another read of that post guys and gals and let me know what you think now of the then DPP's words a few moths after the Savile set up began

And, we still haven't heard from 'Susie' yet ! I wonder how she's doing ?

Ever felt like a 'puppet on a string' ?

That's Lime Grove by the way guys and gals !

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  1. Just before reading this, I had just tweeted this.

    The original accusations against Jimmy were all based between 1977 & 1979.
    Then after he was dead the dates hinged around 1974....

    "Fiona claimed to have been abused in 1974 in Exposure.
    We now know that the 2007 Savile investigation only concerned itself with 1977/79.
    Therefore in 2007 Fiona must have been claiming to have been 'abused' in 1977/79 not 1974.
    Why would she NOT have claimed to have been abused in 1974 back then?
    Fiona is revealed. She is not the only one."