Friday, 23 October 2015

Battling Bessie

Goodness gracious guys and gals, you know I thought that Ena Sharples lookalike in the Cavern photo with Jimmy and Harold Wilson was just some battleaxe who managed a pretty neat photobomb in 1966

 Turns out she's a pretty famous Liverpool lass, a legend in fact. Guys and gals I give you, Battling Bessie !

Here's her wiki entry
Phew, Bessie is certainly my kinda lady and I'll certainly be looking for more information about her 'frequent clashes with the press' 

Bessie is even rumoured to be the butt of this famous Churchill riposte 

I'd sure like to see Bessie in action today. Heck I'd pay good money to see her on that panel questioning Tom Watson the other day ! Imagine her sitting back as the NHS goes down the toilet while a few idiots in the House of Commons discuss Satanic abuse. 
And, as for the Savile nonsense, well Jimmy was VERY well known by 1966. Do I think Bessie would have stood in the same room let alone, the same photo as a man who preyed on poor vulnerable girls ? 

Who knows ? But I for one would like to see someone like her take on the fakes and useless folk running our country and judiciary at the moment. Heck, even her statue would do me 
 Well done Bessie, another working class hero

 At the Labour Party Conference July 1966 

Here's some extra info for you 

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  1. Appear to have fallen out of favour with the modern Lefties.

    "The Liverpool Labour Party was under the iron grip of the 'Braddock machine'. Bessie Braddock was elected the MP for Exchange in 1945 while John Braddock became the leader of the Labour group on the council in 1948. Former Communist Party members, they both moved far to the right during the boom years, assembling a ruthless apparatus around themselves in the Labour Party. Membership was deliberately kept small; workers applying to join were told that they could not become members because the party was 'full up'. "