Sunday, 18 October 2015

Broadmoor - Jimmy the Hero !

Goodness Gracious would you Adam and Eve it ? I've found an ex-patient from Broadmoor Hospital who has something good to say about Jimmy Savile. Maybe I overlooked this man's story when the press got hold of it last year because of the man's claim that Savile had allegedly told him he himself had been 'abused', I can't remember. But, I had no idea that the ex-patient in question had written a book that reveals so much more than the press could be bothered to pursue. Pin your ears back guys and gals.
First, the press article back in June 2014. Did this ever make a major newspaper ?

Now, let's look at just what he says in the book. Because this guy wasn't just any old inmate/prisoner in Broadmoor. He was a members of  'nutters anonymous' aka the entertainments committee at BMH in the late 60's/early 70's. Remember this ?

The above is from the bacl of an LP released in 1976. I had been querying WHEN Savile had first become involved in BMH and it would appear that he was indeed there in 1968. Armstrong confirms this in his book, but I'll let you read some of his memories of the place yourself. Starting with his Uncle John's introduction 
Then moving on to the man's memories of Savile and how they came to meet

Make your own mind up about the next part. Armstrong claims to have asked why Savile spent so much time there. 

I guess it's a possibility isn't it ? We will never know if this particular conversation took place. Indeed, we cannot be certain that any of Mr Armstrong's story bears any relationship to the facts. However, we do know That Savile WAS at Broadmoor, he did organise shows for the patients. Only one ex-patient from Broadmoor has made any abuse claims about him since 2012. And that person has about as much credibility as the VIP accuser, 'Nick'. 
But, and here's the rub, WHY present Savile as a 'hero' at a time when the world's press etc etc have him cast as the greatest child molester ever ? Hardly likely he'll sell many books that way is it ?

But, then Mr Armstrong's book is NOT about Jimmy Savile. It is about the abuse he claims to have suffered in a school, a Catholic school ! I suggest a few more folk purchase this book and give the guy a hand up, he sounds like he's had a rough time. 
A rough time made so much better by the intervention of a kind soul. Sounds like most, if not all of the patients' lives at BMH were made a lot more bearable by having Jimmy Savile around. Thank you Mr Armstrong 

Everybody loved him ? Wow, who would think that now ? 

Amazon description of Mr Armstrong's book 
I automatically thought of the next image to close this piece with. Lovely isn't it ? Well I think it is 


  1. How wonderfully refreshing, Rabbit!

    1. Yes, it's nice to hear from the people who knew Savile and are not afraid to say it !

  2. Suspect this is false memory tbh. Would have thought it first rule in mental home not to get personally involved with patients in such a way.

    Jimmy remarked in his police interview in 2009 that you never break rules at such a place as Broadmoor, because if you break the rules, you can end up dead.