Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Speak easy and true, like the Yorkshire folk do

Why does no one at the BBC bother to see if the claims relating to incidents said to have taken place in it's building, have even the remotest chance of being true ?
Now, back when I was a mere guest on someone else's blog, I posted this piece of information about in relation to this woman, the FIRST alleged 'witness' to speak on camera in Exposure October 3rd 2012

 For those on mobiles

- the speakeasy referred to by Sus T was recorded on 10/2/1978 - it was called 'Living with blindness = See Pollard 12/177 - I hardly think that here was another speakeasy about this disability .......!!! So one or both of these women are liars .....! My money is on both !

This is cited in a letter from the woman who produced Exposure Lesley Gardiner to George Entwistle dated 4 days after airing. Mrs gardiner is married to Alexander G who worked with MWT on his 'to catch a P' nonsense.

My word all the crap that went on post Exposure - solicitors letter fleeing back and forth - leaks galare and this little ditty from Peter R on 1/10/2012 -

' ....the ITN case seems not much stronger than what we had. A WOMAN WHO THINKS SHE SAW (indicipherable) SNOGGING A GIRL WHO MAY HAVE BEEN !$ WAS THE MAIN SYNC FROM LAST NIGHT'
Obviously ITV had sent bbc a copy pre trans'. (Pollard app 12 /185) 

Now, in April 2013, I hadn't realised just how the important Ms Thomspon's story was in the general scheme of things, but Liz Gibbons and Peter Rippon at the BBC obviously had ! Because my comment above is from their email exchange even before the expose aired .

 For completeness, here is part of the letter Lesley Gardiner, producer of Exposure sent the BBC in September 2012
 It's really quite amazing how ITV was able to pinpoint the actual date of that 'Yorkshire Speakeasy' program isn't it ? MWT's researcher's had been busy since Meirion Jones sent him a copy of Thompson's email to the Newsnight office in February 2012. How timely for this ex-BBC assistant to come forward at just that moment in the BBC scandal ! 

No one at the BBC has bothered to check the veracity of Thompson's claims, so it's down to this mug who pays her TV licence, to have a go ! 

Firstly, let's get something straight shall we ? There were several BBC shows Savile appeared including the word, Speakeasy. One was a radio show, one was recorded in London. Thompson's story relates to the one made in Leeds called Jimmy Savile's YORKSHIRE speakeasy. However, unfortunately for ITV, this program was only made in TWO separate years, 1976 and 1980 ! Let me show you some records from historical archives that proves this.

Jim had made a program in Yorkshire in 1971 but it was not Speakeasy, it was Jimmy Savile's Yorkshire Travels.

 The above is from a phd student's dissertation

Now, I don't want to confuse anyone but Jimmy did have a radio show called 'Speakeasy' that was broadcast on a Sunday afternoon after his music chart shows, but that's nothing to do with Thompson. Here's one, recorded in London and broadcast on 1st June 1975

Thompson is lying isn't she ? There was no girl on Savile's lap in old Broadcasting House Leeds in 1978. But, enough of these non-entities, time for a nice story involving the blind. Jimmy did quite a lot for blind folk as it happens, and on November 1st 2011 Radio 4 broadcast this tribute involving a special fix it for a special lady !

I have more FACTS about Jimmy and the blind. I have more tales about Speakeasy. But that's for another day, I'm having a break for a week or two. But speak easy now guys and gals because, not everyone is as kind as the lovely nine year old Grace. Not everyone wants to walk in the shoes of the blind, or anyone else for that matter ! Just one or two of us ! 

Addendum I was mistaken

Because, it appears that An episode of Jimmy Savile's Yorkshire Speakeasy was in fact, broadcast to Northern viewer's at 10.20 pm on Friday 10th February 1978. As far as I'm aware, this was a live broadcast and if this were the case, Thompson's claim about going to the cinema afterwards, is unlikely, unless she's talking about the midnight movie !

Of course, all this could be cleared up in minutes if those with the means bothered to check !



  1. Can you add anything re the addendum, Rabbit? It seems rather important that there may have been a live broadcast of Yorkshire Speakeasy in 1978.

  2. That's an interesting point about the time of the show and the opportunity to visit a local cinema afterwards. I'd never thought of that.

    1. Yes, we need to know WHEN it was recorded and at what time. I now doubt it was live.We shall see (no pun intended) !!