Monday, 19 October 2015

Speakeasy Sue story true ? I think not

Before I show you some evidence that drives a great big hole right through Sue Thompson's story, let's hear what that story was shall we ?
Note that the ITV producer who wrote the above, mentions a 'young guest' being abused FOLLOWING the recording of a program. Not before, but after the show, a show that was recorded not BEFORE 8pm on a Monday night (broadcast on a Friday), according to my source. 
This person claims to have attended Jimmy Savile's Yorkshire Speakeasy in Leeds, not for that particular recording, but for the week after. He made a note of the time of the recording in  his diary, as it happens.
 This person, who shall remain anonymous, claims he'd been invited to attend the show, remembers meeting Jimmy and shaking his hand. Now, bearing in mind that this would have been the time that guests and presumably audience members were asked to arrive, how long would anyone estimate, would it be before filming started ? Moreover, how long would it take to film a 30 minute television show, what time would it end ?

You see, Ms Thompson, if that is her real name, maintains that she somehow wondered into a dressing room on the day of the recording, not expecting to find anyone in there let alone the star. Yet there he was, she claims in a chair with 14 year old girl on his lap and his hand up her skirt. When I watched Exposure again recently, I formed the impression that all this took place BEFORE the recording, because her role that day was one of generally helping out, making sure Jimmy's dressing room contained finest cigars and a bottle of dandelion and burdock, that sort of thing. 

The after recording scenario make's a tad more sense. Only a tad, because why would a 14 year old girl be in a dressing room with the star of a televison show ? Where was her mother ? Better still, where were the other staff and crew ? I mean, these programs don't make themselves, they can and do, involve a great many people depending on the show that is. I do not know who or how many people were involved in this particular regional show, but I do know that one of these was Nick Vaughan Barratt, and he told Pollard that, in general Savile was gone straight after the show.

 But, Thompson doesn't stop at a girl on a lap who she thinks is about 14. She goes on to describe a social element to the occasion, the fact that she and others went to the cinema after the show. She says she was surprised when Savile actually went with them and sat beside as if he was, in her words, checking her out, presumably to see if she would what she had seen. But, surely he had not seen her had he ? She says he did nothing when she opened the dressing room door, just carried on abusing a young girl, as you do ! 
Allowing for an 8pm arrival, a 30 minute warm up and at least an hour to record, we have to be looking realistically at 10pm at the very earliest this thing would have finished. Let's add another hour or so for Jimmy to abuse the wee lass in his room. The next question will be : what time did the LAST film show start at a cinema near the studios in Leeds in 1978 ? Remember the flicks in the 1970's guys and gals ? I do, and I'm damned sure the last show was around 8 to 8.30 pm max, except for the late shows/midnight movies which tended to be on a weekend or Friday night, didn't they ? 
I couldn't find any listings for Leeds cinema's around the mid/late 1970's, but I did find this for London cinemas. Yes, Revenge of the Pink Panther was made in 1978
What do I think ? I think mssrs Jones and Thomas should have checked out a few facts before they invented this woman and her story. And I haven't finished yet guys and gals, there are more Speakeasy tales to tell. In the meantime, here's a fact for you to consider. Below are images taken from a much bigger, much better known Savile television show. It's the crew behind the production because, as I said earlier, television shows don't make themselves, lots of folk are involved, including chaperone's to guide and assist especially younger participants.

The kids even bring their mums and dads !


  1. Some very good points. The Sue Thompson story clearly does not stack up, just like all the other tales told on the ITV Savile Exposure programme.

    This presumably finally confirms that Jimmy Savile's Yorkshire Speakeasy programme was recorded in 1978, contrary to the claims made in another well known Savile blog.

    1. Always go to contemporaneous sources if you can that is ! Luckily I have quite a library now

  2. That new source has the show on the 13th being recorded, which means Savile was making some sort of series? So Sue T must have come across him again surely? She says she worked at Leeds for a year didn't she?

    Off the top of my head she seems to just tell her story as if this was the only time she ever met Savile, but I confess I've lost the will to listen to her again. Maybe you can tidy that up too Rabbitaway?

    1. Her get of jail free card comes in the form of the fact she says she was merely helping out that day Yeah right !!!

    2. In the History Thesis that I quoted in my Sue Blogs I noted that there is a "Brian Thompson" who seems quite pivotal to the Leeds history. Just a coincidence I guess, but if Vaughn-Barrett was working there too, he might remember him at least. All of this should have been pursued by the BBC to defend their own reputation. The Corporation's behaviour has been incomprehensible.

  3. Just a couple of thoughts. In life it is a real bonus when you know a situation and clearly from your understanding you know that the person who has stated their case is lying but everything they say fits the known facts and they have made a convincing statement, but then something like, for example, a year of attendance is before the known year as in Bebe Roberts case year 1965 for Jimmy Savile Duncroft visit and the police report states 1974 as the first visit.
    So with Sue Thompson, regrettably getting that bonus is proving elusive, especially given the date of the Speakeasy recording as the 10 February 1978 she has her facts that sound convincing and she made an excellent presentation. Now the only fact, in reality that you have actually verified is on BBC, Speakeasy was broadcast on that date or a day or two just after; BUT not confirmed when the show was made. (Diary well maybe? handwritten!) Finding the date and Radio Times makes sense as ITV must of got the day from somewhere. But here is what is still not known. If and when Sue Thompson worked for the BBC. When the show was made. No reason it could not have been 1976 and not broadcast until 1978. Three credits of people who said nothing about where they were in February 1978 or 1976. Nick Barrat, Douglas B Smith and another name. When Sue Thompson said "I never mentioned this to anyone before but felt compelled to write of my experience after reading the article." in her initial correspondence then on Exposure she stated "Then I went to find my colleague and told him what had happened. And he sort of laughed about it really and nothing else was really said." So she clearly changed one detail of her story between her contact letter and Exposure. Yet not one of the credit names has come forward. So in reality it does not matter as there is still only one person, of the alleged production date, even talking about been involved in February 1978 making of Speakeasy with Jimmy Savile and the various details even after three years and that is Sue Thompson and we the public still know nothing. So Sue Thompson nor anyone else has ever put forward information to show any reliability to the story. But she is a very convincing story teller, I will give her that. If the whereabouts of the credit names is found in 1976 and 1978 may confirm production date. And confirming when the 1976 programmes were broadcast, may help. The bonus would be great.

    1. I agree with you John, Ms Thompson' account seemed very convincing to me at the time. But, here's what we KNOW now, thanks to Pollard. Her email to Newsnight did NOT mention 1978 or the title of the show 'Living with blindness. Fair enough, she couldn't be expected to remember such precise details so, presumably, the archives were searched and a likely match was made. A show that matched her story does not make that story true.
      Believe me, I have spent many hours sifting through Pollard, all sorts of websites and information released under FOI requests, but the actual program details, the recording times etc are nigh on impossible to locate.
      I live in hope that someone out there would like to do their bit and maybe submit an FOI request specifically about this story.
      However, one thing is certain, this information is findable, and it WILL be found sooner or later.