Saturday, 28 November 2015

Meirion's Manchester Gig


I personally did NOT attend the meeting and not for the want of trying, I might add. However, I've decided to do a post about it anyway mainly because, no one who was there (except Mr Rosthorn) will. I've had some information from him and other attendee's and that is what I provide. I admit it's hearsay, but it's all I have at the moment because no one bothered to record it.

 Firstly, here's WHY I wasn't there 
 And here's what was being tweeted LIVE from the gig

 It seems Meirion was a tad unnerved at the thought that not everyone in the audience, agreed with behavior since October 2011. Another blogger has posted intention to show up and ask him a few question's, presumably regarding her old school, Duncroft.

The evening began with a woman thanking Jones for giving her the incentive to report her rape twenty years before. I have no idea how she came to be at the event. But she is in business now as a life coach and very good luck to her.

Here's how the first published report described the beginning

The local reporter continued describing how Manchester played a major role in the Saville cover-up' Her spelling mistake not mine !

And, not only the Manchester Police, but journalists and the Police in Leeds. Oh, and not forgetting the BBC and the editor that "derailed" his Newsnight story. His 'Brave Choice' was to disagree with management and his defiance cost him his job !

The above was published two days after the show. The reporter did NOT detail any of the questions asked of Mr Jones. We had to wait for a real journalist to do that ! Sorry Kayley

Phil Brisk introduced us to 'Jennifer', a historic rape victim who reported the crime after twenty years: “I was one of the lucky ones. The man who raped me is now serving time.” 
Then, after an appeal against disruption and an unexplained further request, “Do not attack my family. Attack me”, Meirion reminded us that “Jimmy Savile met Ray Teret round the corner from here.

Jones did not explain WHY he made that appeal not to attack his family. Personally, I have not heard of any references to his family, except for the time he lashed out at members of his profession for daring to call at his house to ask him a few questions back in 2012. 

Whatever, Rosthorn nicely sums up the composition of the audience 

Fireproof seemed appropriate when it transpired that the audience of ninety Anotherway Now groupies included rape victims and sex abuse survivors sitting shoulder to shoulder with the very barristers, solicitors and self-appointed investigators of moral panics who insist on challenging the accuracy of Meirion’s story.

Jones was applauded when he answered one question put to him after his speech 
Meiron was applauded for his resolute answers to an adversarial question from the barrister Barbara Hewson who wanted to know what training or experience he or his fellow reporters possessed for dealing with vulnerable claimants.

It's not in the article, but Mr Rosthorn has told me that Jones' answer to that was that he simply said that he was an 'investigative reporter' This strangely contradicts what he put forward to Pollard, as one of his explanations for hiring MWT in 2011. 

I'm sure there were lots of other questions put to Mr Jones. The live tweeter's and fans of brave Meirion, told me all I needed to know 

 Someone even dared to suggest than any sex that might have taken place was consensural 

And when some of us non-attendees dared to respond via twitter 
 But, let's get back to someone who was there. For in Mr Rosthorn's piece was a reference to a play which I'd never heard of 'til now. 
 The new play about moral panic over sex abuse, Madra by Frances Poet, daring to suggest that Jimmy Savile might not have assaulted any girls at Duncroft, had been short-listed for Britain's most valuable playwriting prize and featured at last Tuesday’s awards ceremony for the £16,000 Bruntwood Prize.

 Julie Hesmondhalgh, who played Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street between 1998 and 2014, acted the title role of Madra in a scene where a mother is horrified to learn that her mother-in-law has allowed a stranger to take her little boy to the lavatory in a McDonald's restaurant.

 Most members of the audience were unaware of the references in Madra to Savile and Duncroft, as they appeared in unperformed scenes. Prince Edward was seen discussing the performed script with the playwright after the awards. 

So much for freedom of speech and expression ? I wonder why no one ever explains or seeks to understand WHY so many voices are being silenced in this way. Funny, that Coronation Street has a 'presence' in Manchester too !

 Link to Andrew's article

Anyone who has any information to add to this blog, please feel free especially anyone who was there ! I'd really like to know how he responded to those questions that so rattled his fans. 

Update 28th November 

A few more quotes from Jones on the night 

"Seen abusing a disabled 13 year old at the BBC in Leeds"

"The BBC criminally wiped all the material on videotapes. But we found Clunk Click in studio with Jimmy Savile... really good corroboration."

Corroboration ? the fact he "found" a tape od Clunk Click ? Give me a break ! As for that 13 year old in Leeds ? This would be the Sue Thompson story ? What 'corroboration' did he find for this ? 

So many question's - glad I wasn't there !





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    say no moor

    Here's my chats with Anotherway

    I notice they've made Meirion their header-pic now.
    A sell-out for their chat-room apparently... :-D

    1. Meanwhile MWT get's the big gigs LOL !

  2. MJ got carried away with the narrative at one stage and said the family had exhumed - 'dug up' - JSs body, when in fact it was merely removing the headstone. Thought that was particularly tasteless as untrue. But that was the tone of it all. An incredible story believed by the credulous.

    1. Blimey, he's just deluded isn't he ? He still thinks Karin Ward is credible. Say no more

  3. With regard to the above comment: Yes, he did say that about his body being dug up. He had the manner of a stroppy, sanctimonious teenager about him. An utterly unconvincing character - completely disconnected from reality. I am someone who was at the event too. I will answer any questions - to the best of my ability.

    1. Thank you that's quite disgusting but only to be expected from a man who sent an email called 'Jimmy Savile peadophile' to his boss, within 40 hours of the man's death. He only waited that long because it was the weekend !
      Did anyone ask him about his aunt or any other family member ?

    2. He mentioned that his aunt was the headmistress but didn't go into any more detail (as far as I recall). I think people may have been put off from asking any question probing into such areas due to the way he came on stage - playing the victim himself - saying that "vile lies" had been spread about his family etc. He said that Savile had first started visiting Duncroft in the early '70s. He said that Savile could be very menacing due to his power and connections - but he said that he didn't get that from Savile himself at the time. The questions asked by the audience that got jeers were a question by a woman who asked if any of it might have been consensual - bringing up the way that teenagers at the time were known for getting all hysterical over the famous ... and a question regarding his methodology and training. A woman asked about whether Freemasonry played a big part in how Savile was able to get away with it. He answered this question very abruptly, with a simple "No" ... as if it was the sort of question that a conspiracy nutter would ask, and he didn't want to go there. Another person wandered how a TV presenter could ever be so powerful ... he said that Savile had the "common touch" and the Royals and politicians ingratiated themselves with him for this reason, with the aim of winning greater public appeal. Another question was asked about - not sure of exact term - victim support? He said that no measures were in place to help people in any supportive sense as the programme didn't get that far. He didn't have anything nice to say about Leeds police - saying that they protected and covered-up for Savile for many years. Someone asked if we should all stop paying the licence fee as the BBC was obviously a deeply corrupt organisation going by everything that had been said beforehand - and the person seemed somewhat taken aback when Meirion replied by saying that he was a big supporter of the BBC (perhaps more in the area of journalism than light entertainment). He said that there had been several attempts to expose Savile over the years - a 1994 tabloid exposure which was never allowed to go ahead, and I can't remember the other examples he gave, but he listed a few. I think someone mentioned John Lydon. He did seem very nervous. He had some trouble playing his second Panorama clip. Personally, I didn't find him to be someone who inspired much confidence.

    3. Apropos the 1994 claims, made by Paul Connew of the Mirror. I tweeted Connew re. Alistair Campbell's now notorious tweet after Jimmy's death. No reply from the Con man to date.

      Carry no torch for Campbell but find it creditable that he has steadfastly left his tribute tweet in place, notwithstanding the chorus of disapproval since on that tweet-line.

  4. Great blog about the event here from Chris

  5. Anon' Jones must have been devistated when him and his colleagues were semi-forced into redundancy. He strikes me as a follower not a leader. Someone who hated the 'officer class' Beeb bosses but loved the institution that fed him for decades. Must be awful to go from that to Greenpeace especially as it's a fixed term contract. Karma

  6. Different Anonymous, sorry - Can I just clarify Anon - did Mr Jones say his body had been exhumed? If he did, I DEMAND a public apology!