Saturday, 7 November 2015

Now then, Scarborough !

I'm just back from a short trip to Scarborough which I thoroughly enjoyed, for various reasons. One being able to see Jimmy's grave again and leave him some belated birthday wishes.

Another, just to be in Scarborough again especially on bonfire night because they have bonfires on the beach. I can well understand why Jimmy bought the flat he did, what a position, what a view, he really loved his mam didn't he ?
I like to keep an eye on what's happening around 'Savile's view', which is what it was officially called for a few weeks in September 2012.

 The view from Jimmy's flat directly across the road from this, is now someone else', some patron of the NSPCC no less. I'm not interested in him, but I am interested in the spectre on Jimmy's balcony. Laugh out loud, imagine emerging from the path below in the dark, and seeing this ?

  Here's how the inside looked in 1965
 Jim is not best pleased in the next photo, if you look at the sender of the letter, you'll know why

 Now, here's how it was in 1976 
 He'd hung his mothers picture on the wall just above where she sat in those press photos from 1965. Here's the room from another angle.

And here's more or less, the same view when Louis met Jimmy in 1999.

But, let's have another look at the 1965 collection because I remember some discussion as to whether Jimmy may have worn a track suit in the 60's. Looks like he did
 I wondered if the dates on the photos were correct. I imagined they might have had something to do with one of the documentaries made about Jimmy. And I found this 

 That's 'The world of Jimmy Savile' filmed over 6 weeks in February and March 1965 by the BBC. I'm pretty sure that footage of Jimmy riding his bike around Scarborough is included but I could be wrong ?

The same day I left my flowers on Jimmy's grave, I picked up a copy of the Scarborough Evening News, and there on the front page was the following :

'Presenter revisits Savile TV interview'
TV presenter Louis Theroux is producing a follow up to his Jimmy Savile documentary filmed at his Scarborough flat fifteen years ago'
Inside, Savile is referred to as 'Louis' boyhood hero'

After getting home last night I stumbled across an article published in the Yorkshire Evening Press on 5th November 2001. Now then ..


A double act indeed, Jimmy gets the gags, Theroux sometimes doesn't. Get it, that is, because he obviously didn't get Jimmy Savile. As I read this article I found myself smiling at the memory of the two of them, on that sofa in Leeds filming the extra scenes to be added on the video/DVD release. If you've seen the dvd you will know what I mean. 
Meanwhile, Jimmy


And, he who pays the piper will always call the tune ! Mr Theroux' next film will be paid for by a BBC that forgot how much it owed to the likes of Jimmy Savile when it sold out to blackmailers in October 2012. So, I'm not holding out much hope for Theroux' next Savile effort.

Jimmy, didn't need the pay cheque, he was lucky in a way that you either GET, or you don't. It's as simple as that really !

And now I shall go to bed - it's after midnight so it's my birthday now. Happy Birthday to me !! 


  1. Happy birthday, dear Rabbit! I'm looking forward to seeing Scarborough again soon too.

    Wouldn't it be lovely if Louis managed to at least include someone in his programme who is willing to say that they don't believe all this rubbish and that the country's gone mad.

    1. he should but I guess he won't. May be worth contacting him. Anna Raccoon would be good.

    2. Thank you Misa let's wait and see eh ?

  2. Blinked and missed it. Happy Birthday to you too.

    Fascinating glimpse into the flat in 1976. How can anyone say this guy could be unobserved doing terrible things? It's all so utterly ridiculous.

    That terracotta warrior is cool.

    1. Just remembered. Jim's old flat was bought by one of his neighbours; the guy who used to be a fund-raiser for the NSPCC. I wonder if he's sold it on for a profit since.

    2. Sold on for a profit? It doesn't seem so:

      "They have been coming to Scarborough for years with sons Alexander and Timothy. He said: “We are stripping the flat out. But we have not even started yet really. We have had a flat in the same block for 35 years but it’s only got two bedrooms. We have grandchildren and they want to come to Scarborough and we need more room.""

      Despite having an apartment in the same block as Savile, he said:

      “I think like everyone else in the country I was totally taken aback. I had never heard any rumours or any suggestion he was not the generous philanthropist we all thought he was.”

      Still, it's not as though the business and sports supremo had personally raised £25 million for Britain’s biggest bid to stamp out child cruelty so how was he to know? Oh, hang on:

      "The business and sports supremo personally raised £25 million for Britain’s biggest bid to stamp out child cruelty."!

  3. Belated birthday wishes to you, Rabbitaway!
    (I've been up & down those slippery-looking steps a time or two, I think... and that damp greyness makes me feel a bit homesick for the UK. Bah!)

    1. Thanks for the comments Bandini. I'm busy working on my next post so just seeing latest comments now. Glad you like Scarborough too !

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