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People Power a hack's gotta hack

I wondered, WHY no one thought of speaking to the 'journalist's' at the heart of the Payola story, these two 
 Kempson is dead and I can find no trace of Cooke. I've googled BOTH these names with Jimmy Savile, and come up with nothing. NOT one story, even now ! Am I the only person who thinks the way I do ? Surely, if our Jim was up to no good, one of this class of hack would have hacked him ? Especially when you think so many of them were trained by Laurie Manifold editor of The people newspaper, which just happened to employ Savile from the early 60's and into the seventies.
Here's a bit of background on Mr M and his style of journalism. 

The above is an extract from an article written in 2008 by Roy Greenslade called People Power

The same journalist who wrote this 

Please tell me just WHY the tabs were 'unable to publish' stories about Jimmy, Roy ? Well, according to the article he cites

Mr White's 'tabloid friends' mustn't have worked with/for or even been trained by Mr Manifold, who just happened to have mentored Mr Kempson, along with a fake shake or two !

'He left nothing to chance' a claim that appears to be supported by another of Manni's men Alistair Campbell 

 Oops I should have included the first sentence of this paragraph
Nice one Spiked
And what bullshit do the likes of Greenslade, White, Connew, Wallis etc etc come up with now by way of explanation for NOT exposing Savile decades ago ? Well, he didn't have a computer is one. He was too clever not to spot a fake floozy !

 In other words, he was ALIVE. Moreover, that '20%' just wasn't there. The Duncroft women were apparently 'credible' to Connew at the Mirror in 1994, just not credible enough to risk a few quid for. White continues
 His predecessors weren't so fearful back in the day. Murdoch's scum faced the wrath of Ms Dorothy Squires TWICE ! Once in February 1971

She sued, they paid 
Oh, and then there was that small matter of not one, but TWO LORDS resigning in 1973 
Who wrote the above ? Well, it's our old pal Roy that's who. It's 3rd September 2012 and here he is mid leveson hacking time ! Just before Exposure.

Poor Roy, someone really should tell him how much sense his take on Savile, doesn't make !
BTW the letters in between images are there because of problems I have uploading images in the right place. Blame blogger 
Happy New Year y'all ! 




  1. There are so many obvious "crimes" deriving from allegations that have been made against Jimmy, that Jimmy is plainly innocent of (5 at Duncroft before 1974 for starters), that it is a matter of some despair that nobody in the Establishment will even broach the subject, even when offered an opportunity as when Tom Jones spoke up briefly.

    Worth reiterating that Alistair Campbell has never deleted his tweet to Jimmy upon the news of Jimmy's death.

    "Sad to hear of Jimmy Savile's death. Majorly helped me out when I was on the Mirror a couple of times. Amazing charity man too"

    Just because I loathe somebody doesn't mean I cannot give credit where credit is due.

    1. Indeed ! Campbell would know wouldn't he ? F***sake, everyone would know, but no one wanted to go there, according to the yewtree press that is. Complete bollocks, where are all the stories THEY could publish before ? WHERE are they ?

    2. That's interesting about Campbell's tweet!

      There is a great episode of 'After Dark' with Manifold & the rancid cream of Fleet Street - well worth a watch, and curiously pertinent (although it wasn't when I myself watched it). From memory, so details may be a bit off, but...

      Harvey Proctor - appearing as a 'victim' of the press over the rent-boy sting they set up & which ruined his career - absolutely destroys a tabloid-hack (so loathsome that you'll need a good shower after watching her slither).
      Manifold by no means gives Proctor an easy ride and feels that the 'outing' was justified, by the way.

      The topic of staying within the law crops up - Manifold was prepared to break it if the story justified it (the example given is of impersonating policemen, I think).
      Towards the end of the epic show the regret over 'the one that got away' is raised, and Manifold - the big, cowardly tease - does indeed have a story that we are led to believe was closed down by someone very, very powerful; he is offered the opportunity to spill the beans (live TV) but bottles it.

      Worth pointing out that thanks to Proctor's press conference (and the later sheepish 'revelations' from Exagerro prompted by same and based on the lying Savile-nephew, Marsden) we now know that at the time of appearing on the show (according to the nutters, at least) Proctor must have been involved with not only Savile (!) but also Ted Heath (!) - an insupportable temptation & torture for the valiant journos: they could have shut Proctor's complaining mouth by revealing all those great 'facts' they now pretend they had/have on Savile and kill two birds with the same stone!

      Unless we are to believe that Savile was the leader of some sort of shadow-government, I think we can be sure that Manifold was NOT referring to him!

      Proctor's furious eloquence over the misery his own family were put through - his mother, in particular - is slightly terrifying, to be honest, but at least he was able to set the record straight & stick it to the Press, none of whom come across at all well, Manifold included:

      Harvey's White Rabbit

      P.S. Season's greetings and all that stuff... Bah!

    3. Good God Bandini ! here it is After Dark 1988 uploaded by gojam

    4. I included the link, Rabbitaway - I'm the master of Blogger-links, now!
      (Yeah, sorry about the uploader!)

    5. I think I need a break Bandini I still can't see ur link & as for uploader ? I haven't a clue. Back later x

    6. Ooops sorry it's there in Harvey's white rabbit x

    7. Have you been on the Harvey's Bristol Cream, Rabbitaway?!? I'll try and make the links more obvious in future...

      [The 'uploader' reference was to that muckraker & spreader of lies, J.Sawyer (occasionally known as 'Gojam'). He may earn a micro-penny or summat everytime someone watches 'his' video, but it's still worth a watch.]

    8. I enjoyed that, after a fashion, Bandini. First impression was that they were a shifty looking bunch, but it improved. Proctor came out of if pretty well, I suppose. But has anyone noticed how much he looks like Julian Assange?

      Strangely, the only one of the bunch who seemed to have no redeeming features was the pub bore, Laurie Manifold.

      It comes as no great surprise, but watching did bring home that 'celebrities' essentially enter into a compact that requires their public destruction, sooner or later, in payment for their public creation. (Hold on, I think there may be a story in this.) And how galled the press must be when one lives a long, happy and unblemished life in the public eye.

    9. The only one I remember feeling much affection for was Nina Myskow, Misa - a bloody former NOTW journo! At least she seemed human...

      The in-his-cups Observer bloke had the smugness wiped from his face when others pointed out how the noble Guardian-group journos had failed to write about shady goings-on... at the Guardian-group!

      The NOTW/Star-scribe who felt Proctor's wrath had NO redeeming qualities that I could see; she absolutely made my skin crawl. Frightening to think that such types have held sway over public opinion.

      Off-topic, but I was reading an article on Bartholomew's Notes the other day - more blatant hypocrisy from the gutter press, who are rumored to enjoy an 'occasional' toot themselves:

      LINK: 'Sun probes church toilets in cocaine quest'

    10. Thanks for the links lesson Bandini. My forte in in the burrowing, I leave the techno lark to others !! Big smiley face xx

    11. The NOTW/Star woman appeared genuinely concerned at the prospect of being sued for her just-admitted libel, and despite, or perhaps because of, her attempts to wriggle out of it, she was revealed as pathetically human. Myskow had obviously suffered a minor intrusion. The in-his-cups Guardian man (branded sparkling water poured out for camera close-up) did seem to accept evidence of his own rag's hypocrisy. Even the comical little showbiz journo with the moustache-jacket-polo shirt combination seemed to be brought close to some kind of self-awareness with his attempts to justify the fact that he would not go out looking for evidence that someone was a 'dyke' (on the basis of her looking 'butch') but if someone phoned up and told him he would print it. Presumably, he would be horrified at the Sun's toilet probe.

      But Manifold was 'above' it all. Not a doubt, or care in the world. In such feeble company, perhaps, he felt no needed to engage with the issues being discussed, but such self-righteousness!

      The toilet probe article seems to be playing both sides, as usual: coke, yeah, everybody's at it; OMG, coke in God's lav. Much the same as: look at the jugs on this 15 year old; lynch the evil paedo!

      Hold on, I seem to be running with the whole self-righteous thing here. I'll stop.

      Happy New Year to all!

    12. Ho ho ho! I'd forgotten all about the moustache-man, Misa - 'comical' sums him up perfectly!

      Er, he's no longer around, though; it would be interesting to imagine how he might have written-up the story of his own death (Cointreu, cocaine & a dog-bowl... oh dear).

      LINK: A sad end...

      Anyway, wishing all the good people out there a Happy New Year (and sod the rest of you!).

    13. Cripes, that was a bit of a downer to finish the year on. Though, I confess it's tempting to take pleasure such misfortune...I shall refrain.

    14. Could Lester Middlehurst have been in possession of a conscience?

    15. Who knows but that Peter Hillmore's a right twonk isn't he. Typical toffee nosed broadsheet hack

  2. A very Happy New Year to both of you guys. Your comments are a blast. I must learn how to do that link thing - my resolution !

  3. The link from 'Chris Retro1 January 2016 at 06:02' just about sums up tabloid journalism in this country. If we ever get lucky enough for it to pop its clogs, its tombstone should be engraved

    'Listened, Regurgitated, Lied
    Drank, Regurgitated, Died'