Thursday, 10 December 2015

Clare's diary 2012 style

Let's refresh ourselves on how the McAlpine story was depicted by the yewtree press on 13th October 2012
 'Jimmy was named ... interviewed as a witness' Then he says "I don't know what was in the diaries" This was the standard of reporting we had to endure in the days following the expose. Oh, and the above is an extract from the Davies book footnote 17 (see below).
Davies relies much on screws reports from the time (again see footnotes) BUT cannot, for SOME reason, see what I'm seeing - the FACT that Claire/Samantha's mother SPOKE to the screws about the diary. Surely she MUST have told then the names of the TWO men involved ? They'd been on the payola case for months, surely someone would have mentioned him had he been involved ?
The following extract is interesting I'd really like to see these NOTW (screws) articles
 Here's the footnote info
 Is Donna Scruff still around ? Why haven't the yewtree press asked her who the DJ is/was ? After the Rosko show ? Could this be the claim covered in Mr Neil's report ?

We're been asked to believe that Savile is one of the two men named in the CM diary. But it doesn't make sense does it ? WHY oh WHY, if this were the case would he be allowed to blow off as much as he did, giving interviews about girls on Top of the Pops ? As Judge Judy always says, "If it doesn't make sense, it isn't true" 
Here's something else that doesn't make sense either ! It's another Davies extract 
 Now, I don't know about you, but I've yet to come across any reference to a 'management board meeting' Let me know if you do. Maybe someone at the Times could explain this ?

The Coroner believed CM's allegations to be 'fantasy' too, did they not ?

To end, in reference to that 1971 photo/s. Here's some more photo's from October that year, plus a few other tidbits. 

 If it doesn't make sense, it ain't true !


  1. Savile's wearing the same dungarees during the October TOTP rehersal as seen in the Claire McAlpine pics of February (but with a different top).

    1. Yes, that's why I included it. It's from a series of photo's called 'A day in the life'. I find it curious that he'd wear the same trousers 5 months after McAlpine's death ?

    2. I'm struggling to keep up here. Just left a note on the last post mentioning the dungarees. Not impossible that he'd be wearing the same item of clothing again, but if he wore the same shirt for the show, that would be interesting. It sure would be great if there was video of the TOTP.

      I note that in one of the TOTP rehearsal photos there's a 'Sweet' drum kit in the background, and a quick search turns up a blog by some 'retro' guy... but it doesn't seem to feature anything from the dates in question.

    3. Misa, that's an old TOTP blog by Chris Retro who regularly comments on Moor's page.

    4. Thanks, Spectrum. I think I disappeared down a rabbit hole there. Looks like I was unduly excited by that badly edited photo in the previous post. I shall return to occasional compliments and gentle encouragement.

  2. Great stuff guys I've posted a couple of links to TOTP's 1970/1971 in last post here's another the original Sugar Sugar by the Archies 1969/1970 ?

  3. Regarding 'Donna Scruff', the imcompetent fool Dan 'Digger' Davies managed to get her name wrong.
    Her name seems to be Donna Scarff (sometimes Scarf with a single 'f') and doesn't seem to have done much apart from a bit of Benny Hill.

    She ain't scruffy...

    1. I love this pointless rummaging about! Look what weirdness it can throw up:

      "This is the first known appearance of JAM on TV. A short specially shot sequence for the BBC tv series, "Jim'll Fix It". Jimmy Savile fixes it for David Whalan to host an episode of "Just A Minute". There is no mention of Nicholas appearing in this clip. Donna Scarff appeared on TV again a few days later in "The Benny Hill Show"..."

      Just A Minute!

      So the girl who supposedly backed up the TOTP-tale against Savile went on to appear on Savile's programme a few years later! She must have been gritting her teeth, eh?!?

  4. As I recall from interviews in 2012/13, Janie Jones, who was behind the "Payola" scandal said that one person who never went to her "parties" was Jimmy Savile; one pertinent reason being that he didn't drink and alcohol fuelled the social whirl mostly.

    I think Janie Jones has died since.