Monday, 11 January 2016

A 'black and nasty period'

The 1970's apparently ! Just eleven days after Exposure the following article appeared in the Times. You see, the 'net' was already widening in Yewtreeland. The corrupt were coming, and they weren't after individuals. They were coming after a BBC pop show. You guessed it !
 Spot the yewtree suspects, guys and gals 

Now, read the next paragraph and tell me if the following yarn sounds familiar 
 AND ?
No Savile tale is without the mandatory BBC snitch who reveals some truly depraved goings on ! Sounds like they had a blast !

 Names please ? Bear in mind, this is October 2012 and to date, we've only had one TOTP presenter in the dock and NO 'pop stars' at all.
Up next another liar aka a 'source' who relates this corker
 Fortunately, Polly is still around and was able to scotch this one

Does this person still work for the BBC ? It will be interesting to compare these tales to what's said to the Dame, when her report is done with.
But, let's stick with facts for a while shall we ? That first tale via Saunders, appears suspiciously similar to the McAlpine dancer case in 1971. The telegraph a few days earlier, had it's own version of the events. There were 'clues' that the BBC should have picked up back then. Savile the 'master manipulator' should not have 'evaded exposure'

Fleet Street's master manipulators fail to acknowledge the irony of the fact that Murdoch's own had 'investigated' these and other claims themselves. Had Jimmy Savile managed to 'manipulate' them too ? 
How many people would Jimmy have had to 'manipulate' to keep such claims about HIM, quiet ? Well, first there's Dorfman the producer of Top of the Pops 
 The News of the World

The Police

 Er, the above from the Daily Mirror April 1971 by the way !

The Daily Express

The BBC's complaints department 

 Derek Chinney 
In short, everyone involved with Savile at the BBC over 4o years. Doesn't make sense does it ? 

But, among the hundreds of FOI (freedom of information) requests that have sapped the BBC resources since October 2012, one sort of stands out a bit for me ! I cannot recall HOW I came across this. I do know I was looking into claims made by Rodney Collins. There is one FOI in there that refers to Collins's claims but I didn't copy it and cannot locate it now (hint Misa and Bandini) 

Now, who I wonder is Mr S D Williams ? 
Get burrowing pals !  


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  2. "Savile molested her "like an octopus""

    This octopus reference seems to crop up a lot with the Yewtree allegations. Where did they get it from?

    Bill Roache, Dave Lee Travis and Rolf Harris are all said to have been "octopi". Maybe others too?

    Bill Roache:
    Dave Lee Travis:
    Rolf Harris:

  3. Polly Brown? She became engaged to Jimmy. seems to demonstrate the laughable fact-checking going on in the media.

    Also that dancer who went to Napac? Never noticed that. She must be "Jenni Bale"? Same person at the back of the McAlpine allegations you demolished in your epic December.

    Jenni Bale knew Claire. She was 22 and also a dancer on Top Of The Pops. She says one of the DJs who abused Claire was Jimmy Savile, who ‘bluffed his way out of it’.

    1. Point being, that if this source lied about Polly, why use him/her ? Hardly 'responsible journalism' is it ?

  4. I've been busy (wasting my time) over at Hencke's Madhouse - I'll have to have a rest before perusing this, Rabbitaway!

    (That Napac thing is weird, though - aren't there questions of confidentiality involved? What was Saunders doing blabbing the details before the woman had even gone to the police? Very odd!)

    LINK: Hencke's "bad rubbish" revealingly revealed!

    1. Fine, take your time ! I make a point of not posting on blogs by the likes of Hencke ! I just don't have the inclination to argue with the brainless !

    2. @Bandini
      Worthe remembering that napac and Spindler were close.

      very close

    3. Aaargh, Moor!
      Not more of Spindler's Scrappy Scrapbook - I've had my head down that rabbithole already today!

      I've been 'debating' with nutters who claim that therein are "premises described as a paedophile brothel that police paedophile unit officers observed Savile frequenting in 1964" - they are totally cracked.

  5. Dear Rabbit,

    I was kind of hoping Bandini would deploy his black-belt google-fu before I started stumbling about in my pyjamas, but as he’s been waylaid, I’ve had a bit of a dig.

    This Collins character interviewed by the BBC isn’t just Fiona without the wig is it?

    Ahem, anyway, there is an FIO request entitled Jimmy Savile Sexual Assault Allegations RFI20121054 dated 8 October 2012, to which the response includes 4 disclosure documents. The relevant parts seem to be:

    Disclosure Document 2
    Disclosure Document 3

    Interesting, to me at least, that this request is made by someone focussed on TV Licensing. It seems to be that there are all kinds of people with an interest in stoking Savilisation…though I hope I’m not being too unfair to the gentleman who made the FOI request.

    1. Misa TY ! The first one wasn't asking for much was it ? Interesting thing about that one is the inclusion of 'Zoompad' who's real name is indeed Barbara Richards, and what a pest she was/is on twitter etc. Nothing to do with Savile of course, another bandwagon jumper.
      As for the other, Collins says Mugg asked him to look into rumours in 1973, so nowt to do with Samantha Clare. That was Collin's sum total of evidence, a rumour, that when investigated, turned up NOTHING, even from his alleged pals in Fleet Street.

    2. My pleasure, Rabbit.

      I’m tickled by that video of Mr Collins. If you compare with Fiona’s Exposure performance, it’s eerily similar!

      Fiona (6 mins onward)

      Both highly theatrical don’t you think? Classic histrionics!

  6. Gawd, the FOI requests on WDTK are hilarious! Next time I need cheering up I'll dive right in:
    "Why are you lying to me!!!" & "Answer me immediately!!!"

    A fantastic idea reduced to farce by the nutters on the net...

    I need a bit of a break at moment, but I notice that the Sunday Times-article at the top of the page bears Miles 'I Hate The BBC' Goslett's signature (amongst others').

    Being the first (Feb. 2012) to dish the dirt after the Newsnight piece was scrapped (Dec. 2011), he must have been working closely with the disgruntled journos in order to gain access:

    "I have contacted three women who were interviewed by the BBC concerning the allegations about Savile."

    We've mentioned before how the McAlpine-tale may (or may not) have been given a nudge back into the limelight... Goslett concluded his piece with the following, which again suggests that strings are being pulled:

    "Many of Savile’s other victims – and those of other celebrities with whom he mixed in the 1960s and 70s – are preparing to speak out."

    How does he know this (in February 2012)? My head's in a spin...

    LINK: Goslett's 'The Oldie' article...

    P.S. What happened to the New Year's Resolution, Rabbitaway?!? Went the same way they all do - ho ho ho!

    1. Can't remember what my new years resso was tbh x

    2. Many of these partying stories are completely at odds with what anyone who ever worked with Savile at the BBC has always said - before as well as after the "story" broke - that he never hung around at the BBC longer than necessary, to the point of eccentricity if not rudeness.
      They all say he wasn't a great socializer with either stars or colleagues and didn't even hang around for a quick drink in the bar but was off as soon as he was released.
      None of this sounds like someone who was wasting no opportunity to exploit his celebrity with a studio full of young women and girls.

    3. Hi John, we've said then time and time again. We'll go on saying it til those who won't listen, will be made to ! TY