Friday, 22 January 2016

He had his hand up my skirt !!!

Goodness, they're all coming out of the woodwork since the report was 'leaked'. I've kind of done Steven George (Broadmoor) to death, but one tale teller I haven't taken much notice of, is the woman who claims to have been 'molested' on camera during an episode of Top of the Pops ! 
What a find this woman was, especially as we have video evidence to peruse. Today, the press have kindly provided the clip featuring the alleged molestation in this article. 

Ms Edwards is described as 'struggling to get away from Jimmy Savile' according to the mail. 
Note, no mention of a skirt here but the sun toilet paper does
 As happy as Ms Edwards looks in the clip, she claims to have been so shocked and distressed, that she went straight to a 'floor manager' to complain !
Did the Dame really decide that this was one of 'two quite serious indecent assaults' ? Really ?

Ms Edwards first came to our attention in October 2012. Naturally, she was in some demand, being the first Savile complainant to have proof that something took place between her and Savile. It's certainly clear that she was spooked, but distressed ? Judge for yourself and don't just look at her, look at the faces of the girls around her. 

 This is a still a few seconds into the incident. The blonde girl right behind her can clearly see what's happening, but doesn't seem perturbed at all. In the next image we see another face with a clear view of what's happening and agin, no revulsion, quite the opposite 

Remember, these girls have been placed where they are. Sylvia is telling the truth when she says she's 'trapped' there. But, for the life of me, I cannot see any distress in her face or general demeanor. My conclusion is that he's tickling her because she's moving in a way that everyone moves when they are being tickled. Had that hand been up her skirt, or under her bum, her reaction would, I'd say be very different. To be fair, I'm not sure what this girl in the middle's face indicates, judge for yourself 
As usual, we in the Jimmy camp, have so little to work with. Had this been a trial, a trial of facts even, I'd be wanting to see the whole film, especially what came AFTER this. WHY ? because of Sylvia's claim that she told a BBC 'boss' straight away.

This leads me to believe that filming continued after this incident. The problem with that being the fact that the program was being transmitted live (correct me if I'm wrong) and what followed was the LAST track followed by the credits. There was no more filming to be done. Certainly not in the film I've watched ! 

Dear me, where do they get these people from ? The so-called investigators that is, not Sylvia I mean. After all, she's just making something out of nothing, they, on the other hand should know better. It will be interesting to see if this incident is reported on in the final 'draft' of the dame's report. Especially the bit where her team question the others present at that show. After all, that's what would happen in court, isn't it ? It wasn't just one person organising that audience that night, that part of Sylvia's story rings true !
Oh, and I'd also want someone to see if they can spot the skirt she claims to have been wearing. Because from what I can see, she isn't wearing one. I am not 100 % but she appears to be wearing black leggings. At one point her hand goes between her own legs, something a lady doesn't do when she's wearing a skirt. 
I call into evidence, a good quality copy of the footage. If anyone can find one that is ! 

BTW, the last track was not live, it was filmed footage of Chicago, If you leave me now. 

Addendum someone on twitter has just pointed out that leggings were not in fashion back then. I had meant to add the words, or thick black tights, to that sentence. I really cannot see a skirt though !  


  1. Repeated on Einsfestival in 2010, BBC Four in 2011 - you don't have a decent copy?

    1. Oh my I think I may have that. Long ago I got this UK Gold copy which is crap quality. TY Chris ;-)

  2. I recall being on a forum when all that first arose and some guy was bleating about the "poor child", and I said she was 18 at least - old enough to vote, never mind complain. He took the point, but still seemed miffed. people were hugging their outrage so tight. Amazed all this shit is being recycled.

    Wasn't there summat about where she got that flower from?

    1. Aha, another person refers to summat I was going to include. Earlier in the show, this crew with a strange name appeared. The lead singer had flowers round his neck maybe she got them that way

  3. Looks like trousers/leggings to me.
    A tickle or a grope? It's all subjective, and as the sole piece of evidence has existed for, er, 40-years now, who cares?

    It's obviously not a serious incident (although anyone messing about like that in 21st century Britain would be stupid beyond belief) and the claim that it contributed to the breakdown of her marriage is, frankly, side-splittingly funny.

    Also, if we were to believe that this WAS a serious incident & example of Savile's offending, we'd have to question ourselves yet further as to WHY no one managed to raise the alarm, as here he is, providing us with filmed evidence. All those lying hacks who claimed they were 'prevented' from outing Savile could have simply used the same piece of footage which they now insist is PROOF. If it IS proof of anything, it WAS proof 40-years ago (and all during the intervening decades).

    Dan Davies must have had it in his 'dossier', Connew would have used it in his supposed battle with the lawyers, even Jones & Tomtit-tattletale could have referred to it:

    "I led the team that made the 2011 Newsnight investigation to reveal this abuse [after Savile had died], which was then pulled, plunging the BBC into four years of scandals."

    Jesus, Jones! You really are a clown!

    LINK: Meirion Jones offers to lead the BBC to salvation...

    P.S. Have none of the other giggling gals been tracked down?

    1. Brilliant Bandini ! I fully expect any surviving members of the crew & audience to have been questioned by the dame, NOT !

    2. @Bandini
      "anyone messing about like that in 21st century Britain would be stupid beyond belief"

      Really? Not if you are part of the Establishment.

  4. I fear the notorious Turkey Man of the East is the 9 year old allegedly raped on BBC premises as a boy scout. A tale so wildly impossible, even as he told it,that Schofield expressed incredulity live on air.
    Unabashed by that reception, he returned 3 weeks later to tell a completely different story.Because he had got such a buzz first time round, presumably.

  5. I saw you post that on Twitter, Moor!

    "Holly, who had been learning how to make a pizza with Gino and Phillip, looked stunned [and terrified] as the silver fox [who wasn't letting the 19 year age-gap stand in his way] grabbed [and seriously assaulted] her behind, but [she] appeared to take it in good humour [although she may change her mind during the next few decades if her career takes a nosedive & comes to regret having been the patriarchal pervert's powerless plaything] as Phillip later posted a picture of his handprints on her red dress on his Twitter page [hiding his vile criminal act 'in plain sight'].

    He accompanied the photo with the [humiliating] caption: 'Plain flour? @hollywills ? The temptation was just too much! :) [A man cld get used to this sort of thing!]'"

    1. Haha! Perhaps Phillip learned those tricks from Gordon 'Groper' The Gopher. ;)

  6. Trousers it is (or was)!

    "Sylvia Edwards an audience member on Top of The Pops seen leaping up in the air next to Jimmy Savile has just been on ITV’s Good Morning programme (just after 6:30am). She was asked if Savile put his hand inside her clothes, to which she replied she was wearing trousers indicating he did not put his trousers inside."

    LINK: Rocky Racoon spots an admission...

    1. Brilliant and just as I thought cheers to you and rocky x