Saturday, 2 January 2016

It's January 2nd 1975, it's 7.20pm and it's

Top of the Pops ! The BBC won't let us see the unedited episode from 41 years ago, so we'll have to make do the best we can won't we. 

That's the intro out of the way. i know it's not the one for this show but it'll do. The charts were the same and Jimmy's even there at the end. 
First up, guys and gals it's our Roy, his band Wizard, along with a few friends  
Are You ready to rock ?
Couldn't find one with the opening credits and Jimmy's intro. But he's there at the end so thanks to the uploader ! 

Next guys and gals it's The Tyme's and their very only 'Ms Grace. Is it really 41 years since I first heard this ?
Sorry, but I cannot find a video of their appearance on this particular episode. So here's the song anyway

Next The Wombles and their 'Wombling Merry Christmas'
Next up, Pans people dancing to John Holt 'Help me make it through the night'
No Jimmy for the next tune Status Quo Down Down. Couldn't it but this is from the week before. 

Back to Jim

" ... here's a nice beautiful, peaceful new record from Philip and Vanessa and it's called - Two sleepy People "

You can just catch Jim introducing the next one Kenny 'The Bump'

Next it's The King and the listing says My Boy (promo) I don't know what that means, but it was obviously a video, so here's one I found that I like

Right, back to Jimmy and the gals are blowing kisses apparently 

"Right now then, listen. Catchy tune listen to this one. A group called Pilot and the tune is called Janu ary "

" ... and now, at number 4 in the hit parade would you believe we have got 'The Streets of London' with one, Ralph McTell

Next another 'Promo' and this time it's Billy Swann 'I can help'
If you gotta problem, don't care what it is ...

Finally !

" And, incidentally ladies and gentlemen a Happy New Year, from crew number 8 who's looking after us down here at Top of the Pops. And, of course with the charts being as they are, we're not displeased cos it's still a super Christmas song that happens to be at number one. 'Lonely this Christmas, from, of course, Mud !

"Not bad, not bad ... " 

Not bad at all Jimmy ! Happy New Year guys and gals !



  1. Lived in a TV-free zone in 1975, so this is all new to me... :-)

    Have to say I'm quite glad.... :-D
    Loved Wizzard but that just goes to show that Glam had shot it's bolt by '75 and Punk was very much needed.

    This sort of twee rock-n-roll revival was probably right up Jim's street though... ;-D