Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Great British public continued to love him

Goodness Gracious, if the 'leaked' report is authentic, then we're all seemingly to blame for Jimmy Savile's alleged transgressions. Those of us who were around in the early 1970's that is. One has to presume she means all of us !
 Including the Guardian Newspaper that is 
 Shame on us all for not, being 'alarmed' by the contents of newspaper articles and interviews. What were we all thinking ?
 The dame herself was alive and resident in this country during the 'Great British Public's' long love affair with Jimmy Savile. I mean, she didn't just emerge from a spaceship in 2012 did she ?
 Enough of all that guys, I've got a surprise for you. A great big hat's off to members of our 'great British public' for this 
Blimey these lovely chaps have only gone and added sound to what was a muted episode dated 25/2/1971 presented of course by our Jimmy ! It's very interesting on a number of levels. One being this


Now, watch the whole thing and see what's actually happening in that little enclave gathered about Jimmy. He's obviously very excited about his forthcoming 'stroll' from John O Groats despite the fact the girls won't be there cos they are playing football 

Jimmy tells us about his plans for the weekend, for Sunday anyway "Don't forget John O' Groats, haff past three Sunday" He's talking about the start of the first of his mammoth nationwide charity walks. Many folk get the route the wrong way round, but no, thanks to Jimmy, we know where he started, where he finished, and, thanks to me and our enemies with their FOI requests, we also know what he did along the way ! Starting with the Nationwide televison crew
 Being interviewed in Scotland by someone called Alistair Campbell 
 Various recordings of his radio show along the way

So, that's the whole of March 1971 taken care of guys and gals. I'm very grateful to Chris for sending me the link to this episode of Top of the Pops. I'll leave you to watch it and make your own mind up ! 


  1. Promoting womens' football in Prime Time, in 1971!!
    What a feminists the guy was.

    Makes the feminst wave of this century appear like what they are. Vile.

  2. Wow! Thank you, Chris and Rabbit!

    Big girls don't cry.

    I see Jim was covering his eyes by the end. It wouldn't do to let people see that, now, would it.

  3. With the benefit of savile-sight I now wonder about her forensic Shipman investigation.

    I also wonder if all those 400+ murders she eventually attributed to the dead doctor attracted any compo payouts from the NHS to families, in the end.

    1. Weird! I just said the same thing on your site, Moor!

    2. so I have just noticed... :-)

      Jonathan King has of course had a bee in his bonnet about "Shipman" rather longer than us jimmy-come-latelys.

    3. Yes, curious thing the whole Shipman story. Of course, it's just a small step from there to start asking questions about Ian Huntley - another huge media event - and I've recently discovered that there are, of course, people out there who seriously doubt the final verdict. Was he the first to be 'hiding in plain sight'?

    4. Huntley certainly seems to throw down a challenge to the question, "what is a paedo". I never recall anyone attempting to explain exactly why he ended up killing the girls, but I think it was fairly simple: Shame; and the belief that his crime was so heinous that he felt that murder was worth taking the risk, if he could avoid people knowing what he had done. The most awful thing is that he had probably not done all that much - enough to be damned by his Society but I suspect the girls would have got over it fairly easily. The whole thing is just awful, and not getting better so far as I can see.

      Dunblane is in there pitching too. I can recall at the time it being openly admitted that "rumours" about the shooter led to his being cut off from all his social outlets, and he determined to avenge himself upon the society. Now that would be viewed as "blaming the victims" in some way and is un-sayable... a vile slur perhaps.

      Now Hamilton seems cast as some kind of establishment stooge by the conspiracy mob and all because people refuse to talk about the real facts - because it's too upsetting.

    5. I worked my way through the trial transcripts for Soham, and I have to say I'm glad I wasn't on the jury. He never admitted abusing the girls, but I think your point about shame makes some sense, and that's a very sad state of affairs - all too believable, whether or not it was a factor in this case. Elements of the case are reminiscent of Making a Murderer...but anyone thinking of making such a film might struggle to find funding. Of course, MWT starred in the ten-year memorial doco.

      Dunblane I haven't read anything about for a long time, but I do recall it was a conspiracy nut's dream.

  4. I really enjoyed this - a big thanks to those responsible for pasting the episode back together again.

    Some great music, total weirdness (Perry Como video), Pan's People for the dads, plus Savile on the dancefloor - brilliant!

    While Smith seems to find all this the height of degeneracy, I would happily jump in a time-travelling machine & go back to such an age (and leave the auto-tuned cretins to it).

    When the review finally gets properly published she'll probably take a pop at him for not wearing a cravat with that hideous beige sweater... forsooth!

    1. LOL or as Jim might say, *assumes that staccoto voice* Hil - lar - ri - ous

    2. Twas I, with a couple of friends - the show exists at the BBC with mute links & some abandoned takes, so this is, bar the first link which wasn't on the reel, as broadcast.

    3. Great job, Chris. Many thanks to you all.

    4. Well done, Chris & friends. You are doing the work of the BFI - send 'em the bill!

  5. I remember working nights about 15 years when 'Everything's Tuesday' came on the radio, and it dawned on me that it was a life-affirming record, one of the best ever made. But to be fair I could reel of a list of hundreds that I feel the same about...
    Somewhat topical, this 1970 documentary following 5 Radio 1 DJ's has just been uploaded to YT

  6. Wowsa I fell asleep and look what I came back to ? Well done Chris ! x