Friday, 12 February 2016

A watershed moment - I hope !

Something special happened yesterday. A well read, well regarded, online publication published an article that, for the first time, casts doubt on the integrity of Operation Yewtree. Spiked has crossed a line that Fleet Street drew in the sand in September 2012, and exposed the hyperventilating hypocrites for what they are ! Because, if Operation Midland should not have happened, then neither should Yewtree !

Gittos gets it doesn't he ? As anyone with a brain, not beholden to some powerful media mogul or dodgy political agenda, got three years ago, when some of us, decided to not just 'believe' her or him. We don't want innocent folk dead or alive, stitched up or used as scapegoats for your mistakes. 

I want those responsible for GVAV to eat their words. Most of them have moved on from the positions they held in October 2012. But let's just remind them anyway in case they think they can continue to LIE in plain sight forever ! 

First up, spinning Spindler chief at the Met Police who heralded his Savile stitch up as a 'watershed moment'
 Spindler's previous 'watershed moment' in 1999/2002 cost hundreds of innocent men their lives. You can read more about 'ore' here

Within 3 months of launching Yewtree, the report was ready, and not just one, but THREE, all on the same day ! Along with a statement from Sir Keir, all basically saying the same thing, Savile was a criminal, the Police got it wrong but it wasn't their fault because they didn't know any better at the time ! 
Here, guys and gals are two of the most important paragraphs in GVAV
Spindler's conclusion ?
His sidekick David Gray 
 One of, if not, the sickest Savile headline's at the time
Goodness gracious, what sort of mentality writes this ?
Note, none of these 'allegations' were either investigated or 'corroborated'. They were simply believed, the fact that Savile was a monster that is ! But even hard nosed, gutter-scraping, daily mail hacks found it difficult to get their heads around one of the more outrageous and ludicrous expressions to come out of a policeman's gob that day !

'Every waking minute' What the actual fuck ? 
This hack shows promise 
Savile is definitely a monster though, and the media is to blame for enabling him. Not so much, his bit of the media world mind, the other bit, the BBC bit

Meanwhile, the impartial QC and non-impartial DPP decide Savile should have been prosecuted in 2007/9. 
 Because, there is little doubt that the 3 'victims' are credible, had a 'different approach' been taken ! Mmm, would that be the same 'approach' taken in respect of the 'VIP's' in Operation 'credible and true' Midland Ms L ? 
Imagine Hogan Howe's review arriving at the same conclusions as Alison Levitt QC ! You just cannot can you ?
Cue the Sussex and Surrey police chief's response 
Yes, really ! as I often exclaim on twitter !

Now, they've got that off their chests, next senior cops/cps/dpp gold meeting agenda. Believe every bastard who comes a long now, forget investigating, just get the bastards in the dock, preferably alive but even better dead cos then we can just try the 'facts' instead ! 
No more 'caution' now lads, get your men trained !

What does spiked say three years down the line ?
Better late than never guys and gals - isn't it ?



  1. I had a re-read of the 'Mistakes Were Made' report the other day, eager to refresh my memory of what, exactly, Savile had been accused of (and investigated over) during his lifetime, particularly with regards to the Duncroft-allegations.

    It's clear that there was a driving-force behind them: the original complaint came from someone not even CLAIMING to have been a victim, merely an observer of an alleged incident involving another person. Nevertheless, the police investigated & tracked down the alleged victim who was not well pleased & wanted nothing to do with any investigation. (She backed-up the story, though, but it was such a minor incident even if true: a pat on the bottom!)

    What did the coppers do, presented with such an uncooperative 'victim'? Did they give up, or were they scared to investigate the 'untouchable' Savile? No!!! They went on a trawl and contacted 21 other former Duncroft girls to see what tales they had to tell...

    And what did they come up with? The bloody choir-girl kiss (so ridiculous & we've all been through the various versions of this story so many times that I can't be bothered repeating 'em!) and one other:

    "She reported that, on one occasion, he asked her to perform oral sex on him. There is some confusion over dates and ages [aye, I'll bet there was!], but it would appear that, at the relevant time, the victim was over 16. Subsequent legal advice confirmed that an offence had not been committed because the victim was over the age of consent and, in the face of her refusal, Savile had not assaulted her nor had he committed an offence under the Indecency with Children Act 1960."

    Even if this story were true, no offence would have taken place (yet they still label her a 'victim'). Somehow, from such a tiny seed grew the mighty Yewtree: Savile the abuser of dying toddlers, the rapist, the sadist... what were the press thinking swallowing this rubbish?!? Shouldn't they have been 'holding power to account'?

    (I know that you & Moor Larkin will have already covered the above a million times, Rabbitaway, but it's still good to go back and amaze oneself at the flimsy foundations upon which they raised - soon to be razed? - this circus.)

    1. Indeed, good to go back and reflect on their nonsense. I see Rolf Harris has new charges against him now, crazy

    2. No doubt they'll parrot the original accusations. Two of the charges relate to two *entire years*. How can he defend himself?!

    3. With great difficulty I should imagine ! They obviously want this man to die in jail.

    4. It's shocking. I think his conviction was a miscarriage of justice. Now this. Presumably if there is a second trial, and it goes the same way as the first, his sentence could be extended?

  2. Oh, come off it, Rabbit.

    "A well read, well regarded, online publication..."

    I've been reading a couple of online publications which doubted Yewtree from the beginning, and I've been reading them bloody well! I also hold them in the highest regard. Some Johnny-come-lately, with one or two more readers, finally twigging, is most welcome, but I'd have been more impressed if they listened to you from the start.

    Well done! I suspect there's still some way to go. I know you're in it for the long haul. Rest assured you'll be well read and well regarded for as long as it takes. xxx

    1. What can I say Misa except thank you, and yes you're right. We'll get there x

  3. Those previously shown to be hysterical empire builders like Spindler should have been removed from office, put on gardening leave or to some other department where they could not cause harm. Instead they are allowed to simply re-group and cause more harm to innocents. Lennie Harper is another example : shown to be either a liar or idiotic exaggerator he is now doing the rounds of conspiracy websites promoting the already disproved Haute de la Gareene nonsense. That demonstrates the mind set of some in important positions & it's bloody scary

    1. Spindler did move along, and then out the door with his huge pension, hoping to amass more money in his own right, as a businessman ! LOL
      As for Harper, anyone who listens to him needs a GP appointment asap

  4. Your work is greatly appreciated, Rabbitaway.
    Apologies if this has been pointed out previously, but if anyone doubts that there's no shortage of chancers willing to jump on a bandwagon you can always remind them of this: