Sunday, 21 February 2016

" Quick on the draw"

Apparently, Jimmy Savile wore tracksuits because they provided him quick access to his genitals ! Goodness gracious, I remember hearing this tosh at the beginning of this saga, but with the leaking of parts of the dame's report, it appears we may be in for more 'forensic' examination of this all important aspect of Savile's alleged 'abuse'. I kid you not ! The times 22nd Jan 2016

The government's response to this leaky 'draft' is kind of previous, given that the contents have not been released yet. Oh, and was anyone aware that this thing has allegedly cost us £10,000,000 !
 Dux reacted to the news that the BBC bosses had been 'exonerated' by the dame 

Summat tells me, Ms dux is not going to like the finished product scheduled for release this week ! She'd had such high hopes for the dame two years ago !
 Two years old, yet some 'source' was feeding the media information even then. Could they have had access to this 'draft' as far back as this ? After all, it had been due for release then, hence the article, and while Dux was disappointed in the delay, she accepted it because
 Oh yes, Ms Dux had only 74 'victims' back then, her 'scheme' had not yet been sanctioned in the high court back then.
And, she was counting her money before she had any idea of what it would be. You have to hand it to dux she has some brass neck  on her when she says
The report was delayed a second time at the start of last year, but this time, it was, we are told, at the request of the met 
The Savile compo scheme was in place, no new clients for Dux after June 2014 (if my memory serves me right), yet her claimants now numbered 168
Then the cops revealed that Yewtree was still on the go (was it ?) Surely, they had moved on to more 'important' people ? 
My only interest in the 'VIP' claims/assessments/investigations, lies in any aspect that might affect a reasonable person. One aspect being the now, sort of, admission by Police that their findings that 'Nick's' claims about Leon Brittan, were 'credible and true' were wrong ish ! 
The VIP's fought back you see, the one's who could, but what about the dead ? Let's go back to 2012 shall we ? It's days before Exposure airs and things are looking pretty grim for Jimmy because, the claims previously restricted to relatively minor alleged incidents, now use the word RAPE ! Two of the women found by MWT who appear on camera, allege that they had sex with Savile against their will. 'Val' and 'Angie'
I remember her saying this on the telly
'Credible' ladies and gentlemen ? I think not, you see Jimmy appears to have changed his MO since the 2007/8 police investigation, because now he's being accused of something he was NEVER ACCUSED OF BEFORE ! Time to refresh your memories about Alison Levitt QC's findings into that investigation. You see, the complainants or 'victims' as Ms QC had decided to call them, made no mention of serious sexual assault. In fact, the alleged incidents were anything but, moreover they involved just TWO women Ms A and Ms C, the latter of whom never even made or wanted to pursue a complaint. And, what were Ms QC's conclusions as to the TWO alleged incidents ? What should the cops have done, that they didn't do but that's OK, it wasn't their fault, they should have BELIEVED Ms A and told her and all the others who came forward via the internet, that other 'victims' existed. 

Really ? Prosecution for what ? Read Ms A and Ms B's accounts, the former involving a B&B, a chaffuer and a crucifix, the latter a blanket, a television room in 1978 or 1979 (Jimmy only frequented the place in 1974) and most famously, involved the words 'beef biyani' !

'Credible' Ms QC ? One of the only two people willing to speak to the her, and not even an alleged 'victim' 
 She changed her story ? What, you mean like 'Nick' ? Ms QC covers 'B' here by, well blaming the copsand their crap note-taking ! 
Goodness Gracious, and from this, hundreds of 'crimes' have been attributed to Jimmy Savile. Ms QC made her agenda all very loud and clear back in January 2013. It was time to 'believe' everything a 'complainant' says. Why, Goddam, let's go all the way, let's call all these folk 'victims' shall we, because that is our agenda now !
Sorry Ms QC, but I don't believe Ms A,B,C and G and I suspect you don't/didn't either ! Ms G ? why that would be this liar 

Next time, gals who became gals, teenager's who became children. Don't expect too much sense in the dame's report either. Their agenda has not changed yet, not for ordinary folk that is ! 




  1. I have always had a sense that we have been inhabiting a "lawyers reality"; a sixth sense that they only see the things they want to see. They get away with it because the mass media play along.

    Back in 2002, the Saville Inquiry was said to have cost £50M, not £400M! The new written answer reveals that one senior counsel representing the army, was paid £2,155,288 in legal fees, expenses and VAT between December 1998 and February 2000. Another top earner was paid £653,000 between February 1999 and February 2000 and another was paid £693,000 between March 1999 and February 2002. The figures were revealed in a written answer by armed forces minister Adam Ingram to Labour MP Kevin McNamara. The answer also said there were four separate teams representing the soldiers, due to conflicts of interest between various individuals."

    The Savile Inquiry already promises to be another lawyerly bean-feast.

    "“His ­remuneration is £1,700 per full day and £850 per half day.” She said he would be available up to four days a week. A source who works with victims of child abuse said: “It seems a lot, but if that’s the amount the government are willing to pay then fine. “I only hope that, if compensation is awarded to victims, it is as generous.”

  2. Tracksuits were "quick on the draw"? On what evidence does she base that statement? My teenage memories aren't so hazy that I can't recall the details of a couple of tumbles with at least one tracksuit enthusiast; while the trackie bottoms were easy enough to get around, the underpants beneath were a different matter! So did Jimmy 'go commando' then?

    1. It sounds similar to that anecdote about the sink by someone in the Exposure programme.

    2. Washing his willy in the sink you mean ? They took that straight from the Louis doc where he washed his feet in the sink in Scarborough ! LOL

    3. With TCP!

      "Yet Davies makes him vivid, his nastiness laid out like guts on a slab. He once owned a flat whose every wall was painted black. After sex, of whatever kind, he would clean himself with TCP. His genitals stank, something his victims remember."

      I used to have to gargle with that poison when I was a kid-with-a-sore-throat. Later, it was dabbed on me bleedin' spots (to no noticable effect). The idea of dousing the little fella with the stuff is - ahem! - unappealing! Still, if Dan Davies wrote it it must be true!
      LINK: Aaarggghhh...

    4. Oooh, from the same link as above for Mrs Grimble:

      "He wore tracksuits with elasticated waistbands and no underwear for a reason."

      Commando it was, then - Dan says so!

    5. Thanks for that, again, Bandini. I was going to say 'thanks, for another article I wish I hadn't read,' but I actually quite enjoyed it (again).

      It all makes such perfect their world.

    6. With a loosefitting tracksuit, wouldn't the lack of restraining underwear be rather obvious when he was running, jogging, jumping around a stage etc?
      Also, wouldn't regularly letting your bits 'swing in the breeze' make them a lot less sweaty and smelly? So if Jimmy went commando most of the time (after all, he was thinking about abuse every waking minute - according to that nice policeman - so he'd want to be prepared for any opportunity!) how would he also have 'stinky genitals'?
      Oh hell, why am I even spending time thinking about this - when I already know from it's from Dan the Dustbin Man!

    7. Now, now, Mrs G, you should know that the application of logic, reason or (heaven forfend) common sense is not permitted in this game.

      I was under the impression that sporting gentlemen usually sought 'support' before taking the field, but I gather lycra-clad 100m specialists don't always feel it necessary these days (that much is obvious). Perhaps Jim was ahead of his time again. Or perhaps the sweaty Mr Davies is projecting, again.

  3. OMG they have to demean the man as much as possible ! How I effing hate Dan the slug !

    1. I could forgive him a little if I thought he genuinely believed the rubbish he peddles... but I don't & so I won't.

      Meanwhile, the rest of the world seems to continue to think that his book is scholarly, well researched, revealing, etc., though it's obviously not any of those things.

      One might have hoped for a bit of back-tracking over the Claire McAlpine claims (or 'lies') contained in his masterpiece, but incredibly he seems immune to the obvious:

      "From the bits I've read on @ExaroNews about TOTP, Claire McAlpine & Harry Goodwin Dame Janet Smith has done a very thorough job #Savile #BBC"

      Er, well no she hasn't, Dan, but even so she's blown your 'Savile drove her to suicide' bullshit clean out of the water. Has he forgotten what he wrote? Did he even write it?!? And will the electronic-version at least be updated to correct his lies? I doubt it.

      LINK: Dufus Dan's clueless tweet...

      Strange to see Exaro attaching such importance to the "30 boxes" of information they claim (i.e. 'dreamt') the coppers have dug up. Thirty? What are they, matchboxes? What a load of rubbish.

      Seeing as it's got sod all to do with Savile & only relates to the way things were done 45 bleeding-years ago it's difficult to see why they are harping on about it so - because there really isn't going to be much meat on the rest of Smith's bone, perhaps?

  4. Just for the record, I left another comment on that G7UK-blog about Claire; a couple of her pals have commented today:
    LINK: Claire's pals speak...

    1. Blimey... Just copying those here incase they disappear.

      My sister was Claire’s mother’s best friend, my niece her best friend. I knew Vera almost my entire life (I am in my 70s). Many of the claims by Claire could not have happened. For instance she claimed a relationship with Frank Sinatra, who at the time of the claim was doing a season in LA! She claimed many relationships with the famous to impress her peers, as she wanted to be famous. The truth is the diary was found to be full of fantasies – some young girls do write such extraordinary things.
      No paper reported the medical findings from her autopsy, CLAIRE WAS A VIRGIN!
      And now it rears its ugly head again.
      A famous DJ has been named for a connection to her. It did not happen . There are many unfortunate coincidences – Junior Showtime, Leeds, to name a couple. But that is all they are.
      She died following her mother’s discovery of the diary and her being forbidden to appear on the shows. She would have lost face with her peers and knowing Claire, that was her chance of stardom taken from her. She did not die because any of the stories were true. They were not.
      Had her mother not initially panicked and contacted the BBC her story would not have had the unnecessary importance. she later realised her mistake, but it was too late, as The News Of The World front paged it, despite knowing there was no credibility to any of her claims.
      How do you think her poor mother felt. She blamed herself for it all, but she was only being a mother wanting to protect her child. What unfolded in the gutter press was a travesty. But it sold the paper.
      Please let this fabrication rest in peace; and the ‘amateur detectives’ stop baying for blood in something you know nothing about. Go and chase some real facts that cannot be refuted!

      Comment by Roz Vian
      Thursday 25 February 2016 @ 12:41 pm

      I knew Claire MacAlpine from Top of the Pops, we danced together on the programme we were called the Dolly dancers I am in the Picture with Claire that the press shows from the news of the world. I was aware that Claire was having some sort of relations with quite a few Dj’s on top of the pops, in fact a big americian singer took Claire out and spent the night with her in a london hotel. I was the girl who phoned mrs MacAlpine to say Claire was staying with me that night, However I was shocked to hear she died and my mum stopped me from going to top of the pops when she saw me in the newspaper after Claires death.

      Comment by kelly gold
      Thursday 25 February 2016 @ 6:18 pm

    2. Blimey, nice work Moor Bandini ! Skim read report yesterday, some really outrageous claims (the door incident etc) I'll do a blog about it later. Really horrible report, nasty people

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Kelly Gold, claiming to be a friend of Claire's, is not only 'threatening' to name the 'big american singer' but has also now remembered that she herself was a victim of Savile's:

      "Ms Gold also described her alleged groping at the hands of Savile, claiming he 'dragged her down onto his knee' before putting his hand up her dress."

      LINK: "I've just remembered...