Thursday, 10 March 2016

A disc jockey called 'Mr T'

Today another dead radio 1 disc jockey's name was dragged through the mud by the press. This time it's Tommy Vance, but where have our brave gutter hacks been all this time ? That information has been available to all of us since June 2014.

Must check out that mirror FOI, see if the contents of the response is any different from that obtained by the telegraph. Anyways, that reference to Tommy Vance in Brian Neil's report had me wondering, could he be 'Mr T' ?
Before I tell you about the, getting less illusive by the day, Mr T, let's refresh ourselves with what Neil found in 1971.
 The reason Vance's named has not been blacked out is no doubt because he died in 2005 so his name like Harry Goodwin's before him, is no longer worth protecting ! 
Here's that anonymous letter, penned on BBC headed paper, from someone who claims to be a BBC radio 1 producer ! I'm not convinced are you ?

Tommy Vance still has friends, he also has a son who is not happy with the latest yewtree ish press revelation. Note the reference to Neils' 1972 conclusions 
 Which brings me to 'Mr T' ! I came across 'Mr T' a while back and I wasn't quite sure how to include him in previous blogs. You see, I found myself wondering, could he be Tony Blackburn ? No ! Could it be Tommy Vance, or could it be another disc jockey not even called 'T' ? after all, it seems a bit daft to protect a man's identity using one of his initials. There can't have been that many BBC disc jockeys called T  ....
I recommend you get yourselves on the press archives guys and gals, the coverage of the Janie Jones/Payola trials are a hoot, even Kenny Lynch gets a mention 
Is it only dead men whose reputations are up for grabs ? What about the others who are 'thought to be still alive' ? What indeed 

On a lighter note - Janie Jones wrote an autobiography in 1993, oh to have been a fly on the wall in that police cell !
Needless to say Ms Jones never mentioned Sir Jimmy in her 1993 masterpiece. Meanwhile in the mirror in March 1971 



  1. At the height of savilisation, Janie Jones explicitly said Jimmy was never part of her party scenes, although she was happy to go along with this Telegraph piece otherwise, which looks increasingly to have been full of horse-shit about a lot of this stuff read their "told by a source" crocks.

    "Savile was intrigued, Jones says, by her parties at which women — she insists they were always over the age of consent — had dressed as schoolgirls. She insisted that Savile had never been to her parties but that other disc jockeys had."

    1. I can't believe people are actually trying to stand up for the man.... What makes you feel like he was innocent ? That's crazy... What are you trying to achieve ? Undermining and upsetting survivors or something else ?

    2. I can't believe people are actually trying to stand up for the man.... What makes you feel like he was innocent ? That's crazy... What are you trying to achieve ? Undermining and upsetting survivors or something else ?

  2. Mr T is Johnnie Walker. Chris Retro posted a great audio interview with him a while back, and he speaks about the 'sting'.

    Regarding Tommy Vance, I posted a while back on Moor's site about FOI requests into his time at the BBC, more of an example of the incredile lengths they go to to maintain their records than anything else.

    There was some ancient paperwork relating to a BBC producer (I think) who had had a run in with Vance, almost reduced to tears over some petty incident. The rubbish now being exhumed by the scum of Fleet Street could be nothing more than a grudge-holder sending a poison-pen letter:

    'Dear NOTW, as Tommy finished up his two hour show I heard him say:
    "I've played some hard rock, now it's time to sink me..."
    You have all the resources you need to investigate, blah blah blah...'

    It's truly pathetic.

    1. Link to Mr T interview:

    2. Ah yes ! Johnny Walker I forgot about that ! Tommy Vance was a great DJ, what a voice

  3. Tommy causing tears to be shed over his car parking or summat:

  4. Meant to pass comment on the significance of that Keith Waterhouse piece. He was very much the working man's philosopher back when the Mirror wasn't a ludicrous celebrity comic. I imagine Keith is largely forgotten already by the spawn of Nulabour.

  5. There's a roll call of 'The Usual Suspects' on this fabulous video.

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