Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Footsteps across London, revisited

A few weeks after the DJS Savile BBC review was launched in October 2012 it's terms of reference, or remit was described by BBC News thus 
 Note the use of the word 'victims' in this call for 'witnesses'. It goes on
Just last night I read Ms Smith's description of a police activity around the time Brian Neil was doing his best to acquire the evidence he needed. In October 1971 he received a letter from the News of the World's solicitor 
Neil never did get that 'evidence' despite his best efforts. We are not told what became of those 'tapes', but it's clear that the dame must have acquired her bits of transcripts from the Metropolitan Police. So, where are they now ? Dame S doesn't appear to be too interested in providing this information for the reader. She and her Hall dame are only being paid £700,000, who needs facts when you have an opinion to express ?

Mr Dorfman only worked on TOTP's for seven years what would he know ?
Then there's Goodwin's assistant Ronald, who, whilst confirming claims that films were shown, these were not pornographic, and that no such photos were taken of audience members 
But, says dame, Howard would be gone before these photo-sessions took place, so how would he know ? Really ? this dame is trying my patience here ! At the very least she could tell us where all this allegedly took place ? Whose dressing room was used by whom for what ? Where were the ushers who accompanied the audience in and out of the building ? 
Where were the dressing rooms ? According to dame, the 'stars' were situated on the ground floor, the groups were in the basement. I suspect she means TVC here not Lime Grove, but how would I know ? 

 Or was she ? Goodness Gracious, I thought I'd better check my first ever fact finding mission back when I didn't have a blog to call my own, and look what I came across ! Yes, really 
This blogger's talking about Lime Grove
That's not to say that Goodwin did not take naught photo's of gals AFTER the recording. The evidence upon which dame basis her conclusions, would not in my opinon, pass base with a decent CPS. Even a broke watch is right twice a day !
The above is from p63 of her report BTW ! 

Where are the 'stars' in all this ? In the basement, according to one ex floor manager who didn't like the way the gals were filmed 

 A lady production assistant found some of the folk involved in the show 'seedy'. These were the stand-ins not production staff 

Then there's this revelation on page 73 a police report from 1972 parts of which the dame's been allowed to see. 
 Will we, the folk who have paid for this 'review' get to see this report ? If so, when and if not, why ? 
The MPS report alleges that Goodwin had shown blue movies in Lime Grove in the late 60's, but so what ? No one appears to have been harmed. Certainly not these 30 gals who left the TOTP venue as intact as they went in. 
Told by who ?

Enough now guys and gals. I need a break, see y'all in a week or two ! Big smiley face ! 
 Rest in piece Harry ! 

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  1. I cannot imagine the Trades Unions in 1971 would have stood for a BBC studio still being open at 10pm. The Dame aint at her sharpest when she's doing her Perry Mason stuff. You only have to read the Wombles to know that.

    1. How does she know it wasn't 10am?. The woman is an idiot. As for accepting 'evidence' that someone was 'seedy'- this is outrageous for a lawyer. Lets see a snap of this claimant from the time. Perhaps we may think she was a tart or a slapper. Of all these inquiry reports this one is pure bunkum. In years to come they will laugh at Smith for this claptrap.

    2. She doesn't - it's not her job to establish facts, just stories

  2. Well done, Rabbit. Enjoy your break!

  3. Enjoy my friend and thank you x

  4. Enjoy my friend and thank you x