Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Undercover in Lime Grove, Wood lane !!

First off, thanks Bandini, your information took me in one direction, but as usual, I got way-laid and here's where I arrived.
 'Transcripts' ? She has to mean transcripts of the recordings made by the News of the world but, how did she get these ? Remember Brian Neil's lament back in 1971 ? 
The news of the world would not assist Neil, and neither could the police
 The dame concludes that the BBC back then, received a number of what she refers to as 'wake-up calls', that dark deeds were afoot, the first of these occurring in the late 1960's. Here's where I find the answer to my confusion as to why producer Stanley Dorfman made this statement in 2012. 
Police had interviewed BBC staff ? He's clearly referring to an investigation by the BBC itself into claims made in an anonymous letter involving Harry Goodwin in 1969. I know this now because the dame mentions a contemporaneous memo supplied to Neil in 1971. He was, at this time investigating the contents of a series of press reports the first of which appeared on the 14th February "Scandal at the BBC" (see payola blogs). 
No mention of anything involving Top of the Pops until a month later
 Now, here's where things get real interesting guys and gals. You see the same paper had published a seemingly 'trivial' (dame's word) article entitled 'secrets of the pop top dollies' featuring Clare M among others (covered earlier here) 

 The dame has already said that HG had had some kind of investigation back in 1969. Goodwin spoke to the news of the world undercover boys sometime in mid/late 1970. Neil even describes him as an 'informant' and the dame has seen the transcriptions and concluded that he did indeed make the claims he later denied making. All this indicates to me that the press were paying particular attention to Top of the Pops and that the interviews with the top pop dollies was nothing more than a stunt to extract information about Goodwin etc.
Am I making sense guys and gals ? 
Here's where she refers to the 1969 memo ch 9 p20
I have to admit, her next bit made me smile
Now don't get mixed up because dame is reciting events from 1969 as per the memo sent to Brian Neil two years later. It seems that, after the sting that wasn't, the case was closed and no further action took place. Note that Neil later describes Goodwin as having mistook the BBC investigations team for the police, so maybe that's where Stanley Dorfman came up with that. Who knows ? so far I haven't seen any reference to a police investigation in dames report. Let me know if you find it ! 
Note how cautious her predecessor was during his examination of the HG evidence. Of course he didn't have the benefit of seeing the notw transcripts
'alleged to have been made' - from article 

The notw demanded Goodwin be sacked 

 Back to the dame's memo again because I'm trying to work out just who might have reported HG in 1969. 
Cotton did not want Goodwin to go, then came the undercover op that went nowhere 
Amazing how specific some reports can be when they have been supplied with the information/evidence they need ? Goodwin was recorded by the press in November 1970 
 I doubt Brian Neil heard the following in 1971
More specifics, on the 25th March 1971 in response to questioning 
Of course, the matter could be settled if whoever supplied those transcripts could supply the rest of us with the actual  recordings. 

Now, here's a thought guys and gals, while on the subject of recollections, I wonder did the dame ask Tony Blackburn about those dressing room tales. I mean, one would assume he and quite a few others would have been of such goings on had they actually been going on that is. 
Here's something else to ponder, IF Harry had been making porno movies etc etc in his dressing room, why the need 'fuck "em outside there". I just threw that one in to amuse you because I know y'all know how big TVC in Wood lane is or was. Maybe whoever wrote got mixed up with Lime Grove. After all, that's where the anonymous informant (reporter) got his headed paper isn't it ?

 Lots was going on in 1969 as it happens. Next time guys and gals 

Addendum 22.24 9th March 

As Bandini has quite rightly pointed out, it seems that it was the Daily Mail that carried the feature 'Secrets of the top pop Dollies' not the notw. I naturally assumed it was the latter as dame hadn't said which 'newspaper' it was see P16/92 here 

It's strange that she does not reveal the name of the other gals interviewed on the 2nd February. After all, the Mail did

I can't take this plot getting any thicker tonight ! I'll come back to it later ! Thanks again folks, you are all gems !




  1. I maybe getting confused here, and I'm away from the computer to properly check, but the 'Secrets of the Top Pop Dollies' article came from the Mail, not NOTW, according to this article:

    A bit of 'joint enterprise' from the BBC-hating Murdoch/Mail press, perhaps?

    1. I was surprised myself when I read it, although it may explain where those Mail snaps of Geran Tucker, etc. came from. Then again, it could just be a mistake by the Mail.

      The DJS Review is frustatingly vague at times over dates & details - it speaks of "a newspaper [which?] article published in early [date? 4th says the Mail] February 1971" - they obviously didn't have the budget (nor the time) to do the job properly, eh?!?

    2. Before reading your second comment I had a brainwave - those photos of the dancers were taken on the 2nd Feb 1971 by Bill Cross Daily mail. So that's what these photos are for !!

  2. Why would Harry Goodwin have been assigned a Dressing Room? Did he use it as a photographic studio? Wouldn't most of his photos have been taken on the studio floor?

  3. I got the impression that Neil was being denied access to those News of the World transcripts by a corrupt relationship between the paper and the police. If you follow his fruitless attempts to see them, the NotW tell him the cops have them and the cops tell him they are being transcribed by officers and it will be some MONTHS before he can have them. This later morphs into over a year. neil basically gives up in despair. But it's the police who cause it, not the NotW as such. As I say, I am quite sure the paper and the cops were in chaoots to frustrate the investigation into what was plainly a dishonestly attempted Fleet Street scandal stictch-up of Goodwin.

    The Met appear to be working in much the same manner on Yewtree to this day.

    I wonder how Harry Goodwin's family feel about all this.

    1. I resent being told what is in something and not being able to check it myself. This is why these so-called investigations ultimately fail. They are as morally corrupt as the rest of them !

    2. Just to let you two know that I've attempted to make contact with EH & I'll let you know if he replies.
      (I found an old 'reel' of his which he may not have seen for 40-odd years, so maybe he'll be intrigued enough to share some recollections with a complete stranger... or maybe not!)

      Oh, and I don't think I'd seen this before NOTW - 'The Truth About TOTP' which Moor posted on Twitter.
      And the Mail piece is available for free to anyone visiting the British Library reading-room, by the way...

    3. Mmm, well done Larks, I'll do one more blog about Harry then I'm having a break for a few weeks !

  4. Are you trying to suggest savile was innocent ?
    Or that nothing happened at wood Lane?
    Or have I understood you wrong ?

    1. Mr Muppet, the name of my blog is 'Justice for Jimmy Savile'. Therein lies your answer !

  5. Are you trying to suggest savile was innocent ?
    Or that nothing happened at wood Lane?
    Or have I understood you wrong ?