Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Abused - the first 21 minutes Part 1

Goodness Gracious guys and gals, it's a shit job but someone has to do it ! I did not watch 'Abused - the untold story' last night, but I have now. The first 21 minutes is all I've seen so far and I think it just about tells me all I need to know about this 'show' ! I must check out 'Pauline' later, but for now, here's my review of the latest abuse of the dead. 
I'm not interested in the first few minutes, I'll go straight to what the important players have to say. First up, Karin Ward who's obviously learned a few things since she first opened her mouth, destroying Freddie Starr's life a few years ago ! 
We see Kas in her home, the author at her desk with her cat.
'I'd just written an autobiography from the very earliest I can remember ... I never had the remotest clue that anyone could download it, but Marion (meirion) read it and that's what started the ball rolling'
 'When I moved to the BBC in the mid ninety's, there were people there who'd tell you stories about Savile. I would try and trackit down but I never found a victim or a witness. But the stories were everywhere'
Good Grief is this guy really NOT going to mention the FACT his aunt ran a school from whence his first 'victim' came ? Maybe he comes clean later in the show, I'm thinking not, but let's get on 
'I came across this autobiography online one of these DIY wrting sites .. what she recalled was abuse by 'JS' and immediately it's obvious who it is'
Mmm, like it was 'obvious' who FS might be eh ?
'This is a fantastic memoir , she's absolutely caught everything that's going on. I thought if I could get her to do an interview, perhaps I could persuade her. So I rang up Karin (how did he get her number ?) 
The film then cuts to Karin to take over the story, bit like how two newreader's finish each-others sentences 
'Would this JS be Jimmy Savile ?'
'Yes, yes it is'
She continues underplaying the importance of any reference she might have made to anyone living or dead in her DIY memoir
'This Savile thing was only a paragraph or two where I was describing Duncroft ... 'Til Savile came along it was the safest place I'd ever been' 
Mmm, didn't she meet Jimmy in Jersey before graduating to approved school ?
'We used to laugh about whoever had been out in his car and, you know ... 'he's a dirty old man and we'd go off into screams of laughter .... and then of course Marrion rang me. He was pleasant but very persistant' 
Every single word these two are saying has been very carefully, but NOT carefully enough, thought out ! Ward is clearly laying the blame at Merry Ann's door, it was just a few paragraphs in a blog to her, what did she care ? 
Meirrione ever the brainless hack, refers to her, one or two paragraphs that no-one will read let alone download, as a kind of 'death-bed confession'. Mmm, bet she liked that !
Voice over - MJ took a team from BBC Newsnight to meet Karin  It was just FIVE DAYS after Savile was buried' 
Bring on Liz MacKean and that revelation on camera 
Liz describes her mindset towards any such claims she investigates and for this she is to be credited. 
'I could believe anything is true, but I didn't KNOW that it was true, I was there to be convinced and persuaded' As indeed she was 'meeting her I absolutely KNEW that she was telling the truth' 
But you can always rely on a Savile film to go that one stretch of the imagination too far, when Ward comes out with this beauty on the doorstep 
'You won't be allowed to go ahead with this' 
'We will definitely'
You will NOT be allowed to go ahead with this, it won't happen'
Sounds a lot like a Merry Ann Jones script to me !

Makes one wonder why she got so pissed off when it was 'pulled' doesn't it ?

Part 2 - Dee's tale - and what fun we'll have with that !  




  1. Wonder if Liz Mackean was one of those being TOLD that Jimmy was a deviant in 2003, by Greg Dyke's agenda for change schmoozer.

  2. Just struck me.... why was Marion co-operating with a programme designed to "big up" his hated BBC? Hoping for a comeback?

    1. If either of you two haven't watched him on this, do ! He's clearly deranged