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Abused - Pt 2

Good grief, for a bunch of schoolgirls allegedly attacked by a monster in a Rolls Royce, Karin Ward and her pals had a jolly good laugh about it at the time ! 
 In her 'autobiography' which no-one would ever see or download, she wrote words to the effect of : I never thought of it as abuse. Sorry, I really can't be bothered to scroll through that book again to find the actual words, but I know I'm not far off. Indeed, she repeated the same to the press early on in the game.

No, she wasn't 'aware' of feeling any anger now towards Savile, maybe because she was too busy being angry with the journalists, one in particular !
 Hard not to be angry when everyone has you somewhere you weren't. Chew on that piece of irony if you will ! Ward wasn't in Exposure, but the worlds press and his wife placed her there just the same !
Twat Thomas had interviewed her but not for his October 3rd program. She describes events in her own blog - get ready for a bit more anger !
'last October' I thought it was five days AFTER Savile's funeral ?
It's not really Jimmy who's 'still hurting you' is it Karin ? 
Email response from Karin Ward to Fiona who she couldn't remember being at Duncroft with her because she WASN'T ! But I've covered that one already, repeatedly. Google Fiona, Rabbitaway, Karin Ward, Duncroft, anyone who wants to can find numerous blog posts on that one, including extracts from actual emails like the one above. Here's another 
No wonder Jones heaps so much praise on Ms Ward, keep your friends close and all that !

Now, for some light relief ! I hadn't meant to make Karin Ward the focus of part 2, it just happened that way. Let's get onto the next 'victim' presented to us in Abused.
The narrator informs us that after Merry ann's film was scuppered 'a former detective who'd worked on the piece, took the story to ITV and began working on his own documentary'
The screen then says 'nine months later' and 'September 30th 2012' (the interview with Lucy Manning was screened on 2nd October 2012 on ITV news)

'We had heard that ITV had this documentary that was going to make claims about Jimmy Savile . Straight away we knew this was going to be big and in the Sunday papers it got a lot of coverage ...... someone from the newsroom came over and said, 'we've had an email from a woman who wants to speak to a journalist about Jimmy Savile'

 Ever helpful, Manning does NOT say WHEN this email came in or even how this complete stranger to how TV companies work, was able to access ITV planning ! 
Next, we're treated to just PART of the interview made back then. Just a few words that is until we arrive at Dee's caravan home for her Abused interview ! Firstly, in an attempt to jettison any thoughts that she may have appeared a tad 'matter of fact' in her earlier appearance, she explains that she was on Beta-blockers that day 'I couldn't have done it without. But I felt when I looked at it I was so detatched from it ... sexual assault, so matter of fact. It wasn't matter of fact at all, it really wasn't and that's why I was determined not to take beta-blocker's today (she smiles) cos it is messy'
 Not quite how you'd expect someone about to talk about something very painful, to look is she ? Next, remembering she hasn't taken her beta-blockers, she becomes upset, yet manages to compose herself 
'My mum and I were dead close ... I was definitely going to be a teacher' Her mother took her on holiday to Jersey because she'd done so well at school. She says she was 14, an odd time to be congratulated for your grades, but moving along 
'I chose the hotel (God she sighs) How many 14 year olds chose holiday hotels even now ?
'We were at our table and he just wondered in with gold shorts and a vest ... worked the room came over to our table .. my mum thought it was incredibly exciting.
It was the next day that the assault happened. Next morning there was one other girl about my age staying at the hotel had a back door through the car park to take you to the beach, and that's where Savile was staying in his motor-home in the car park ...he came out and got this girl to take photos of me and him ..

The first two he's really pulling myself into him, thrusting his leg between my legs and it was ugh. I could tell when I look at that expression on my face I'm not comfortable with it.
 And then the third one, I do remember cos he said, oh he took his vest off and got me to stand behind him. I was more comfortable in that one.
Apologies guys and gals, those few pics are photo's off my tv screen, here are those I copied earlier, one's we've seen many times. Does she look in anyway 'uncomfortable' in ANY of these 

'and then we got invited into the van ... locked the door pulled me towards him ... ' Becomes very upset, tearful but says nothing more about what actually happened, choosing to bemoan the fate of others, sex with minors etc etc.
 'I didn't tell my mum what had happened. He was still in the hotel ans she was still talking to him, and I thought; you must know there's something wrong with me you must see it. And I really hated her in that moment' 
Oh my giddy God, now she's turning on her mother, blaming her for not protecting her
It's her job to protect me and that hadn't happened. I couldn't tell her, oh God I couldn't tell her. It's only because she's dead I was able to come forward when I did (sniff sniff)
 The interviewer remarks her current abode of choice, being a caravan by the sea, not dissimilar to the place in which she'd suffered such a 'horrendous experience' ?
Dee forgetting to remember to forget her beta-blockers, breaks into a hearty laugh  with a line that could have been drawn straight out of Jimmy Savile's own mouth !
'I never thought that .. really funny' and continues with a line that could have come straight out of an interview with Jimmy himself ..
'This is total freedom  ... (describing her joy at realising she might get her this home 'This is it - my house is going to happen'
Mmm, when did she buy this I wonder !
Her interview with ITV news broadcast on 2nd October 'her claim triggered an immediate public response' 
Cut to audio of a radio phone in, the Vine show I think. The great British public were astounded by the revelations. A few objected to the claims being made against a dead man
'maligning a man who made £40,000,000 for charity'
'if this is true, why did they not report it to someone'

The rest is, as they say, history, rather THEIR story, their spin. They had the upper hand, they controlled who was able to say what to whom. The little people's voices were drowned out and the UNTOLD story is yet to be told ! 
But we're working on it Jimmy, we really are !









  1. Dee's original story seemed to be that her and a friend went into Jimmy's caravan to have it away with him, and liked it so much they went back for seconds.

    The Jim’ll Fix It presenter locked Ms Coles and a friend in his caravan and sexually assaulted them on two occasions during the summer of 1972.

    1. Yeah saw that was gonna inc it but there's so may versions of her tale. Another report I didn't inc was her being reported as being a resident of HDLG !!

    2. Yeah, but then they had trouble linking Savile's Jersey 'flower festival' appearances so '72 became '74, the second attack became a wave to come over, the 14 became 15, the 15 became 14, and Christ knows what age they settled on.

      I haven't watched the programme (yet?) but the email to ITV says she was 15... making it difficult to explain the subsequent confusion. And here's a bit more:

      "Dee was the first person to come forward and accuse Savile of child abuse."

    3. Sorry, that should have been '71, not '74. Er, I think. Hard to keep track!

    4. Given that Jimmy is so inextricably linked by the coven to HDLG, it also rather raises the question why he was loitering in public car parks rather than heading down to the takeaway, along with Ted. 1972 would be about the same time Karin said she was there on holiday.

      What a pile of crap.

  2. Aw, hell, Rabbit. I've just managed to watch this.
    "Total freedom" didn't half jump out at me!

    1. That's what ££ does for you Misa !! Wonder how much she got paid

  3. I just can't bring myself to watch even a minute of this shite.

  4. The fact that no one ever gives us any FACTS, speaks volumes. Why aren't we told how old Dee was, when this malarky was supposed to have taken place, etc etc.
    Whoever sells their soul to appear in or make this shit, are lost !!

    1. It does say "Dee Coles Abused aged 14" on screen, though her initial email says 15. In the ITN interview snippet, she says, "I think it was just before I was 15, so I was 14."

      btw was the woman with the short grey hair who first appears at 1 min 03 secs ever introduced, or was she just padding?

    2. It's always 14 isn't it Misa ? Karin Ward was 14 until she had to go to court & confirm her age at the time of the alleged incident with Freddie. She was actually just days away from her 16th birthday

    3. God help me, but I just had a search through older articles here to refresh my memory - I'd happily forgotten spending ages trying to date the tax-disc of Savile's motorhome!

      I still haven't watched this latest televisual feast - downloaded it last night, so I'll get around to it eventually - but in Coles' own words she clearly claims to have been 14 in October 2012 and in November 2014 (around the 30' mark).

      Her co-abusee IS also 14 (not "about my age") and is a holiday friend with whom she is on the way to the beach when they encounter Savile. I'm guessing this friend has still failed to come forward, despite the enormous publicity given to the story...

      Maybe she'll blame the beta-blockers for the endless variations but it's simply not possible for Coles to have had any doubt about her own age at the time of the alleged event: she dates her own spiral into despair (and failure to become a teacher) from the very moment captured in the snaps she hung on to.

      I'd be genuinely interested to hear from, say, Lucy Manning (now with the BBC but working for ITV at the time of the 2012 interview linked to above): what checks, if any, are made to validate an interviewee's particulars, particularly their DATE OF BIRTH?

    4. More worryingly, Bandini, I've just spent a little while trying to find whatever it was you concluded about the tax disc. Heaven help us.

    5. Aaargh, I just bit my tongue while munching a raw carrot (no, really!), so bloody angry watching this nonsense.

      Re the ITV email: the last line we are (almost) permitted to see is probably: "I trained as a counsellor..."

      She goes from "a young 15 year old" in email to "a really naive 14 year old" (Woman's Hour, Nov.'14).

      The alleged attack took place the morning after her mother had been really taken with him over dinner. She had also already made friends with the vanishing girl, discovering her age & family circumstances - she was with her "mum and dad and brother" - but presumably not her name; they "hooked up" with one another (in time for their fateful trip to the beach the next morning).

      (The vanishing girl of course fled the hotel with her family after the 'attack', at least according to previous versions.)

      Misa, re the tax disc: I think we established that the pics are not from '71 (when there was still some doubt as to the year being claimed) as Savile's disc expiring in July 72 (and therefore covering August '71, assuming it was a 12-month disc) was clearly a different colour. But it's difficult to see whether that which appears in her photos is a blue '73 one (which would cover August '72). Head's in a spin!

      More tax-disc madness...

      Not sure if it's been mentioned before, but does Coles have a streak of greenish dye in her hair? I thought it was a faded photo, but appears in more than one snap. Enough for now!

    6. Just to remind everyone that Coles was a Trustee of a rape crisis group in Brighton as long ago as 2008, and probably before that too. Not a word about Jimmy even when she had that group to rely on for support.

    7. The green on the photo, Bandini...I just wondered whether Mum might have been painted/glued over...hold on, let's not go down that road again.

    8. No, Misa, let's NOT go there!
      It's photos-plural, though. And I mentioned it as Coles has claimed to have been an innocent thing who wouldn't even have discovered make-up:

      "I was a YOUNG 14-year-old... ...there's no way that any of my friends and I wore make-up and got dressed up or went out on the town..."

      LINK: Radio Jersey/Sara Palmer interview...

      From 2'30". Confusingly, she is claiming to be 54 (3rd October 2012) which blows my DOB-calculations (see below) out of the water - if she is being truthful, that is. But I don't think she is.

    9. Yes it's really weird how many of these headline 'never told' victims like Dee turn out to be abuse counsellors and activists. Remember same with Terret. Rape Crisis and the industry must be crap.

  5. To those too weary to watch this, I sympathise. However, given the high viewing figures and prominence of the programme, a detailed breakdown of each claim (with annotations on each interviewee) would be an important contribution. Relying on "what has already been established" will not convince those who deserve to be properly informed.

    If I had the funds I would commission a book setting it all down in detail. Until then we must rely on the diligence of the sort of people who post here. Thank you for your work.

    1. 2 million viewers, according the graun, Geoff. But it's awfully difficult to pin anything down because so little verifiable information is ever provided. Interesting little snippets slip out here and there - Spindler of the Yard admitting that he wasn't taking legal advice when he made his public pronouncements of guilt; allegators admitting they were taking drugs either at the time of the alleged incident or when making their allegations - but overall it's like nailing jelly to the wall.

    2. Cheers Geoff, and thank God we have folk like Misa, Bandini and Moor who go that one step further. I am proud of us all !

    3. Yes thank you very much for all your work.

    4. Also wasn't Savile questioned under caution in 2009 - thereabouts? Where were all these people then? Or were they not needed then? Or am I just confused?

  6. Angry comment: I was just skipping through the programme looking for Dee Coles' contribution, not really fancying a whole hour and a half of it in one go, and by chance I alighted upon a weird CGI-faced accuser.

    I didn't really pay much attention to Ray Teret's trial, but I do remember that after police had assured us that Savile was NOT involved this later changed when someone else came forward - presumably the woman who appears at 1'15" mark to say that in 1960 she "was raped by Jimmy Savile and Ray Teret".

    That was the closest Savile came to a 'posthumous trial', and despite Teret being found guilty of many things these did NOT include Savile:

    "... found not guilty of aiding and abetting Savile to rape a 15-year-old girl in the early 1960s."

    Unless there is some clarification hidden later - which I doubt - this would be appallingly manipulative of the show's makers; any casual viewer is going to believe that this claim was 'validated' in court. It wasn't.
    Absolutely shameful.

    1. Thanks for that heads up Bandini ! Much as I don't really want to, I must scroll through the rest of this film for completeness sakes. BTW, did the prog makers even mention the fact that these claims were just that, claims ? I'm thinking not

    2. Bandini's quite right that the programme didn't make clear that Teret was cleared on the Savile-related charge. But overall it was quite careful with wording about 'accusers' and 'allegations'. The general impression is still that Britain is overrun with paedos and pervs, but much of the detail is - I may be overstating this - presented with a degree of caution. Perhaps it's just allowing us to see what we all want to see, see our own prejudices reflected, but several of the subjects seem to be given almost enough rope to hang themselves. Some of the 'couple' interviews in particular were quite strange, with two people obviously having quite different thoughts on the subject under discussion.

      I have to say, I have some sympathy for Liz MacKean. As things are presented in the programme, her being confronted with Karin Ward's story was the moment everything came together. She was introduced to a clearly damaged, vulnerable woman, and believed her. I'm willing to believe that she'd not fully accepted the wider story until that moment. But once a serious journalist had accepted Karin's story, the whole thing had legs. Sure it was the two eejits, Mei and Mark, who stirred up the storm, but I wonder whether the serious press was not simply convinced because they knew Liz Mac wouldn't get it wrong.

      I'd love to know whether Ms MacKean has reflected on these things. I would find it hard to believe she hasn't.

    3. Think Mackean is solidly in the feminist and won't be recanting in her lifetime.

  7. Hi. I've been reading this site and I would like to ask - does the author/owner honestly believe Jimmy Savile to be completely innocent of the crimes he's accused of, and do you think Jimmy was therefore victim to a posthumous establishment witch hunt? And if so why?

    1. Hello Allan and welcome ! Your question is interesting, I've been asked it many times and all I will say is that I do NOT believe that Jimmy Savile raped or intentionally 'abused' anyone. I feel as though I'm a juror on a trial that never ends. A one-sided trial at that, because we never hear any challenge to ANY of the claims, so that's why I'm here. I care about Justice, and I care about Jimmy Savile and all the people whose lives he enriched even saved. As for establishment witch-hunts, Jimmy was not 'establishment' was he ? He had links to 'establishment' figures of course he did. Only by having these links was he able to do as much as he did (Stoke Mandeville etc). But, in reality, behind closed doors with his pals he was just an ordinary working class man who made good.
      Forget, was he innocent/guilty etc etc. Ask yourself if what happened to him is right ? I don't think it was, so here I am.
      This juror says 'Not Guilty'

    2. I have more than once tried to postulate the "why", but that becomes even more of a matter of opinion.

    3. If I'm honest I'm slightly suspicious too. I find it hard to believe he managed to abuse hundreds of people, almost in plain sight for the duration of his life, without one case to answer to. I find the official story troublesome to swallow.

      Equally, I find interesting the lack of true scope placed upon the vast abuse carried out by Pakistani Muslims nationwide, combined potentially with a separate expansive culture of abuse carried out by members of the establishment, yet I am to not only believe, but keep my eyes focused squarely on the case of the ultimate horror - Jimmy Savile.

    4. It's a campaign ! I concluded fairly early on that Operation Yewtree was a response to failings in the various agencies, responsible for protecting the most vulnerable in society. Read my post - The puppets on a string, just google it with my name (I'm on ipad at mo) Nothing to do with Jimmy, he's a scapegoat who died at just the right time for them !

    5. Hi Allan,
      For what it's worth I don't think that a largely, if not completely, false narrative can stand up for long unless there are a variety of players who find the fiction useful for a variety of reasons - and no one powerful with an incentive to undermine it.
      Who benefits? A short list would include any number of chancers looking for compo and attention, law firms raking in fees and publicity, the media loving a juicy story, police officers looking to make a name for themselves, a certain journalist seeking revenge on his aunt, those who want to damage the BBC and/or the NHS, the NSPCC drumming up trade, those who want to smear the Tory government of the time (even though Savile's links with them are exaggerated) etc, etc.
      Also loving it are the "accusation should equal guilt" end of the feminist spectrum often to be found infesting The Guardian along with those who (as you imply) use Savile as a way to divert attention from Muslim rape gangs.
      One might have thought that the BBC might have tried to defend its own former employee(s) but that is to forget how much the management and news departments loathe a) Light Entertainment, b) the dinosaurs of the 1970s. I also have no doubt that as soon as the story broke the execs didn't want to be on the side which would get them shunned from polite metropolitan society. Don't forget that in Guardian/BBC world the merest tentative query about the facts of a sexual-assault accusation will result in being called a "Rape Apologist" (complete with "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" pointing finger.)
      All the people supporting the fiction have to do is demonize anyone who even thinks about questioning it. It would take supernatural courage for anyone with a job or reputation to lose to come out fighting.
      It would probably need someone or some entity with vast moral authority to attack the story to even start to alter the public perception of Savile's guilt, and I don't see that on the horizon.
      Of course it's also extremely hard to prove that something DIDN'T happen - which is of course why the accusers are often so slippery over dates. Pin down a date too precisely and it's possible there would be irrefutable proof that someone as famous as Savile was hundreds of miles away. Keep the dates as vague as possible and there isn't that problem.

    6. Wow, John I couldn't have put it better myself ! Otherwise I would !!! A thousand thanks you're a star

    7. It's not just 'compo' and individuals - this whole farce has ushered in (or 'made overground') a 'Police State' situation, something that had been forming 'in plain sight' anyway. Jimmy's death coincided with Leveson (and the death of Janet Smith's beloved News Of The World) - now Leveson is all but forgotten and NOTW is held up by retired judges as gospel; and people (mainly men) all over the UK (famous or otherwise) are finding themselves having to defend, at a cost they cannot afford, ridiculous accusations that have no evidence.
      So many agenda's are combining, but the crux of it is getting the increasingly (frighteningly) ignorant public, en masse, demanding a Police State.

  8. Part 1:

    Instead of cracking on with the documentary last night I found myself puzzling once again over Dee Coles' age - until my head ached.

    I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to dates & ages generally & probably belong somewhere on a 'spectrum' of disorders, so I'd appreciate it if someone would grab pencil 'n' paper and check my tentative conclusions, as this story - a centrepiece of the Savile-claims - is so rickety that a well-aimed kick could bring it all crashing to the ground.

    Re-reading some articles and discovering others for the first time I was amazed at how practically every detail of Coles' story has varied:

    - the year
    - the number of 'attacks'
    - that second 'attack' consisting of Savile either 'waving' her (or them!) over, or Savile 'flashing' her (waving his dick?) from his motor-home
    - the 'warning' not to say anything from Savile (he did warn/he didn't)
    - whose idea the taking of photographs was
    - just about every other detail imaginable has been served up in a variety of flavours
    - the most important: WHEN it happened and HOW OLD she was.

    I decided to concentrate on the latter and see if an approximate age/date of birth could be arrived at. Given the mass of differing versions I had to settle on a couple and ignore the rest. I chose an article from the beginning & a far more recent one:

    LINK: The Argus, 4th October 2012...

    LINK: The Mirror, 12th June 2015...

    In the first, Coles is 55 in October 2012 & the incident took place when she was 14 in the summer of 1972:

    "Ms Coles, 55, said she was 14 years old when Savile sexually assaulted her on two occasions in a caravan at a holiday camp in Jersey... ...The Jim'll Fix It presenter locked Ms Coles and a friend in his caravan and sexually assaulted them on two occasions during the summer of 1972."

    In the second, Coles is 58 in June 2015 & the incident took place when she was 14 in August 1971:

    "... haunted her for the past 44 years... ... says Dee, now 58... Dee's ordeal took place in August 1971, when she was 14 and on holiday with her mum Maureen..." [note: in 'Abused' Dee states that her mother was 40 when Dee was born]

    1. Part 2:

      Having in mind her email to ITV in which she claims to have been 15 at the time, and also bearing in mind the devastation caused to her life by the incident, it is impossible for me to believe that she could have any doubt about her age or the date of the attack:

      ""He wrecked my life," she says. "I left school at 14 and got through life using drink and drugs." She tried to overdose twice. Then she left home at 15."

      I'm working on the assumption, therefore, that she WAS 15 and that this was whittled down to 14 for dramatic effect. This might explain the anomolies in the date of the incident, and why the second article states that it took place in 1971: someone at the Mirror may have simply noted that the dates didn't add-up, that it MUST have been in 1971 for her to have been 14. But...

      But it was almost certainly NOT 1971: Savile was in Jersey in '72, looking much as he does in her snaps & sporting what seems to be the same watch, etc..

      We know that he was there on 7/8/72 as footage exists. I'm using this date as the date of the 'attack' as it is possible he only turned up shortly before the Battle of Flowers (or vanished shortly afterwards).

      (Anyone still following?!?)

      So, bumbling hopelessly with the use of online age/date calculators I tried to find an approximate DOB which would validate her stated age at the time of the two different articles. Unless I'm going mad - ahem! - the date-range is quite narrow: 5/10/56 to 12/6/57.

      Any earlier DOB and she would have been 56 (not 55) at time of Argus article, any later and she would have been 57 (not 58) at time of Mirror article.

      DOB: 5/10/56
      Age on 4/10/2012: 55 years 11 months 29 days
      Age on 12/6/2015: 58 years 8 months 7 days
      Age on 7/8/1972: 15 years 10 months 2 days

      DOB: 12/6/57
      Age on 4/10/2012: 55 years 3 months 22 days
      Age on 12/6/2015: 58 years 0 months 0 days
      Age on 7/8/1972: 15 years 1 months 26 days

      Anywhere within the range finds her to be 15; as it has been stated that the incident took place just before her birthday the earlier date makes more sense (although it would be 'just before' her 16th, not 15th).

    2. Not sure, but she looks older than 15 in that photo to me. The way she has him round the neck, makes me think she's older !!!

    3. Why did she keep those holiday snaps all those years and in such good condition?

  9. I'm assuming Steven George/Alison Pink/Jamilla has now been dropped by the meeja. Dee is a pretty good lookalike.

  10. On 4th October in her own words, "I might as well be 14 instead of 54".

    Repeatedly says 40 years ago aged 14.

    Sharpen your calculator Bandini.


    1. Not the 4th, BC, but the 3rd - ouch!

      I can't listen to that, presumably 'cause I'm outside the UK, but I assume it is the same interview as I've already linked to up above, in which I mention that she claims to be 54, thereby destroying my calculations - IF she is telling the truth.

      Here are some reasons why she may not be:

      - she mentions that she spoke to ITV "yesterday", having asked to do so. Please refer to the email above where she contacts them & states that she was a "young 15 year old".

      - here, she says she was a "young 14 year old".

      - at 6'17" she reveals that "there's only two friends I've ever told about it", one of whom contacts HER as the Savile-madness hits town.

      - other reports suggest she never told anyone.

      - in the ITV report of the day before she states, as Misa points out: "I think it was just before I was 15, so I was 14."

      - given that her schooling ended at 14 because of Savile, it's difficult to reconcile such vagueness.

      I've been through her story a couple of times now & it simply doesn't stack up. That will undoubtedly be in part down to sloppy journalism (elastic dates & ages). But I'm off out now, so...

  11. Dunno, Moor, but she "gave them away" by the time of the ITV interview (2nd October 2012).

    1. [That was a reply to Moor at 15 April 2016 at 09:39]

  12. I tried some amateur research on Dee Coles real age - didn't get far because Dee could mean any number of names and Coles may not be her born name.

    I did find a Telegraph article stating:

    Dee Coles claims entertainer Jimmy Savile abused her while she was living at the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey.


    There are quotes from here - sloppy journalism or was she still fine tuning her story?

    This character is doing my head in - surely Dame Janet MUST have addressed these inconsistencies or was such fact checking outside her remit?

    Sorry if it's been covered elsewhere - I've read so much and with so many 'victims' having similar fact (yeah right) evidence I've lost the plot.

    Rant over.


    1. @BC
      Coles wouldn't feature in Smith as her story is totally unrelated to the BBC.

    2. I think Moor pointed out how Dee and Karin's life stories appear to have merged !!! That and Dee's unnerving physical resemblance to Steven George

    3. BC, the Telegraph's HDLG tale seems to have been theirs & theirs alone; I think on this occasion we can put it down to bad journalism (the race to publish not leaving time for the most basic fact-checking).

      But it's not always easy working out where the failure of one body ends & the malfeasance of another begins - I'm making a half-hearted attempt at assembling a 'Dee Coles Timeline' just to get my head around the endless twists 'n' turns in the story and to see where it leads.

    4. BC, the name is Denise, I seem to recall. Obviously the surname is another matter. But I'm not sure this is really worth pursuing. If her dates are out by a few weeks, or months, that's well within the plausible effects of trauma. Am I missing something about the significance of all this?

    5. Think you'll find is firmly batting for the ladies team.

    6. Misa, this would indeed suggest her name is probably Denise: Former Twitter name (now 'Untitled').

      There may be no significance at all; then again, with the knowledge we have we might be able to find her true age. The BMD database is excellent. With her mother's first name and approximate age we can cross-reference the maiden-names of those 'mothers of a possible Dee' and then search for the older brother. The info is out there, it's just a slog (that may lead nowhere):

      BMD Database...

    7. I notice she's from Worthing !!! OMG is she MsA in levitt ? or would that be the other woman feaured with her husband on preview ? I still haven't watched >21 mins yet

    8. Rabbitaway, she lives there now but was in Brighton (close by). I'm guessing she's from that area.

      Misa, a possible significance: there are plenty of 'Denise Coles' up to September '57, then none up 'til December '59.

      (A bit of caution with the dates as they refer to quarters and so can be out by a bit.)

  13. Thanks Bandini I usually check before I pass such remarks. It was just a hunch

  14. Coles looks well over 60 to both me and my photographer buddy (he's a lifelong press guy over 60 himself).

    In the motor home photo we reckon Coles is 18+.

    Hence my interest in her true age and therefore the truth. I hate liars.

    Telegraph may have been sloppy BUT it's still live on their site. Does that indicate they stand by the story?

    I do appreciate that incompetence is a factor in many organisations and is the root cause of many a conspiracy theory but I don't believe a UK national would publish a totally unchecked article about such a serious matter. A correction or deletion would surely follow?


    1. Yes, I think she could easily be 18 or even older. In the photo of her & her mam she's a kid but I'm growing more confidant that she's no kid in her holiday snaps ! She's a liar

    2. It's really hard to tell; I remember studying those TOTP pictures of the 'dancing dollies' and seeing the same girl looking about 5-years-younger in one photo than another...

      And Coles was fairly sturdy looking - that can deceive, too, I suppose. But we'll get there in the end!

      One thing: the turnaround time from her email (possibly 30th Sept.2012) to ITV interview (2nd Oct.) and BBC (3rd Oct.) is pretty impressive.
      And in the ITV one we have this:

      "For Dee Coles after looking at the holiday photos one last time, she's now given them away. Lucy Manning ITV News, Brighton."

      Where did they go? Who got them? I was trying to see when they appeared in press but without much luck.

    3. And why didn't she have any photos of her mam & Savile inside the hotel ! Her mam was star struck by all accounts, how come she never got a snap of him at their table for her mam ?

  15. From Moor on twitter

    Dee Coles says #Savile raped her in 1972 aged 15
    2010 she says she was running a Women's Resource Centre at the time

    1. This may be the place where she was "in the early 1970s":

      There's a book recounting its history; wonder if she's in it?

  16. Hear what one of our clients says about us:

    "I have experienced Liz and her team to be highly professional and incredibly caring in their work with me on the Savile case. How can I get you to know though how professional, how caring??

    Really, unless you're me, I doubt that you can.

    For this is a hard case, a hard time for me. And it goes on, and on.

    So, sometimes I'm on the phone to Jessica, ranting and raving. And she stays with it, with me. Another time I can revert to the child that was sexually assaulted by Savile and I'm crying. Again she hangs in there. And yeah, that's what Liz and her team do, they hang in there and they say "hang in there Dee".

    They believe me. They fight for me. On and on.

    I'm sure others can put it far more eloquently than me, so I'm just speaking from my heart when I say the guys at Slater and Gordon work with good practice, excellent communication but far more importantly they work ( and work bloody hard) with good heart, with love, love for justice, love for humanity."

    Dee Coles

  17. This is messy but......

    News - 2010
    Mon, 29 Nov 2010 09:25:27 +0000

    OTS South Swimmer of the Year
    Dee Coles's hard work and determination has paid off over the past year as she has been awarded 'Most Improved Swimmer of 2010' for Out to Swim South.
    Recently Michelle Weltman (our head coach) was very excited to notice how much Dee's swimming had come along since her previous visit (Dee's first swim session) back in the spring. We have had quite a few people this year who have also made some good improvement, thanks must also go to Steve and Brian for their help.
    The first thing you need to know about her...although she did not travel to Gay Games in Cologne, Dee made sure she was at every one of our additional 50m Sunday training sessions at Crawley, she made sure she did the 1,500m practice races we were doing and promised that would be one of the first races she would enter. If we all think back to our first ideas about swimming in a competition with Out to Swim ... I think most of us tend to opt for a 50m! The next thing is that from the first session Dee came to she just got on with trying to improve and finish the sets, no complaining or whingeing, just a positive attitude, determined, gritted teeth to make it work for her. The kind of spirit that we hope every new swimmer would adopt.
    In less than a year she has also volounteered to look after and follow up on new swimmers, again she is the perfect person to do this as she oozes welcome and friendliness and a charm which is unique. We are very lucky to have her as part of the club and she thoroughly deserves this reward of all her hard work in the pool. Watch out for her at the next competition, or perhaps come and visit us in Brighton at 16h30 on Saturdays for our 90 minute session.

    Dee, with a bit of prompting by Pascal, was asked to reply:
    Wow I have to say receiving my first swimming award at the age of fifty three and three quarters has come as a real surprise! It is the most prized to me, Out to Swim South most improved swimmer. And without wandering into Oscar mode I really do want to thank all the team who are so supportive. To our two coaches who know so much, except the word can't!! Special mentions to Pascal, Ady, Kate and Steph for driving me on, often literally by giving me lifts.
    It can be hard work, especially swimming several lengths whilst laughing at a ridiculously funny remark, Shouman & Carl take a bow!
    Out to Swim is so unique and very precious to me. (Pascal Anson)
    News - 2010
    Sun, 21 Nov 2010 12:11:27 +0000

    So that's aged 53 and 3/4 in article dated November 2010. If we accept that she was being truthful in that article and it was written up in a timely manner then....

    2010.8 - 53.75 Gives birth date of early 1957. Age in early 1971 is therefore either 14 or just turned 15. Age in early 1972 either 15 or just turned 16.

    By summer 1972 COLES, by this account would have been 16 years old.

    It is her BTW. Here is the photo.

    Apologies for the messy post.


    Had to amend various html with x in places in order to post....

    1. Excellent, BC!

      The article in which she claims to be 53 & three-quarters is dated 29th November 2010, so her birthday would likely be in January/February; I'm going to pick the 1st of February which would make her 55 years 9 months 28 days at that time & re-calculate her age for those dates I chose up above:

      DOB: 1/2/1955
      Age on 4/10/2012: 57 years 8 months 3 days
      Age on 12/6/2015: 60 years 4 months 11 days
      Age on 7/8/1972: 17 years 6 months 6 days

      I think this story is worthy of a 'real' journalist taking it up. The whole fraud is evident - press & P.I. using her to persistently lie to the world.

    2. A clickable-link of BC's treasure-trove, with another pic of Coles:
      Link: Google-cache of November 2010 article plus more...

    3. Bollocks! I posted in haste & now look like an idiot... the proposed DOB at 4:49 is two-years out.

      DOB: 1/2/1957 (making her age on 29/11/2010 53 years 9 months 28 days)
      Age on 4/10/2012: 55 years 8 months 3 days
      Age on 12/6/2015: 58 years 4 months 11 days
      Age on 7/8/1972: 15 years 6 months 6 days

      Whatever, she sure as hell wasn't 14 - as all those complicit MUST have known.

  18. If you search Google for Dee Coles Testimonial Aquafit you will find a 2015(or earlier?) claim that she is nearly 60.

    Rabbitaway must have pulled my other comment (it's not verifiable to be her).


  19. Anonymous @04:55 I haven't pulled any comments ??

    1. I #believed it had been posted. I saw it with my own it's gone!

      Just goes to show - never #believe anything seen on the Internet....or in the press...

      Seriously though - I was posting from a tablet device - anything could have gone tits up after I pushed the button. I made the bold assumption that it crossed a line and had been removed. Clearly it was a glitch...or a cover up.... ;)

      Thankfully Bandini has provided links.

      BTW the leisure centre WordPress file/folder structure for the image on that page indicated published date 12/15.


    2. Oop Anonymous, things like that do happen on this blog. I like to think that supernatural forces are at work, but that's just me ! I can assure you now that I did not remove your comment x

  20. Replies
    1. Anonymous Person17 April 2016 at 19:51

      Hello Bandini. I strongly believe it to be the case that the person known as Discovery77 - a major pusher of all this crap, in the Icke forum and on Twitter, as I'm sure you're aware - is a recovered-memory therapist, pretending to be an ordinary, outraged person. Do you have any knowledge of this? It is something that has been bothering me for a while. I think it is wrong that someone so warped and twisted should be allowed access to anyone's "memories". As far back as November 2012, she was calling for an "overarching inquiry". There is an extraordinary amount of dodginess which seems to have been allowed to go on, since 2012.

    2. If your stomach is strong enough, Anonymous Person, try speaking to this charmer - not that I'd recommend placing ANY faith in either of 'em!

    3. Anonymous Person18 April 2016 at 05:22

      I've managed to avoid interacting with him, but I had spotted that and thought that's what he might be alluding to. After becoming aware of her name and the counselling Twitter account, I noticed a tweet criticising Barbara Hewson. This tweet was deleted after attracting unwanted attention. Of course, she has repeatedly denied it is her. Discovery77 was actually deactivated from Twitter for a period of time (December / January) - until the counselling account was tagged, quickly resulting in it's deactivation, and quickly followed by the return of Discovery77 in fighting form just minutes after it being noticed that the counselling account had gone. More recently I have been looking through the Icke Savile thread and saw her saying that people should show their support for Steven Messham on Twitter, having previously spotted the counselling profile had tweeted support to him at this time - pre-dating the Discovery77 Twitter account. There is an event page showing her specialised interest in working with 'survivors' making disclosures of abuse.

    4. @anonymous person
      Despite Nick/Carl/Steven being outed as an utter fraud, all the experts and therapists supporting him in one of his aliases remain unfettered by media criticism of their gullibility and poor judgement.

  21. Having trawled through the Jersey Independent Inquiry transcripts I can confirm
    1. Only one complaint was made during the 2007-9 inquiry re Savile. That was a witness who made 3 statements feb 2008 August 2008 and ?April 2009
    In Feb 2008 no mention of JS
    Aug 2008 said JS was at HdlG and there was a pic -re the Liberation run' and started to say something but was cut off
    In April? 2009 developed this to say taken aside and abused by JS
    This person (male) made lots of progressive allegations against other. He did not give evidence to the inquiry but his statement was admitted. He appears to be an unreliable witness.
    So this is the only ref to a complaint known to the police, as it was made after Harper removed from inquiry he was correct in saying noone made a complaint against JS when he was running it.
    Note this is despite the welter of publicity around the Sun article in March 2008.
    It would appear that the picture of JS at HdlGarenne was in April 76, This was when the Walk - also termed an easter egg walk. took place. One person submitted a copy of the certificate signed by JS as having completed the sponsored walk. It has his trademark sig.
    Other people remembered being in the pic, but had to admit they were not (this was in evidence to the current inquiry, not the original police investigation). None made any complaint or remembered anything odd, whether or not they were in the pic.
    One person was contacted by Yewtree because he was identified as being in the pic. He said he had no memory of this.
    If this was the case, then presumably Karin Ward and Dee Coles were also interviewed by Yewtree in connection with Jersey.
    Another person claimed that JS had stayed with his mother on at a shop and slept on the couch - only now did he think this was sinister etc The allegation appears to have been hearsay if not made up.
    One former worker at HdlG claims JS parked his camper van in the grounds during his stay. It's quite possible he did this in April 76 - but there are no reports of visits to the camper van.
    There's a posthumous post allegations Jersey newscutting which says that JS visited Jersey frequently connected to his mother being in a home and also was prominent in a local charity event (Battle of the Flowers or something) which included being with beauty queens . There were no reports of actual complaints other than stripping down to underpants in the heat . A number of people said how wonderful he was in charity events and never knew the 'dark side' etc.
    So much ado about the usual it seems. Can't see that JS involved with HdlG other than in April 76
    All the complainants appear to have made compo claims to the jersey redress scheme before the Indpendent Inquiry.
    Allan Collins was the rep for the Jersey Care Leavers - one can expect another and renewed tranche of compo claimsoutside the redress scheme.
    Oh yes - a little extra the Newsnight episode where Meirion was the editor. The one subject to a complaint by Frank Walker. What happened was an earlier radio interview was edited and put on the screen while Walker was being interviewed - this was misleading and the basis of the interrogation by Paxman - but Paxman had been given an even more prejudicial version of it - so it was doubly cooked (Paxman apologised for his mistake - but it took the complaints system to finally own up to the on screen editing - thank you Meirion for taking ownership of this on Twitter - otherwise we would never have known who the culprit was)

    1. re.Savile at HDG in 1976... I'm vindicated then.

    2. Maggie, whereabouts in the transcripts did you find the above ? OMG, these reports are as helpful as ever. Piles of bullshit, it's like prospecting for Gold !!

  22. Thank you Maggie, I've spent a good deal of time looking at the Jersey Tales. It is noticeable that Alan Collins secured compensation for several folk long before anyone even mentioned Savile. That's off the top of my head, I'll link the relevant blog post later cos I'm not on my laptop at the moment !

  23. Should have guessed you'd have got there first. Well done.

  24. MAGGIE - His mother was not in any home. She loved Jersey and visited often. She was completely independent until she died! Great comment and thank you!Thank you all!

    Wake up you journos and print all of this, redeem yourselves!!!

    1. Thanks Rita - amazing that a local journo report got it so wrong!I didn't know that myself but assumed a local report would not have so erred without correction Was just reporting what was published. Lucy Stephenson as I recall. It's there in the Inquiry

    2. Interesting Maggie, I didn't know it was mentioned in an inquiry - where did they get that from?? She died in Filey 9 Oct 1972 after spending the week happily in Leeds. I've lost count how much rubbish I can prove is wrong but no-one cares except you lovely folk - it'd be a full time job searching for it all - just like this Jersey story, new to me today! Head hurts!

    3. I can't post a screen shot here but it's buried in the inquiry exhibits - says she was at a care home in St Helier and that he was contstantly visiting.
      But this also throws a spanner in the works re the med sec at Leeds on the doc - in Leeds report (I think) says she went to Mum's house for a cup of tea and this was at the time JS was buying the Roundhay flat - think that was bought mid to late 70s from first owner? Not an expert on these matters but clearly dates don't add up.

  25. Is there no limit to the nonsense they ask us to believe? It would seem not as here is Olly Lambert (director of 'Abused: The Untold Story'):

    "Take Dee Coles, the first person I interviewed. Her assault was probably less than ten minutes and it happened 40 years ago. But it has shaped every facet of her life. It changed who she could have relationships with, and how she had relationships. Because of what Savile did to her she vomited, which means she has a phobia of being sick, which means she can't ever get on a plane. If she's on the last bus home and she sees someone who she thinks might be sick, she gets off and walks. This woman's life has been completely reconfigured by these few minutes."

    And I can't even muster a chuckle this time.

    1. And yet she didn't breathe a word until 2012 - after 40 years of phobias and rape crisis activism and a sex abuse counsellor. How blind can you be?
      Will those who know the real history of Dee Coles step forward?

    2. is Olly trying to say Jimmy made Dee a Lesbian?

    3. Dee is still apparently a virgin, so I'm curious as to what the sexual attack actually was.

    4. Goodness Gracious. I'm assuming she has made that claim herself someplace?

    5. Too much information, Anonymous!

      I've already linked to it up above somewhere but in this Women's Hour Interview (from approx. 30') Coles describes what she claims Savile did to her when she was "a really naive 14 back in the early 70s".

      If you are doubtful as to the ability of a man to simultaneously control two teenagers - perhaps having seen a parent try & fail to control two unruly toddlers in the supermarket or summat - you must remember that Savile had a Magickal Eye-ball Ring; not only did this bestow him with super-human strength but it also mounted a protective shield around wherever he happened to be. (A bit like in the Simpson's Movie, I s'pose.)

      On this occasion the 'dome' surrounded the camper-van & prevented anyone who happened to be passing by - on their way to the car or to the beach itself - from hearing a single yelp pass through the thin tin walls & single-glazed windows. A strange cloud formed over the hotel & a general wooziness descended upon its inhabitants, leaving them idiotically oblivious to the torment of the two lasses as they were turfed out after having suffered a violent sexual attack... such was Savile's power!

      I'm a bit knackered at the moment so I can't be bothered deconstructing the interview; suffice to say, EVERY particular has changed over time. It's total bullshit.

    6. @Bandini
      Too little information in my opinion. I'm not sure such bald statements should be made, without some sort of reference, even if it is simply that someone knows this on a personal basis, in which case it is said but remains unevidenced otherwise. However, if Coles has indeed made this claim in the past, then a reference to it is essential.

    7. Moor, she mentions in the Woman's Hour interview how the 'normal relationship' path through life became impossible, but the following is perhaps what the claim of Anonymous was justifiably based upon:

      ""He wrecked my life,” she says. “I left school at 14 and got through life using drink and drugs.”

      She tried to overdose twice. Then she left home at 15.

      “I had a boyfriend for three years and we moved in together,” she says.

      “But I’ve never had sex completely... because of the attack.

      “Someone said to me, ‘Which part of your body do you hate the most?’ I said: ‘My breasts, I’d have them cut off tomorrow.’

      Mirror article about Maitland play, 12th June 2015

      P.S. Unless someone beats me to it THIS comment will be comment number 99; wouldn't it be great if Dee herself posted the one-hundredth?

      Come on, Dee, to hell with those rotten crooks of the media & legal professions - turn 'whistleblower' and save yourself! You don't owe THEM anything...

  26. Was always a rad fem dilemma Moor - remember this at a press conf late 80s - the femmlesgals could not decide which way to take it. They'd all been abused -but hadn't hadn't formulated policy re sexuality.

  27. Moaning about the BBC using a mock-up photo in a drama, who might we find but the Liz 'n' Dee double-act:

    "Liz Dux, from legal firm Slater and Gordon which is representing 168 Savile victims, said: ‘My clients have had enough of Savile’s image invading their lives. It shows a total lack of sensitivity.’
    One victim, Dee Coles, said: ‘No one can understand how distressing it is to see images of him time and time again.’"

  28. Everyone - here's one I did earlier just ONE Jersey claim alleged to have been made during HDLG investigation. Alan Collins managed to rack up 6 'victims' by Nov 6th 2012.

  29. My word, great work, guys and gals!

  30. I just looked at the Ommoroo Hotel on Google maps....the hotel is on a sea front road. There is another building with a small car park directly opposite between the Ommoroo and the beach.

    The car park for the Ommaroo today is off a back Street some considerable distance from the beach.

    There may be an aerial view circa 1972 available elsewhere to verify the layout back then.

    As it is today the car park is the least direct route to the beach when the hotel has perfectly serviceable exits at the front....near the sea.

    I would be interested in contemporary photos of the hotel and it's surroundings. The campervan images show brickwork reflected in the glass. The camera angle is quite low so anything reflected would have to be behind and above the camera position - quite a high wall or building.

    Evidence is good - it ties things together. Dates, events, images, buildings - things that are real that can be checked and verified rather than distant memories....

  31. Me again...

    The shirtless photo of Savile is taken at the centre of the van. There is what appears to be a lighting pole or similar structure reflected in the van window. Did they have such car park lighting in the early 70s?

    There is nothing similar on site today. Again contemporary photos may help.

    A wing was added to the hotel in the 'large 20th century'. Suggests 80s/90s to me. The old coach house remains but the other bits at the back may not have been there at all 40+ years ago.

    It does seem like there's a route via the back down to the sea front....perhaps back then it was expected to go the back way to the beach. Especially if your room was at the back.


  32. OK, looks like Dee ain't gonna play ball so here I'll post the 100th comment !

  33. And a bit more from Olly Lambert, telling the same story as above but with some new details:

    "There was one woman, Dee. She’s found the very act of speaking to a stranger, who is also a man, and being able to tell everything that happened to her for the very first time, made her realise she could say it. And she wouldn’t be causing disgust in me, and she actually realised that she was accepted and that it wasn’t her fault and that there was somebody who would listen. Speaking about it in that way to a stranger, and being part of a chorus of voices within the film that all speak of the same experience, has just been really profound for her. She’s a completely different person to the person I met a year ago. It’s very moving. She’s just transformed."

    "The thing that really jumped out from the very first conversation I had with a victim of Savile was the way that this single event, which might have been a matter of minutes, decades ago, was how they had completely reshaped a person’s life. Had configured everything in their life. In the case of one person, there was a very serious sexual assault which probably took about ten minutes. Immediately, that little girl never really trusted her mum again, because she felt that her mum had allowed it to happen in some way. She cannot have a relationship with a man; she couldn’t have a physical intimacy. She tried to have a relationship with a woman and couldn’t really have physical intimacy. Because of the nature of the assault she had a phobia of being sick, or being around people being sick. And that meant she would never get on an airplane. So she wouldn’t travel..."

    A bit more here.
    (Unsure why the idea that she 'thought she was the only one' is so oft-repeated, almost as though the 'vanishing second victim' has been conveniently forgotten now.)

  34. I'd forgotten about the following - Dee Coles speaking for 8-minutes about the DJS Review: Woman's Hour 26th February 2016.

    We're back in 1971, and she's fourteen. [Groans]
    Why they thought an alleged victim with no connection whatsoever to the BBC might be best placed to speak about a review INTO the BBC is anyone's guess. But my guess is that her pals at the S&G Talent Agency put her up to it (as to all the others).

    Anyway, Coles calculates that the hidden victims yet to come forward are numbered in their THOUSANDS - five, to be precise.
    And once again we hear about how her life was absolutely ruined until a spot of therapy a while back. It's very hard to reconcile this with the life portrayed in mostly-now-deleted social-media missives. In fact, it's downright impossible.

    Are there really no journalists willing or capable of exposing this farce?

    1. Given we have a Judiciary promoting abuse by wombles and all that goes with that, I guess the journalists should be the least of our worries. The truth is out here.

    2. Anyway, Coles calculates that the hidden victims yet to come forward are numbered in their THOUSANDS - five, to be precise.

      You do make me larf Band' x

    3. Moor, at least DJS admitted to having doubts over the truthfulness of that original scripted episode of the Wombles - something Jenni Murray ought to have had when listening to rubbish about a possible 5,000 victims - and it was only when a further 'victim' came forward to bolster those suspect claims (the new 'victim' coincidentaly managed by the same firm of compensation-seeking lawyers as the first 'victim') that DJS felt able to sign-off the load of old tosh as 'fact'.

      I'm uncomfortable with poking my nose too deeply into others' lives but the innaction of those who more rightly ought to be delving into this is forcing my hand - so I'll pop these nuggets in here in the off-chance that a journo might rediscover a sixth-sense for a smashing story. Quick recap:

      - She was 14. No, she wasn't.
      - It was 1971. No, it wasn't.
      - It took place "just before" her birthday. No, it didn't.

      (By the way, Moor, I'm still assuming that the photos ARE of Coles... but I'm no longer as dismissive of the idea that they may not be.)

      "Dee is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and adheres to their code of practice and ethics."

      I have been unable to verify that she is/was BACP registered, although funnily enough the venue where this 'counselling' was said to have been practiced was directly opposite a barber's shop and clearly visible from its window. (You'll recall that 'barber' was given as her, er, unusual occupation in those 'early drafts'. More on this later.)

      Regarding the alleged phobia - mentioned by Olly Lambert & blamed upon Savile - the facts again would seem to contradict its truthfulness: being particularly fond of her food she is never so happy as when dining out amongst groups of friends, perhaps celebrating an anniversary or monetary windfall.

      Considering herself to be somewhat of an expert in exotic cuisine her knowledge is based upon experiences in that foreign land's restaurants - a land not normally reached by bus (nor puke-inducing ferry, for that matter).

      Perhaps there is a perfectly innocent explanation for this discrepancy - and for all the others too! A hungry hack might easily discover the truth with the benefit of a door-opening 'Press' badge (if only they would lay off reading the competition's output & regurgitating it in a very-slightly-differently-worded version).

      Back to that barbershop with which Ms. Dee Coles seems to be connected - records show the involvement there of a Mr. Dean Coles (the 'older brother' or the 'unmentioned father', perhaps?).

      Again, a newshound's nose might be a-twitching, or have they all been cruelly chained to the wall?

      Dee Coles is the finger in the dyke (no pun intended - honest!) behind which uncountable cubic-litres of effluent have accumulated.

    4. [Having read through the above I see I may have given the impression that the 'link to the barbershop' was based on its geographical nearness to a 'treatment' centre; it wasn't.]