Monday, 11 April 2016

Jimmy did NOT have a vasectomy - FACT

No doubt, we'll not be told how old 'Pauline' today. That would make things too easy for the fair-minded, wishing to check whether any of her story has even a chance of being true. You see 'Pauline' age 24 puts herself in Jimmy's mother's house in Leeds. The fact she refers to the scene of the alleged crime, as being 'the star's mother's house' indicates Mrs Savile had not as yet moved to Scarborough !
 She went for a cup of tea, got raped and then got told not to worry because her attacker had had the snip ! Goodness Gracious, does this even sound plausible ? How many rapists tell their victims not to worry .... ? It's rubbish isn't it ?
Of course Jimmy having had 'the operation' would explain how he managed to rape hundreds if not thousands of women/girls without one single confirmed pregnancy/birth. Hard lines Liz 
So, what do we have to look forward to tonight ? 

Yes, that's Dee Cole and here's another 'victim' !

Why didn't she try contacting Peter Spindler in 2001/2. He was after all,knee deep in famous sex offenders (slight exaggeration) back then ! 

Ray Galloway ? I've not heard of him before ! Be interesting to see what comes out of his mouth ! 

Here's how Minnow put it 
 The Mail provides the most detailed account of what to expect tonight !
Which brings me back to the question of that vasectomy ! You see, irrefutable proof exists that Jimmy did NOT have a vasectomy EVER !
Of course, the question as to whether Jimmy actually had a vasectomy or not doesn't mean Pauline is telling lies. Remember, she says he boasted of having the snip, that doesn't mean he did. But why even mention it and where was she when Georgina Ray's paternity claim surfaced ? Wouldn't that make you bloody angry, knowing you'd been raped by some bloke who afterwards boasted about having the snip ?

Of course, Jimmy himself told us all a long time ago about his feelings all things vasectomy related. Tell us Jim, did you have 'the operation' ? 
 'because it looks like I've had the operation' 

It would be funny if it weren't so damn horrible ! 
It's all bullshit innit ?






  1. Just look at the size of that girl next to him.... :-D

    Emphasises how Jimmy was not a physically big man and I recall noting that Dee Coles was as big as he was, assuming that is her in the photo. and yet she contended that even though she had her mate with her, both of them were physically overwhelmed. They might have been overwhelmed, but 'tweren't by force.

    I've laways had strong doubts it is Dee and suspect she got that photo someplace else and passes it off as herself. I get the impression she is very short. I'd be interested in the tale of the tape if they tell it tonight.

  2. I'm struggling to see this where I am. I got as far as loading the iplayer page, with this description:

    "Documentary telling the story of those who stood up and broke their silence about sexual abuse following revelations about Jimmy Savile in 2012, changing Britain forever."

    ...changing Britain forever. Shudders.

  3. Jimmy himself didn't move to Scarborough until 1971, didn't he? And it was sometime after that he bought the adjoining flat for his Mum ( because every peado rapist likes having his Mum next door!) So Pauline must be at least 70 now.
    I didn't watch the programme and have no intention of sitting through it all. Did they show Pauline at all?

    1. Jimmy bought his mum a flat in Scarborough when she was 70, which would make it 1958/59

  4. in that case, I had the date wrong (I took from a website which said Jimmy moved into Scarborough 40 years before he died).
    So, that would make Pauline in her 80s now. Poor old demented lady, being dragged around TV studios in her state!

    1. Jimmy didn't move to Scarborough did he ??
      His mam was there from 1965 ! FACT

    2. He had homes everyplace... :-)

      Think the moving of mum sequence was that he got her out of the Leeds house, but then continued to live there himself when Leeds suited him, but not sure when he moved to Roundhay. Recall he lived in a different flat to the famous penthouse one at first.

      Jim's bio-book refers to his "seventy year old" mum but I guess he may have just meant she was in her seventies, so my assumption of 1958 mentioned above may be just that, and 1965 the correct year.

    3. Of course any self respecting journo would only have to check land Registry !!!

    4. The media ran a story about events on his houseboat I recall, which were about 20 years after the houseboat had ceased to exist.