Sunday, 24 April 2016

For a Prince in heaven

Prince - I loved his music since forever so here's my Prince story 

I can't remember exactly WHEN I realised that Prince was to play Leeds Arena, but I do know that the tickets sold out in 15 minutes on 2nd May 2014. So there I was at exactly 12.00 on Tickmaster like thousands of others and I can tell you now guys and gals, it wasn't easy, the process was confusing and if you were lucky enough to actually get in the queue for a ticket, the worst thing you could do was give up the ones offered hoping to secure better ones !! 
And that's exactly what I did, I gave them up and started again. OMG, several more tries and all seemed lost, I kept seeing some message that more or less said, none left. I was gutted, and then at 14 minuites past 12, this happened 
I actually managed to get FOUR, yes four tickets, two standing and two sitting. To this day I don't know how I managed it, but I did and despite feeling really ill that May night in Leeds, me and a three great gals took our seats and standing positions and shared the experience that was Prince, LIVE on stage.
My memories are a bit hazy to be honest, I wish I could say that I remembered all the songs he did, in which order and for how long, but I can't. But I do remember that he sang Purple Rain and I remember standing up out of my seat along with just about eveyone else around me in block BK (yes I decided to sit) waving my arms and singing as loud as I could : Purple Rain, Purple Rain
In the standing area my pal caught some of Prince's Purple Rain and with that, I feel there's only one thing left to say by way as a heartfelt message to our Prince 

I wish you heaven x


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