Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Slater Gordon Countdown !

A few years ago when I started my wee Justice For Jimmy campaign, I determined to wind up the media powers-that-be, by launching a day by day countdown to an, open to anyone, event in Roundhay Park,  Leeds. When I say wind up, I mean that while the event was for real, I wanted to do something to piss the Savile schemer's off. They got the message and I got the back-lash and what fun I had ! It was a twitter based affair because I didn't have a blog back then but I did co-write this wee number advertising the get together and explaining what me and a few others were doing and WHY ! 

 For the purpose of any new readers or Savile sceptics, I will repeat my own personal reasons for starting 'Justice For Jimmy', and I'll begin with a picture from a Radio Times article that tore at my heart-strings the first time I saw it ! 

And, as if those smiling faces weren't enough ! Here's how they found themselves part of a hugely popular Saturday night television show, one that brought happiness to millions 
It's August bank holiday 1980 and here's what Jimmy did for these disabled kids ! 

 I've just started another countdown on twitter as it happens guys and gals ! You see, one very public face of the posthumous cowardly and corrupt attack on Sir Jimmy is in trouble ! Slater and Gordon solicitors are on the brink of collapse and they have less than three weeks to pull themselves out of it ! 
I doubt Jimmy would have said a bad word about anyone, but he most definitely would have subscribed to the principle - Do unto others as they would do unto you ! Slater and Gordon along with a great many others have blighted their copybook and I like to think that Karma is catching up with them at last. 
Am I being vindictive ? You bet I am especially when I came across this latest quote from the truly horrible Ms Dux published in the equally despicable daily mirror, about some rubbish program to be aired tomorrow night which includes an assertion that Savile 'MAY HAVE' had the snip (vasectomy) in order to avoid impregnating his 'victims' ! 

 I hope Slater Gordon do go bust because I like to see folk get what they deserve. Like that geezer who was paid just a few grand for his tales about Jimmy, whilst Liz's crew pocketed FIVE times as much as he did. How I laughed out loud at that one. 
And the best is yet to come pals, and while we wait for Madam Karma to arrive at a few more doors, let's enjoy my countdown to, hopefully closure day for Slater & Gordon. Whether they fold or not who cares ? But let's enjoy the idea just the same.


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  2. There might be quite a bit of "just desserts" to follow.

    I'm afraid I'm all out sympathy for anyone in this regard. They reap their own harvest by the seeds they sowed.

    1. So these shysters take millions from the estate of a man who did more provide for 'victims' of spinal injuries than any other Briton, probably denying spinal injuries charities a good chunk of that estate, and then they have a ball to raise 60k for the same good cause?

      I hope they fight off bankruptcy just long enough to be held responsible for what they've done.