Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Third person Rochelle

Hello guys and gals, back to business. Now then, here's a thing, whilst I was off-piste, my head in a different place, I received this little ditty from someone calling themselves 'Rochelle Shepherd' 
 Posted on a blog a year before

She 'did go to Duncroft' then, funny, why didn't she mention this in her interview with Meirion in 2011. Let me remind y'all (and myself because I did have to do some back-tracking) that RS was that controversial second 'victim' interviewed on camera. Remember, Mei was getting quite desperate trying to find a second 'victim' to go on camera, until Fiona suggested R3 (Rochelle) 
 Fiona was camera shy back then or maybe she was a bit smarter than we give her credit for. She knew she had not been abused by Jimmy Savile, but she sure as hell wasn't going to go on TV 2 weeks after his death and say otherwise. Oh no because, what Fiona was to MWT, Karin and Rochelle were to Meirion Jones. Rochelle never appeared on the ITV expose, her appearance came a few weeks later in Panorama. 
I wasn't the only one wondering who the hell this woman was, others had been there before me, but one thing I have just concluded as a result of her contact (if it is her), is that the reason she repeatedly spoke in the third person in that film, was because she may have been at Duncroft and she may have met Jimmy Savile, but if she did, then he DID NOT abuse her in any way. 
So why didn't she say this back then ? The answer seems obvious does it not ? How rubbish her testimony would have sounded had she mentioned the fact that, she, I would suspect, a fairly nice looking young girl back then had met JS and managed not to have have had any bad experiences with him, NONE !
How would that have sounded on Meirion's film ? Think about that guys and gals. I'm still a bit rusty but I'm warming my Justice for Jimmy head back up. I'll leave it at that for now ... this plot just thickens ! 
Oh but by the way Rochelle, feel free to come back and fill in a few more blanks if you like. Here's some information I burrowed into a bit earlier !

  Maybe you could fix it for the British public to see the rest of your interview with Meirion, all of it !


Note to would-be agent provocateurs  - rattling my burrow only makes me burrow deeper ! By for now ! 

The search for Justice goes on ! Nice one Moor 



  1. Just when you think the train might have slowed to a halt, someone on board gives it another push. Given that we now know Karin wasn't abused by anyone either, it seems everyone but us has been telling porky-pies. They wonlt be going to heaven will they.

    1. If they do they'll not be in the same dorm as us, I hope !!

  2. Rabbit, I hope you’ve enjoyed you’re little break. Good to see you’re back in action.

    I’m sure this won’t have passed you by, but just in case:

    My initial reaction was “*&%$&*” or something to that effect, but it’s kind of interesting, don’t you think?

    As far as I can tell, there are just a handful of questions that a sensible person needs to ask about this whole affair, and one of them is, "If he raped so many people, and never used a condom (good Catholic rapist, despite the gag with Louis finding a pack in his bags), why no offspring?"

    1. LOL just seeing this ! Thanks Misa, good to be back x

  3. The phrase that says it all in a classic Freudian Slip is "who's going to pay for that?". Well we know now and they are paying & paying & paying.
    What a strange lot they are including that Jones character & his female sidekick. I mean they have nothing any more. No job and no chance of one. Having just worked on an independently produced program for the BBC I can tell the money is shit. To make a reasonable wage you would need to be producing one a week. Karma is already kicking in for the promoters of this lunacy. The false claimants would have spent their 'compo' or pissed it up the wall but they sold a part of their soul for it. That phony ex-cop is grinding to a halt and has told so many fibs it will backfire when the media turns as they always do. It's all downhill from here.