Tuesday, 17 May 2016

2003 a Scotland Yard Oddity

Shortly after Exposure aired, the press were pressing the cops about so-called missed chances to bring Savile to Justice ! Here's the scum's offering
 This article is actually very interesting for what it reveals, not so much about Savile but about what Commander Peter Spindler appeared to be UNAWARE of a few weeks earlier. You see, Pete was hoping for a 'swift' conclusion at his end. There would be NO police investigation, just an assessment, whatever that meant, I still don't know. 
OK, let's explain - on 9th October 2012 the cops decided they'd better get involved in the Savile story. Had they missed something themselves, could old Jim have been caught years before ? Well, not according to Pete, because THEY have NO RECORDS of any previous complaints except the one everyone by this time already knew about (2007-9)

Spindler left his gig at Scotland Yard some time after all this started. You have to wonder if he was pushed, let's face it, he or his researcher's must have been pretty dense not to know that several other Police reports existed prior to this ONE ! Sure enough, a few weeks later he was forced to concede the existence of other Police investigations as far back as the 80's 

Hold onto that 2003 claim, I'll come back to that later ! The telegraph article continues

And so the Savile Gestapo was born/created 
Strange how little Pete knew about Sir Jimmy Savile a whole 10 days after the story fully broke in the press. Everyone and his wife were, by 30th September 2012, aware that their national treasure might not be one after all ! Abusing underage girls ? surely the PR section at the Yard should have been better prepared than this ? Surely, they could have at least had a look for all those Police reports filed back then ? IF THEY EXISTED THAT IS !
First, I'm gonna cover the easiest one; the so-called 2003 Met Report I kid you not !
This gets a mention in Giving the Savile Gestapo informants a voice in January 2013
  And expanded upon two months later in the we'd better correct the mistakes we made earlier, report 
 OK, that's the assessment out of the way, so what happened next guys ? Where's this 'mps registry' does it even exist ?

 Has your head exploded yet ? These muppets have been hundreds of hours overtime just to present this drivel as an official report ! Give me a break 
 Yeah right, the 2007 cops didn't know about the 2003 claim & the 2003 people didn't know about the 1998 letter or the 1980's claim. And NONE of them most certainly, would have been aware of the 1964 ledger also known as the staff holiday book. A piece of evidence first produced courtesy on ITV news the day the mistakes report appeared, Mmmm, as they say

Meanwhile, going back to that 2003 Met Report - this incident said to have happened during an episode of Top of the Pops in 1973 ? Sounds awful familiar doesn't it ? My point being, WHO, if anyone, is making this shit up ? You see Sylvia Edwards did NOT make her claim until November 2012 
And she certainly hadn't filed a police report 
Of course the 2003 claim is one of those seven chances the cops missed, according to the sun in an article published days before Sylvia arrived on the scene (26th October 2012)
 I assume they got this bit from the mirror ??

The sun have rather craftily, juxtaposed the official line from information they have received via sources they refer to as 'cops'. These appear to be ex-cops at that ! Read it yourself, it's one of the few scum articles that's actually worth reading ! 
It's always the sun isn't it ?

Wonder if they've found them police reports yet ? Maybe they're lost, like the Savile diaries, difference being, at least we KNOW Jimmy's diaries existed !



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